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Tales From The BlackSide

Tales From The BlackSide

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Amazing Accounts Of The Weirdest Stories Ever Told!
Amazing Accounts Of The Weirdest Stories Ever Told!

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Published by: West Coast Publishing on Feb 11, 2014
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%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014


%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014


%able of Co te ts Larry's Demon + ,ove #ith A -la t %he Camera

%ales &rom %he 'lack.ide 'y /A(0 (+C1

%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014

Ama2i g Accou ts 3f %he #eirdest .tories *ver %old4

%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014


,arry5s "emo
+ heard this story first from a frie d of a frie d. A i teresti g story eve if the e di g is ki d of stra ge but the thats for you to decide. + Ne! 3rlea s i 2006 ,arry )oh so !as do! o his luck he had lost most of his relatives to 0atri a a d fou d him self livi g i a boardi g house close to the 7th !ard. %he boardi g house !as ra by -earle e 35brie she !as a very greedy la dlord a d she drove her te a ts hard each mo th for re t. #ait + have !aited lo g e ough -earle e told ,arry. 8ou are occupyi g o e the best rooms i the house a d + am ot getti g a y i come from it + !a t my re t by tommoro! or you our out here come o ,isa -earle e tells her 19 year old iece. +5ll be do! i a mi ute Au t -earle e + !a t to talk to ,arry for a mi ute. ,isa had a crush o the 27 year old ,arry a d as soo as her Au t left he grabbed her a d bega kissi g o her. ,arry my Au t is serious she told me if ca 5t pay by tomorro! she

%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014


is kicki g you out is there a y !ay you ca get up the mo ey + do 5t !a t to see you go. + k o! she is serious + :ust !ish some !ay + could get e ough mo ey to move us both a!ay from here !ere !e could have our o! spot. ,arry tells ,isa. + have a little mo ey saved but apartme t. + am desperate but gold a d mo ey. ,isa looks at him !ith a smirk ,arry you are trippi g there is o such thi g as "emo s, !e have to figure out ho! !ere goi g to get your re t mo ey by tomorro!. + have had this for a !hile ,arry pulls a old docume t from the table desk i the room,my u cle ,eo left me this i his !ill he !as k o! as a evil ma they say he !as a #arlock i league !ith the devil. %his is step by step i structio s to call up a demo comma d. to do as + ot that desperate + !ould ever take your ot e ough for us to get a

savi gs,+ have decided to call up a "emo to trade my sold for

%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014


A d so he !rote do! ho! to call up a demo a d left it to you ,arry liste to !hat your sayi g thats cra2y. ,isa kissed him a d !e t about here chores. 'ut ,arry stayed i his room a d :ust about mid ight ;C(A.1<4 ,isa !oke up a d stated au t -earle e that sou ds like it came from e=t door i ,arry5s room. %hey both rushed out of the room to see !hat !as goi g o ,,arry stumbled out of his room !ith smoke follo!i g him. ,arry your hurt your hurt your face is si ged.,isa cried out. ,isa,,isa + did it, + did it + called him a d he came4 %he "emo 4 ,arry looked dera ged other te a ts i the boardi g house came out to see !hat all the fuss !as about. 1e is i my room. 1e came i a flash of fire....(ed a d >ree he !as terrible but dam he5s here. ,arry stop it )oe the se oir citi2e that lived o the first floor told ,arry you k o! the rules o drug use i this house. + am ot high as other te a ts gathered arou d ,arry calmed

do! some!hat + have ever see a ythi g like that i my life he had a tail,hor s a d he breathed flames .

