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Central Maintenance Supervisor Date Posted Location Country Degree Required Job Type Position Id Job Description 4/25/2011

Brampton, ON Canada University e!ree Contract "ull#$ime %1&'

EDUCATION: e!ree ( )n!ineerin!, Mec*anical or )lectrical SKILLS: +roduction/Manu,acturin! )-perience Supervisory )-perience is desired

Minimum )-perience. /utomotive or industry related

RESPONSIBILITIES: Supervise multiple trades to per,orm maintenance o, variety o, +lant ,acilities includin! *i!* volta!e po0er distri1ution, compressors, 1oilers, c*illers, doc2, doors and !eneral 1uildin! systems Must *ave !ood understandin! o, preventive maintenance pro!ram and ,acility construction pro3ects

Must 1e a1le to plan, sort, sc*edule and implement various types o, maintenance activities Must *ave 2no0led!e o, O4S/ re5uirements ,or industrial esta1lis*ments Stron! Communication s2ills are re5uired Must 1e a team player a1le to 0or2 0it* various levels o, personnel Must 1e availa1le to 0or2 o,, s*i,ts 6Ni!*t s*i,t/a,ternoon s*i,t7 Must *ave an electrical or mec*anical en!ineerin! de!ree