What gender are you?

14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Female Male

For the post-questionnaire we decided to ask 20 people, as we wanted a wide variety of opinion towards our final product. This graph shows that out of the 20 we gave questionnaires to, 13 were female and 7 were male.

What age category do you fit into?

This data reveals that out of the 20 people we surveyed the majority of them were 12-17 year olds, as we asked people around sixth form and school.
12 17 18-20 21-29 30-29

Did you believe our genre was clear from the beginning?

We asked our audience after watching our film to let us know how they felt about our short film. The majority out of the 20 chose 7 out of ten.








Was the storyline throughout our short film understandable?

We wanted to make sure that the message was clear throughout the film. Doing this enabled us to receive excellent feedback from this as the majority of the 20 said yes they did understand it.
Yes No

What is the weakest component of the short film?

Unfortunately from the audience’s feedback the characters did let the film down as this was the weakest factor of the short film.

Chararcters Storyline Beginning Middle End

What was the strongest component of our short film?

This pie chart data revealed to us that the audience believed our strongest components to our short film were the storyline and the ending.

Beginning Middle End Storyline Chararcters

Did the short film come across as professional?
16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Yes No

14 out of the 20 people asked agreed that the film came across as proffesional .

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