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Published by: 5under5 on Oct 05, 2009
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for most world governments. President Reagan, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and many others
personally attended. Again,one would not look for a New Age Center in such a setting, but the Brandt Commission
was very much one. Willy Brandt continues to be a favorite lecturer on New Age circuits. The Brandt Commission's
networking ranged from the Club of Rome to Benjamin Creme's own Share International. Share International, in its
turn, is directly connected with the so-called "Reappearance of the Christ." Thumbing through occult magazines
freely distributed about the country detailing the New Age activities of that geographical city, I have seen Willy
Brandt's name more than once as a featured speaker at a New Age event. One of the staff members is evidently more
than peripherally involved in New Age networking. The following item appeared in a December 1983 letter to ESP
(Energy System Parameters) members:

"Director of Brandt Commission Research, his group serves as a link for information analysis between Germany,
Canada, the United States and South America. Currently based in Ohio, James made his computer and office staff
available for the typing of The Communityas Disciple, Vol. l, l."

With so many organizations and so many prominent people publicizing the need for a "New World Order" and an
"Organic World View" their implementation appear inevitable. Indeed, the Bible prophesied that it would come.
Rather than a time for panic, it is a time for soberly considering the times in which we live, for speaking the truth in
love to those so involved, and making our own peace with the Lord. The "New Order" will not occur one day before
God is ready. But it will occur. The Bible prophesied it, and as Jesus told Peter, "These things must be fulfilled as
written," So they must be today. The best advice is that of Jesus: When you see these things come upon the earth, lift
up your heads, for your redemption

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