A Adolescent and Youth Health Program (AYHP) B Botika Ng Barangay (BnB) Breastfeeding TSEK Blood onation Program C !

hild Health and e"elo#ment Strategic Plan Year $%%&'$%%( !H Scorecard !ommittee of E)aminers for *ndertakers and Em+almers !ommittee of E)aminers for ,assage Thera#y (!E,T) D ental Health Program ia+etes ,ellitus Pre"ention and !ontrol Program E Emerging and -e'emerging .nfectious isease Program En"ironmental Health E)#anded Program on .mmuni/ation Essential Ne0+orn !are F 1amily Planning 1ood and 2ater+orne iseases Pre"ention and !ontrol Program 1ood 1ortification Program G 3arantisadong Pam+ata H Human -esource for Health Net0ork Health e"elo#ment Program for 4lder Persons ' (Bureau or 4ffice5 National !enter for isease Pre"ention and !ontrol ) Health e"elo#ment Program for 4lder Persons ' -6A6 7879 (Senior !iti/ens !enter Act of the Phili##ines)

Program Phili##ine !ancer !ontrol Program Pro"ince'0ide .ntegrated .a)imi/e the !ontri+ution of Senior !iti/ens to Nation Building< 3rant Benefits and S#ecial Pri"ileges) I . Pre"ention Program National .ental Health Program National engue Pre"ention and !ontrol Program O 4ccu#ational Health Program P Persons 0ith isa+ilities Pinoy .?@ST.easles Elimination !am#aign (=igtas Tigdas) N National Tu+erculosis !ontrol Program Natural 1amily Planning National 1ilariasis Elimination Program National -a+ies Pre"ention and !ontrol Program Ne0+orn Screening National H.ligtas sa Tigdas ang Pinas .llness (.nter =ocal Health >one ..alaria !ontrol Program .nfant and Young !hild 1eeding (.!.) Knock 4ut Tigdas $%%7 L =e#rosy !ontrol Program =3* Scorecard =icensure E)aminations for Para#rofessionals *ndertaken +y the M .anagement of !hildhood .Health e"elo#ment Program for 4lder Persons (3lo+al .n"estment Plan for Health (P.$ (An Act to .Y!1) .o"ement for Acti"e Ageing (3lo+al Em+race &:::)) Health e"elo#ment Program for 4lder Persons ' -6A6 7(.PH) e#artment of Health .

id0i"es Placement Program (-H.otherhood ProAect 2omen and !hildren Protection Program e"elo#ment (*HS ) Program .SPP) S Schistosomiasis !ontrol Program Soil Transmitted Helminth !ontrol Program Smoking !essation Program U *nang Yaka# *r+an Health System V ?iolence and .nAury Pre"ention Program W 2omenBs Health and Safe .PP) @ .Phili##ine .id0ifery Scholarshi# Program of the Phili##ines (.edical Tourism Program R -ural Health .