%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014


"emo s it smells like your cooki g i your room !ith o e of those small alchohol stoves a d it e=ploded !e eed to call the fire dept /s Cooley the te a t across the hall from ,arry said. %hat !as brimsto e !o! + still ca 5 believe it larry stated as he !alked back i to his room,-earle e follo!ed him to make sure the room !as5 t o fire. ,ook at this room chalk marks o the floor a d ca dles a d !hat i the !orld is that asty smell.-earle e ra ted o a d o . ,ook he is still i the chair larry babled o i his small effie cy room o the floor he had dre! a circle !ith a star i the middle surou ded by ca dles !ith a chair i the middle of the star. 8ou ca 5t see him ,arry asked pu22led? %here i the chair 4 + the -e tacle,%he magic star from !hich he ca there + said the ritual a d he came. ,isa stared from the door shaki g her head there5s othi g there ,arry + do t see it a d o o e here see5s it as !ell ,isa begi cryi g a d left the room. Au t -earle e told ,arry if that "emo of yours does5 t give you re t tomorro! you might as !ell start ot move .'ut he is

%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014


packi g o!. After everyo e !e t back to there rooms. ,arry sat a d thought to him self so o ly + ca see him,a d they !ay he looked at ,isa + am goi g to have to figure this out. ,isa came back to ,arry5s door to try a d comfort him but before she could k ock she heard ,arry talki g to someo e. ,isa + told you that boy !as a ut case Au t -earle e came from behi d her , + am glad he is leavi g tomorro! + am sure he does 5t have the re t that !ill be the last !e see of him come to bed girl. 9 am. %he e=t mor i g. + ever e=pected this ,arry !ere did you get the mo ey from -earle e looked at ,arry suspiciously. + made it happe a d the ple ty more !ere that came from ,arry proudly beamed. ,arry !ait ,isa asked. ,arry !ere did you get the mo ey from last ight you !ere

broke.,isa + told you from him + made a pact sig ed i my o! blood.#hatever + !a t is mi e he said the deal !as for !hat ever + valued most .

%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014


,arry your talki g about a demo

gave you the mo ey? 1e is

terrible but fasci ati g he has ama2i g po!er he ca see arou d the !orld t!ice a d back4 1is to gue is forked,his are bur i g. A d !he he smiles you ca see the tusk i his mouth. ,arry it seems had become possessed he !e t back to his room a d !as ot see for days a d !he he came out he !as a cha ged ma !ho !alked alo e for days a d ights. ,arry look at you + have t see you i t!o !eeks you ca 5t go o like this your tired it looks like you have @t spet for days. ,isa begged ,arry. + ca 5t sleep !ith him i the room he :ust sits i that chair a d stares at me + gotta get back to him +5ll see you later ,isa ,arry rushes back i to his room. 1e must have go e i sa e ,isa thought as she liste ed by his door she heard him No you ca 5t have her still say o, N34 %he other te a ts bega heari g ,arry hve lo g loud ot that you black hearted devil4 #hat you ask is ot mi e to give. +f it !as + !ould

co versatio s !ith himself a d they became disturbed by it.

%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014


,isa fi ally talked ,arry i to goi g to the park do! the street from the boardi g house o a park be ch ,isa attempts to talk some se se i to ,arry. >ive up this !ild idea you must there is o demo 4 8ou5re ill your family dyi g i 0atri a a d all the cares of life have gotte you do! dut ,arry there is o demo . + k o! you do t believe me but its true he is there i my room a d he is gro!i g impatie t4 1e !a ts his payme t4 'ut.. !hat he !a ts + ca 5t give him that + ca 5t. ,arry begi s to cry ,isa !ipes a tear from his eyes a d begi s to hold him lovi gly. + do t k o! !hat to do ,arry cries + am scared4 #hat have + do e + am really scared. 'ack at the boardi g house five te a ts are i -earle e5s office complai i g about larry. + tell its like livi g i !oth him. )oe !ho lives across the hall from ,arry says there5s o o e4 3 ly ,arry4 1e talks to himself but.. that5s bad e ough but its time the same house !ith a corpse o e of the

te a ts state. %!o corpse there must be somebody i that room

%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014


somethi g !as do e about it. *ither you do it or !e move out. -earle e a !oma !ho loved the dollar had o other choice but to kick ,arry out she could 5t afford to lose five te a ts because of o e cra2y fool. ,arry + eed to talk to you.'ut :ust o! + could have s!or + heard voices4 %!o voices4 Are you alo e. Alo e + am ever alo e he al!ays here ,arry states. +t !as his voice you heard. 1e !as argui g. 1e !a ts his payme t he5s a gry but + !ill ot give i . -earle e !as take back by ,arry5s appeara ce he looked like he had aged te years i the last t!o !eeks he !as !eari g a full beard u kept a d his eyes !ere blood shot red. ,arry bega shouti g at the empty chair sitti g i the middle of the -e tagram i his fro t room, No + !ill ot pay !hat you dema d your aski g to much for the little mo ey + got4 + !ill ever pay that ever4 + am ot afraid you you !ill ever get !hat your aski g. -earle e stood i the door of ,arry5s fro t room stu house. ,arry ra ed. A d the

