Analysis of own magazine cover 1

Barcodes are a vital part of the magazine cover as without them a magazine would not sell copies and from the barcode the business is able to see how many copies they have sold. The main image is a medium close up of two artists. They are looking directly at the camera which adds a personal touch to the cover. The mise-en-scene of the image is what looks like a farmhouse. The people in the image are also depicted wearing normal clothes and looking like ‘nothing special’ which reflects the fact that they are not very mainstream and well known. This is done as the artists themselves create uncanny club tracks and imaginary sound tracks that only a select few people actually know about.

The masthead is bold and in a sans serif font. It is the only part of the cover that is in colour so the reader’s eye line is drawn to it straight away.

There aren’t any real cover lines on the front cover which breaks the convention of a regular music magazine. Instead the artists on the front cover are labelled in a simple, white sans serif font.

The footer is a list of artists and bands that are featured in the issue. This allows the audience to establish their interest in the magazine.

The Wire is very different to any other music magazine as it covers a wide range of alternative, underground and non-mainstream music genres. The Wire celebrates and covers the most visionary and inspiring, radical, marginalized and undervalued musicians past and present that there are at the moment and that there have been in the past. As a result of this, the target audience of The Wire magazine is extremely niche. This style is reflected through the front cover as it breaks most conventions of a music magazine front cover for example, having an obvious main cover line and smaller cover lines, having a model that is popular, well known and clearly glamourised and posed as well as the mise-en-scene of the chosen main image of The Wire magazine and even the positioning of the barcode which breaks convention.

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