February 12, 2014 Re: Lose It Or Keep It Esteemed. Here inlay t e rub. ! e "essia as se#en Horn.

! ey $ill in%rease. &o not set your bo$el to a pit or a % ur% . It is insultin' to say t e least( ! ey a#e 'enerational tit e and ta). I* you $ould not set a $i%+ed man into sla#ery t en do not set t e ,meri%an sea % an'e body o* - rist( Redeem. I* you allo$ Horn %ut your "essia $ill send a Horse and not you. It $ill raise His Horn up *rom t e dust. ! e "essia Fait *ul. Holy. .ust. /ure. Ri' teous. !rue. 0ort y. 0 en your poli%y re*le%t t e beast or burden o* it it is a$*ul. I* you don1t %ut t e Horn He $ill. It1s not doomsday on 'entile %arpet. 2ut t is. as t ese.

He $ill restore His 3ame( "o#e. ,nd stop 'rindin' t e noses o* His to t e bo$el and % ur% ( "o#e your Horse. Hold your Horses ne#er( 3o man t at is not 4ust nor 4usti%e nor onor nor mer%i*ul and obedient to His ser#i%e s ould be in o**i%e. 3o $oman eit er. ! e ,meri%an sea and *rom sea to s inin' sea. Red Horse(

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