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By Arun prasan s

From early 1970 s, global satellite system has


guaranteed the mariners , that they could send distress signal to shore even from mid ocean and seas. Inmarsat ,a company based at ! is responsible for bringing out this service of Broadband. It has also launched its "Fleet service# in $00$ for establishing communication for global trading deep vessels. %o& more than 10000 ships use this. 'n %ovember 19 $007, company launched its "Fleet broadband# in a &ay to change the lives of the mariners. (he benefits are better choice ,cheaper , smaller


'ne &ould e)pect to access the internet*mail

and online resources li+e mar+et information etc. It should be easily installed &ith lo& cost and so on. ,o in order to satisfy the need of the costumers the company has introduced service &hich... has seamless global roaming capacity and disruption free service , regardless of the &eather conditions. ,ince it operates on l band fre/uency, so no disturbance at any cost. (he old 012, pac+age is been replaced &ith 34.I1 based system. so more fle)ibility and it is


sing FBB, captain can tal+ to the port authority and simultaneously do&nload the chart updates. 6re& members can access to mail ,&eb surfing , phone calls and sms and one can tal+ to their s&eethearts from sea. 2ata speed 73$ +bps enables the engine room components sourced via net. As everything is available on the internet $7*7 , being able to order the spares online. 8ven ma+ing a spare parts in/uiry is made easier using the &eb shop , as there no need for &aiting to receive the /uotation and spare parts are sho&n on the screen instantly.

A29A%(A48, 'F ,I%4 FBB

:ardly ta+es much time to install. It is very simple installation. It saves on the ship#s do&ntime and so the user

can rely on the connection no matter &here they sail. ;ight&eight and compact. 9ery cheap. 2ollars &ould be saved on conditional based monitoring. It saves on ship#s maintenance cost.

,o lets &ish , this service &ould be there

&hen &e step our foot for sailing<

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