she became very frighte ed a d ra do! the stairs a d out of the behi d her do t be scared its :ust that devil !a ts the payme t a d + am ot goi g to give him that.

%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014


,isa came out of the do! stairs kitche . ,arry !hat happe ed !hy did au t -earle e ru out of the kitche like that. #hat scared her.+ts the demo . ,arry you ca 5t keep goi g o like this you eed some help. +

!ould give my soul for you to get better if that5s !hat it !oud take. No do 5t say that4 %hat that5s the payme t he !a ts4 1e !a ts me to se d you i to the circle4 +t5s youe sould he !a ts ot mi e. %he thi g + teasure the most. 'ut + am goi g to fight him some ho! + ca !i he is ot goi g to have his !ay !ith you. No do t go back i to that room o ce a d for all + am goi g to prove to you that there is o demo i your room. ,arry tried to stop her but she !as Auick a d Au t -earle e had 5t go e far. %here he is officer he5s go e completely mad a d da gerous. ,isa o !ait ,arry yells. %he police officer yells free2e do t move. %he officer a d his part er grab larry to restrai him he begi s to fight back o she ca 5t go i there + must stop her let me go.%hey all !atched as ,isa !e t i to the room a d the they heard "*A%1 CB(,+N> .C(*A/4 %he t!o officers a d -earle e ra to the room to see !hat had happe ed !hat they sa! !as totally
%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014


shocki g ,isa lay over the chair !ith her eyes !ide ope e=pressio of pure horror o



her face as the officers looked

arou d they sa! a very large ki g s ake !rapped arou d her a kles slimily goi g over her legs. ,isa died from a heart attack it seems all the talk of demo s a d spells got the best of her the sight of the ki g s ake that is very commo i this part of lousia a had :ust s uck i from a ope !i do!. ,arry !as hysterical screami g a d cryi g the demo got ,isa the demo got her4 As the police took him a!ay. A !eek later after the police searched his room they fou d that ,arry !as usi g Crystal /eth a d that late at ight he !as breaki g i to houses.%hat e=plai s !ere he got some of the e=tra mo ey from but police !ere still baffled about the amou t of mo ey he had it !as a lot more tha reported stole a d !hy he thought he had come i to co tact !ith a real demo . %he very e=t !eek e d Charlie %ate !as fired from a fast food :oi t he !orked at a d as he !as leavi g do! o his luck !alki g through a alley ear the boardi g house he sa! a paper o the grou d that read to my "ear Nephe! ,arry )oh so + leave you step by step + structio s o ho! to call up a demo to get !hat ever you !a t i life. Charlie smiled he felt his life !as goi g to cha ge big time. +f this story is true or ot is beside the poi t the moral of the story is do t make deals !ith the devil because your goi g to al!ays lose.
%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014


+ ,ove #ith A -la t
1orticulturist Natha %hompso travelled the !orld i search of e=otic pla ts he loved pla ts a d set out to collect the !orlds most rarest. 3 e summer he travelled to the Ama2o s i search of rare pla ts, a local !ho heard tha he paid top dollar for rare pla ts appraoched Natha a d offered him a pla t he had ever see or heard of before. Natha e=cited paid the you g lad C1000 dollars for the baby 1 i ch pla t, )ua the local lad told Natha the pla t is a meat eater !ill gro! a d blossom i to very large pla t. 'ut he also !ar ed him to ot be a y !ere arou d the pla t !he it blossoms because it sprays spores that leaves its prey helpless so that it ca feed. -rofessor %hompso did ot believe every thi g the lad said about the pla t but he !as !illi g to pay top dollar for it because of its rarity. 3 ce back i the states he practically lived i his gree house

te di g to his e! pla t. 3pe that gree house door ope it o! or i5ll kick it i Natha . 1is !ife /ary threate ed. /ary +ll be out i famous o e day. a little !hile + am !orki g, te di g to rare breed of pla t that might make me

