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How to install The installation process is traditional, as in version 12.0 ... 14.0 Thanks for instructions rp2004: 1.

Run the licgen a145_calc.exe from MAGNiTUDE folder to generate license file (Important - MAKE SURE THE ID SELECTED BY THE LICGEN CORRESPONDS TO THE Ethernet adapter network card, if not select "N" and enter manually the computer name an d the Ethernet adapter network card ID) 2. Install the Ansys products, do not start the program yet 3. Install the License Manager (IMPORTANT) and follow the license Wizard in the end of the installation to install the license file and start the license server . 4. Ansys progs should now start normally In case of license problems or to reinstall the license file run SERVER ANSLIC ADMIN Utility and first press "Install License File" and navigate to the new license file, second press "Start Ansys Inc license manager" in the status window you should g et "Flexlm: running" In View Status / Diagnostic Option you could check the status of your license fi le and available licenses IMPORTANT for starting FLUENT!!! when starting Fluent click on the "show more" icon and setup the working directo ry AS WELL as the path to the Fluent install directory (if it is not there already) and click OK to uninstall the license server: in CMD mode go to C: \ Program Files \ Ansys Inc \ Shared Files \ Licensing \ wi nx64 and run ansysli_server.exe-k uninstall restart the pc and Delete the licensing subdirectory (C: \ Program Files \ Ansys Inc \ Shared Files \ Licensing by default). Remove the ANSYS, Inc. License Manager folder from the Start menu. Remove the ANSYSLIC_DIR and the ANSYSLIC_SYSDIR environment variables, if set