Many adverbs end in “-ly”.

If you are not sure of the part of speech a word would be, and it ends with “-ly”, it is probably an adverb. Examples include:

Financially Willfully Abruptly Endlessly Firmly Delightfully Quickly Lightly Eternally Delicately Wearily Sorrowfully Beautifully Truthfully

Other examples of adverbs would be words that how something was done or the manner in which it was done. These would be words like: Uneasily Weirdly Cheerfully Expertly

include: Now First . Adverbs like this would be: Here There Everywhere Somewhere In Inside Underground Out Outside Upstairs Downstairs Tell When Action Happened Examples of adverbs that tell when an action occurred. or where it occurred. or its time.Wholeheartedly Randomly Brutally Really Briskly Sloppily Wickedly Tell Where Action Happened Some adverbs tell the place of an action.

Last Early Yesterday Tomorrow Today Later Regularly Often Never Monthly Always Usually Tell the Extent of the Action Adverbs can describe to what extent something was done or an action was executed. These would include: Very Too Almost Also Only Enough So Quite Almost .

Rather .

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