%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014


+5ll sho! ho! + feel about your stupid pla ts she bega k ocki g over his pri2ed pla ts Natha over three pla ts. All you care about is these stupid pla ts you care about them more the me your o! !ife. "i er is gro!i g cold !hile you sit here a d ti ker !ith these dumb pla ts. + hate them they have come bet!ee us + !ish + could destroy them all as thro!s a other valuble pla t to the grou d. 30 /ary lets go to eat :ust please do t touch a y more of my pla ts. At the di er table atha stop stari g at your plate a d eat are struggled !ith her after k ocki g

you still thi ki g about those !orthless pla ts. .he k ocked over C17000 dollars i pla ts + ca 5t let her i to the gree house a y more Natha thought to himself. ,ater that eve i g Natha i the gree house looked at his e! pla t but oticed it !as !itheri g, he had give it the most e=pe sive fertili2er a d pla t gro! food he could fi d he !o dered !hat to do keep the pla t from dyi g as he !e t to pick up his !ork sheet cut his fi ger o the paper a d as his ha d !e t over the pla t ti y drops of blood la ded o it the cocu ut shape pla t ope ed up a d !hat almost looked like a to gue licked the blood
%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014


up. +mmediatly Natha

oticed a cha ge i

the pla t it bega

sat di g upright a d looked a lot healthier. Aha he thought the kid !as 5t lyi g this is actaully a ve us fly trap type meat eati g pla t.%he e=t day he !e t to a fish a d tackle bait shop a d bought pou ds of live crickets to feed the meat eati g pla t. %he e=t mor i g !he Natha checked checkd o the pla t it had gro! t!o or three feet tall over ight. 1e ra out of crickets so he thought !hat if + feed it somethi g larger he k e! there !ere a lot of stray cats arou d so he !e t out i to his eighborhood u til he caught o e he put the cat ear the top of the pla ts s appi g pod a d the took a small scalpel a d cut the cat o its leg the pla t se sed the blood ope its trap a d closed o the cats leg the cat bega cryi g,fighti g a d scratchi g the pla t but it !as to o avail the pla t s!allo!ed the cat !hole. &or the e=t !eek or so Natha fou d small cats a d dogs to feed his gro!i g pla t, Natha it !as ready to bloom. Natha forgot all about !hat )au had told him about ot bei g a y !ere ear the pla t !he it blooms for his o! safety so Natha got right i fro t of the pla t e=cited to see ho! it !ould look o ce it fully bloomed.
%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014

oticed that the pla t looked as though


.udde ly the pod busrt ope a !hite cloudy mist shot out from the pla t a d got all over Natha 5s face. At first he !as disorie ted but o ce he got his beari g he could ot believe his eyes the pod had split ope a d i the middle of it a beautiful aked black !ome !ith lo g shi y hair a d prety

bro! eyes smiled at him lovi gly. Natha a d his !ife /ary marriage had bee o the rocks for aked !ome

a!hile the had 5t slept i the same room for years a d very rarely had se=. .o Natha stari g at this very pretty became e=cited a d thought !ho !ould k o!. 1e bega taki g his clothes off the thoughts of mati g !ith this lovely black !ome before him filled his mi d completely. As he looked at her lucious red lips he lea i to her to kiss this gourgeos aked !ome .A s he stuckout his to gue to make co tact !ith hers he immediately felt a sharp pai i his to gue it !as the rose like thor s of the pla t as they stuck a d !e t completely through his to gue blood splattered every!ere a d Natha !ould have screamed had ot his to gue bee full of the pla t thor s. %he top part of the pla t that had bloomed !as the pla ts mouth it s!ooped do! head a d closed shut.

