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Published by: 5under5 on Oct 05, 2009
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some members of the Christian community. I had received it because I quoted David Spangler's statement to a
Southfield, Michigan group in February, 1982. There he told the group that laser beam projectors had been placed
upon the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City for their (the New Agers') use.

Therefore, I was looking for technical data, not New Age mysticism. However, I was to find Berner's book which
combined both. The author even included such obvious New Age sources as Marilyn Ferguson's Brain/Mind

Holograms and the "Age of Aquarius"

Many of the readers of this book no doubt watched the "roasting" I endured on the John Ankerburg program. There
two Walter Martin associates Gretchen Passentino and Chet Lackey heaped both ridicule and abuse upon me. Chet
Lackey hurled the most abusive verbiage of all. He claimed to have technical information about holographic
techniques. He said his experts told him that such uses of holograms - free standing aerial holograms - were quite
impossible. He further ridiculed any notion of occult usage of them.

Let us here consider instead what the recognizerd experts in this field have stated about the potential user of
holograms. David A. Goodman, Ph.D. is a founder of the Newport Neuroscience Center of Culver City, California.
(5) He is also a New Age activist. Of holographic technology, he said:

How an Age of the Hologram might come about: We rediscover what Jolande Jacobi told Miguel Serrano in Zurich,
'Nineteen sixty-four,' she said, 'Jung is very much afraid.' Perhaps a war or catastrophe might take place in the year
1964. But quite the contrary, as we now know, the opening year of the Age of Aquarius was a most exciting one for
holography . . . .Consider the

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