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Aloo Frankie (wraps and Rolls)
by Tarla Dalal
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The aloo frank e tr!l" nee#s no ntro#!$t on% th s one s an a!thent $ re$ &e that s '&l" ne(er fa ls "o!) W th a *alan$e of fla(o!rs ran+ n+ fro' tan+" to s& $" t , ll *e en-o"e# *" "o!n+ an# ol# al ke) .re&arat on T 'e/ 00 ' ns 1ook n+ T 'e/ 20 ' ns 3akes 4 frank es

In+re# ents 4or The St!ff n+
1 1/2 t*s& oil or butter 1 ts& ginger-garlic (adrak-lehsun) paste 1 0/4 $!&s boiled, peeled and mashed potatoes 0/4 ts& chilli powder 1 ts& garam masala 1/2 ts& chaat masala 1 t*s& f nel" chopped coriander (dhania)
salt to taste

Other Relate# Re$ &es
A loo Ka 5o'*7 A loo La a- a, aa *7 A loo 3 as al a 1haa t A loo 3 eth T of! .ar at ha s 7 1hat8&a t 4r ank e 9 4a st 4oo#s 3a #e :eal th" Re $ &e;7 V e+eta *le 4r ank e 9 4a st 4oo#s 3a #e :eal th" Re $ &e;7 V e+eta *le 4r ank e7

To 5e 3 6e# Into 3asala Water
1 ts& dried mango powder (amchur) 1/2 ts& chilli powder 1/4 ts& garam masala
salt to taste

0 t*s& water

To 5e 3 6e# Into On on 3asala 3 6t!re
1/2 $!& f nel" chopped onions 0/4 ts& chilli powder 1/2 ts& dried mango powder (amchur)
salt to taste

Other In+re# ents
4 rotis



(Prin-Recipe&asp/0recipeid1+22334ser5es1* ''()(2*'+ .h te ( ne+ar .Aloo Frankie (wraps and Rolls) recipe | Indian rap Recipes! Roll Recipes | "# $arla %al&&& Page 2 of 2 4 ts& green chillies in vinegar < refer han#" t & 3etho# 4or the st!ff n+ 1) :eat the o l/*!ter n a ka#ha < a## the + n+er8+arl $ &aste an# sa!t= on a 'e# !' fla'e for a fe. n the $entre of the rot ) 2) Dr ??le >th of the 'asala . th the re'a n n+ n+re# ents to 'ake 0 'ore frank es) 5) Wra& a t ss!e &a&er aro!n# ea$h frank e an# ser(e 'e# atel") :an#" t & 1) 4or $h ll es n ( ne+ar< ' 6 0 ts& of .--p:((www&-arladalal&co. se$on#s) 2) A## the &otatoes< $h l &o.ater an# 1 ts& of $h ll es n the ( ne+ar e(enl" o(er t) 0) S&r nkle >th of the on on 'asala ' 6t!re on t an# roll t !& t +htl") 4) Re&eat .#er< +ara' 'asala< $haat 'asala< $or an#er an# salt< ' 6 .ell an# sa!t= for another 2 ' n!tes) Kee& as #e) :o. to &ro$ee# 1) .la$e a rot on a $lean #r" s!rfa$e an# s&rea# >th of the &otato st!ff n+ n a s n+le ro. th 1 ts& f nel" $ho&&e# +reen $h ll es) RECIPE SOURCE : Wra&s an# Rolls .

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