Having heard that the Returnees had started reconstructing the temple, the people of the land approach

Zerubbabel and the “heads of the fathers” to request the opportunity to build with them (4 !"# $% &hey buttress their request with the assertion that they both share the same orthodo' heritage “we are see(ing your )od and have been sacrificing to Him from the days of *sar Haddon, (ing of +sshur, who brought us up here” (4 # $% &he Returnees, however, were aware of the syncretistic nature of the ,ahweh"worship practiced by these people% # -ings !. #4"4! describes the development of their syncretism in detail% /ecause they failed to worship ,ahweh when they first entered the land, He sent ravaging lions among them (# -ings !. #0 $% 1n order to appease “the god of the land” (# -ing !. #2 $, they added ,ahweh to their pantheon of gods%

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