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people to engage in self-organizing processesto initiate and guide social change toward higher levels of unity and diversity,
integration and differentiation."

"These 'people networks' will be greatly assisted in their work by micro-electronics and computer revolution that is already
diffusing potent new technologies throughout Western industrial countries."

"At a global level, these networks will be a potent tool for mobilizing grass roots public opinion around critical issues of
concern to the entire human family, and for promoting global social cohesion through overlapping networks of association
that transcend nation-state boundaries. Furthermore, these global networks will begin to nurture a sense of species-identity
or global social character.

"The emerging communications technologies, coupled with the network form of socal organization, offer the potential of
allowing us to develop a level of social involvement and social cohesion, from local to global scale, far beyond what was
imaginable even a few decades earlier. In summary, there already exist (or are fast emerging) both the tools of
communication and the forms of social organization necessary to sustain a revitalizing civilization." (7) (Emphasis added).

A far more succinct Marilyn Ferguson expressed the same concepts Elgin struggled with this way:

"Global communications have encircled our world beyond any possibility of retreat. Now the whole planet is alive with
instantaneous links, networks of people poised for communication and cooperation." (8)

The Club of Rome also issued a special report on microcomputers, making it clear that they will play a role in the
"transformation process." (9)

To those familiar with the thirteenth chapter of Revelation and the twelfth chapter of Daniel, the above observations should
come as little surprise. It is noted that

Page 43,

most of these declarations come from those unafraid to promote what the Bible calls sorcery. They also almost universally
promote animism and pantheism as environmental saving measures. Therefore, it is a reasonable conclusion that we could
indeed well be in the closing days of history. Instead of panic, we must speak the truth to those involved and then "lift up
our heads for our redemption draweth nigh." (10)


A glimpse of the "messianic" expectations of SRI comes through Seven Possible Tomorrows. This book, also a part of the
Bantam New Age series, is a result of the collaboration of several influential SRI staff members and sympathetic financial
backers. One of its seven possible scenarios - "Apocalyptic Transformation" is a familiar one to those familiar with
prophecies of the antichrist "coming in peacefully with the aid of a few." (11) It features a rancher from Wyoming who
gives "religious talks" (Essend) coming forth reluctantly to save the world after a limited nuclear exchange. He then retires
back to his Wyoming ranch once he has restored human sanity. Given human nature, it is unlikely that Essend, or indeed
anybody else, would surrender such power. But people, such as the authors of this book, who believe such a scenario, could
readily accept such a messianic figure. They might naively and willingly surrender to hm the authority the Bible clearly
prophesies the beast of Revelation will have. This is still another "hidden danger" of the New Age rainbow!


New Age theorists and activists have expected opposition. H.G. Wells was an early popularizer of their ideas. His The Open
Conspiracy:Blue Prints for a World Revolution
is highly regarded among New Age Insiders. I

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