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Published by: 5under5 on Oct 05, 2009
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What were they doing? They Were Whoring After the Past Gods! They were worshipping the religion of the
previous age, the Age of the Bull. They refused to face the new spiritual consciousness that Moses ushered in, that
of the Age of the Ram.

"So we, too, on the verge of breaking into a new spiritual age, need to beware of the Gods of the past. They will
continue to haunt us and attract us by nostalgia and other temptations . . . We need to be brave, standing and moving

together, into a new spiritual age. We should not delude ourselves by underestimating the newness of this age and
what new demands a justice and prophetically-oriented spiritually (sic) will make on our former mystical lives. We
need to remember Dietrich Bonhoeffer who called for today's holiness to include a giving up of our own holinesses.
Nor should we underestimate the power the former age still possesses with which to seduce us. We have a clear
lesson from the Israelites: to look back piningly is to commit idolatry." (1)

I then told my audience, "Matthew Fox his a heretic." With shocked murmurs, they sadly agreed. The next day, a
sobered priest sadly told me, "did you know that this very weekend while you are here addressing us, Matthew Fox
and three nuns are giving an acupressure seminar to the United States Council of Bishops?"

I have found Matthew Fox's books for sale in most Catholic, most mainline Protestant, including Methodist and
Episcopalian stores, and even some evangelical bookstores. He also is carried, of course, in most New Age specialty
bookstores. One Seattle area evangelical bookstore, sells The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow under the counter in a
plain brown paper bag, stapled shut and enclosed with a critical review from Christianity Today. However, Matthew
Fox was accorded generous open shelf-space - over the counter! I discussed the Fox heresies with the manager of
that store when I was in there

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