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Published by: 5under5 on Oct 05, 2009
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likewise with the South Whidbey Island in the Seattle area Chinook Learning Community Island. (11)

Interestingly, when Fox called the Seattle radio talk show host about the New Age Movement he said he had neither
heard of it nor was part of it. He "forgot" to mention his brand-new book, Original Blessing. There he had displayed
much knowledge of that movement. On page 314 he included "New Age Mystics such as: David Spangler, Jean
Houston, Marilyn Ferguson." David Spangler's own Lorian Association has long listed Matthew Fox's books in their

Second Thessalonians clearly told us we would not know the antichrist's identity until the "restrainer" was taken out
of the way. However, Revelation 13 just as clearly said it was okay to guess. It may be sheer coincidence, and it

must be remembered "Matthew" is an assumed name, but no matter what one does to Matthew Fox's names using
either the occult system of numerology or the Greek/Hebrew system, or mixing them up, using his first name, his
last name, or his nickname, Matthew Fox adds up to a perfect 666. On his Winston Press 1979 book, A Spirituality
Named Compassion and the Healing of the Global Village,
the name "F O X" ominously hangs across a star lit sky,
with a glowing planetary globe being substituted for the "O". To one familiar with New Age symbolism, this
represents an occult goal of "making earth a sacred planet." The Words "F O X" are many times bigger than the title.
One friend said to me, "you would swear it was a book by somebody named "Compassion" about someone named
"Fox." The word Fox in occult and Greek/Hebrew numerology also ominously formed a 6 - 6 - 6 against a starry sky
backdrop. With Fox's public advocacy of homosexuality, it is clear that he has no regard for the "desire of women."

It may all be just too coincidental, but Matthew Fox should be watched. He is saying the right things, he is

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