a d !rapped arou d Natha 5s

%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014

!hat Natha

thought !as the mouth of a se=y !ome


actually :ust the middle of the pla t !ere all its thor s !ere. %he mist )au had !ar ed him about !as a hallucinogenic that played tricks o the mi ds of its prey. + Natha 5s case it made him believe it !as aked !ome i the gree house !he i fact it !as a terrifyi g 9 ft tall ma eati g De us &ly %rap. +t took all ight for the pla t to eat Natha , early the e=t mor i g o ce /ary oticed Natha did ot come to bed she !e t out to the gree house figuri g he had stayed all ight there. #he she !alked i she bega screami g !ildly the pla t had eate every thi g but Natha s feet both !ere da gli g from the pla ts mouth she looked do! a d sa! Natha 5s clothes o the grou d. .he the rushed a d got some gasoli e from their car a d garage a d doused the pla t a d !hat !as left of Natha the set them both o fire. %he fire departme t a d police arrived about 47 mi utes later to put out the fire, after Natha 5s remai s !ere fou d /ary !as arrested for seco d degree murder. No o e believed her about the pla t. %he moral of this story is its better to spe d time !ith the /rs !he she ask because if ot you may fall i love !ith a pla t.

%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014


%he Camera
%he great professor 1earthsto e of BC,A past a!ay a fe! mo ths ago he reAuested i his !ill that all his perso al effects a d e=perime ts be sold to fu d a trust set up to fu d more scie ce research. All his belo gi gs !ere auctio ed off at a buildi g o campus i atte da ce A dre /orga a d 0evi %rotter. + have i sta t polaroid camera that -rofessor 1earthsto e had said ca tell the future do + hear a bid of five dollars4 five dollars goi g t!ice4 five dollars three times4 .old to the ge t i the rear for five dollars4 A dre a d 0evi !ere sophmores at BC,A a d they thought !hy ot go to the auctio maybe they could pick up a item to flip o ebay, %hey o ly had five dollars bet!ee the both of them so o ce A dre !o the camera they !e t to the desk i the back of the room to pay up. 8ou should have !aited to see !hat other items that may have sold for five dollars. that old polariod camera is probably ot !orth more tha five dollars eve if -rofessor 1earthso e had it4 0evi tells A dre. 8ou heard him this camera ca tell the future A dre smirks
%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014



sarcastically. ,iste they pay a premium o ebay for old cameras like this !e !ill get over a hu dred dollars for it. >et out of hereE 0evi laughs A dre had moved to ,os A geles to go to school from Atla ta a d his roommate 0evi had come from Chicago they both really could use all the mo ey they could get livi g o campus at the schools !est !i g to!er. 3 ce back at their dorm A dre takes a picture of 0evi to see if the camera !orks, sure e ough after the flash of the bulb from the camera !e t off !ith a slight mecha ical oise the old camera, spit out a ice polaroid pic. %he %D i their fro t room !as behi d kevi a d o top the %D !as a alarm clock. 1ey A dre as 0evi stared at the picture he !as about to tell him somethi g about commercial for the shoes i the backgrou d !he he looked up at the %D a d the commercial !as o Camera. ,ook A dre he put the photo right i fro t of A dre5s face. 8eah + see your ugly mug so... No look at the time o the clock a d !hatss playi g o the tv.
%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014

that stopped 0evi

before he could fi ish his

se te ce,the for a mome t he stared at the %D a d back at the


8eah so !hat A dre asked. #o! that commercial came o camera really ca see the future. 8ou trippi g big time, that utty professor !as cra2y he made a lot of discoveries but o !ay i the !orld did he figure out ho! to see the future be for real. 0evi grabbed the camera from A dre here lets see + am goi g to take a picture of that clock o the %D !hat time does it say. 11EF0 A dre a s!ered. 3kay4 &lash4 0evi takes a other picture his time of the clock o the %D. ,ook it says 11E40. A dre s atches the picture a!ay from him,let me see that4 1e stares at the picture stu ed. after you took the picture this

1ere + ca take a other picture of %D :ust to prove it agai . No + am ot sure ho! much film is i this camera, #o! the

professor really did make a camera that ca see the future. + gotta thi k !hats the best !ay !e ca use this camera to our adva tage A dre thi ks aloud.

%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014


+ got it A dre e=claims. After borro!i g t!e ty dollars from a classmate do! the hall

A dre a d 0evi fou d themselves at the 1olly!ood race track i + gle!ood, A dre5s u cle !orked there so there !as o problem getti g i free. ,iste 0ev + am goi g to take a picture :ust before the race of the !i ers display o the !all here after the picture comes out you sta d i li e so that + ca tell you !hich horse to pick got it. >ot it. A dre5s pla ed !orked like a charm by the e d of the day they i g

tur ed there i itial t!e ty dollar stake i to o e hu dred thousa d dolllars.%heir B cle &reddie !as ama2ed at there !i re ted a limo to take them back to the dorm. + the limo. #hats up girl + am sitti g fat, meet me at the dorm room !ere goi g to Degas, A dre tells his girlfrie d .arah over the pho e. #hat are yall goi g to do !ith all that mo ey &reddie asked + am about to get my party o 0evi beamed. 8ou better try a d do the right thi g !ith that mo ey &reddie advised.
%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014

streak,0evi a d A dre !ere elated sitti g o all that cash they


At the dorm they all huddled arou d the card table i the dorm room !ith all the cash o the table. %hey had e=plai ed to &reddie about the camera i the limo o the !ay home. .arah looked at the mo ey stu ed ho! did you get all that cash.

1o! ma y pictures are left 0evi asked. %he cou ter says o ly t!o left, + do 5t k o! if !e ca eve fi d film for a camera as old as this o e A dre tells 0evi . ,et me see it 0evi attempts to take the camera from A dre. No hold o A dre says clutchi g the camera tightly. %hey begi to tussle a d fight over the camera a d by accide t they take a picture of .arah. %hey !ait to see they picture i sile ce. %he picture pops out a d it sho!s 0evi embrace huggi g. #hy are you huggi g my girl like that 0evi ask a grily,!hats up !ith that. #hat are you talki g about 0evi respo ds + do t k o! !hat that mea s.
%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014

a d .arah i

a close


Alright already &reddie hollers out a d pulls out a small .22 pistol A d puts a pillo! over it. .top all this argui g over othi g a d give me all the cash. Nigga you cra2y if you thi k + am about to give you all my mo ey A dre s arls a d lu ges at his u cle,&reddie fires the small cailber pistol a d A dre falls to the grou d i a pool of blood. .arah rushes to 0evi a d hugs him tightly. 0 o! + do t !a t to shoot a ybody else i here put all the cash back i to the mo ey bag a d + am goi g to leave here you get !hat + am sayi g. &reddie !aved the gu a d the pillo! he had i fro t of it arou d poi ti g at the t!o of them. 0evi gathered up all the cash a d put it i to the bag as &reddie had i structed,o ce freddie had the cash. %he camera to. 8ou thi k + ca really trust you ot s itchi g he the shot 0evi i the head obody could hear the shots from there eight story dorm room because the pillo! he used muffled the sou d. 0evi a d A dre both layed o the grou d dead, .arah !as e=t

to a ope !i do! of the eighth floor dorm room cryi g hysterically ,iste a d stop cryi g &reddie !ar ed as he !alked closer to her +
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ki da like you. +f you promise to keep your mouth shut a d do me a fe! favors o! a d the , + !ill let you live freddie told .arah /e aci gly. As he tried to hug her .arah fought back a d as they struggled .arah fell out of the !i do! of the eight story buildi g. &reddie looked out the !i do! !ith the camera arou d his eck as he looked do! at .arah5s body layi g out o the co crete side!alk he accide tally took a picture of her. "amit that !as the last picture &reddie yelled out. #he the picture came out &reddie looked a d the his

e=perresio cha ged he looked as if he had see a ghost .arah ,ie there o the side !alk but there !as a other perso layi g e=t to her. +t ca 5t be &reddie thought to himself. 1e ra over to the !i do! a d tripped o a computer cord a d fell out of the !i do! a d la ded right e=t to .arah5s body as the picture had sho! 10 mi utes earlier.

+ guess the moral to this story is :ust because you ca see the future that does 5t al!ays mea your goi g like !hat you see. %1* *N"
%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014


%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014


%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014


%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014


%ales &rom %he 'lackside All (ights (eserved 'y )ames * Na ce © 2014


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