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TECHNICAL REPORT lL eS ‘Evaluating ‘Patrol | Officer Lae ee ee Patrol Officer aL a neil So Be ee os A Research Project of the HOUSTON POLICE DEPARTMENT Houston, Texas and the POLICE FOUNDATION Washington, DC Supported by Funding from the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF JUSTICE Office of Justice Programs US. Department of Justice Washington, D.C. Grant Number 87-1}-CX0055 TECHNICAL REPORT poe: a hele Prepared by: Mary Ann Wycotf Police Foundation Subcontractor and Timothy N. Oettmeier, Ph.D. Houston Police Department Project Director This project was supported by Grant 87-]-CX-0055 tothe Houston Police Department from the [National Institute of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, USS. Department of justice. Points of view or opinions expressed in this docunent are those ofthe authors and donot necessarily represent ‘the offal postion of the US. Depertment of Justice, the Houston Police Department, orthe Police Foundation ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ‘The planning, implementation, and evaluation of this project could not have been successfully completed without the assistance of several people. Among thers are the original Project Director, Ms. Cynthia Sulton ‘and former Assistant Project Director, Ms. Myra. C. English. ‘The original Performance Evaluation Design Commitice member, al of whom volunteered to participate in this project because oftheir bli that «better system was needed, should be highly commended. They are: Officers M. J. Bench, T. S. Lindabury, S. R. Straughter, R. Reedy, G. V. Hoguoad, J. D. Rangel, C. 8. Chapman, P. D. Hazokins, M. W. Waltmeon, M. A. Penco, M. L. Miller, K. E. Smith, and K.R. Motley. A special thanks is extended to Mr. William H. Bieck for his insight, constructive critiques, and active involvement in administering the implementation ofthe field experiment (Captains Mike Thaler and Davi Massey, along with former Assistant Chief Tom Koby, are to be recognized {or their support in ensuring the needed cooperation to conduct this experiment atthe Westside and North ‘Shepherd Patrol Stations. ‘This research has spanned three diferent administrations within the department. Former Police Chiefs Lee P. Brown and Elizabeth M. Watson, along with current Chief of Police Sam Nuchia are tobe commended for providing on-going support for this study. The mere fact this project was able to reach a ‘successful conclusion was du, in large part, to their commitment to se it througis to the end. Even more important is the patience understanding and guidance ofthe National Institute of Justice, espe- Gilly Program Monitor Lois Felson Mock, for believing inthis department and this project. Without their suppor, this project clearly would mot have ben completed. A special thanks is extended to Lt, Jim Wilder, Office Bill Plunkett, and Officer Mike Williamson for their assistance in administering the surveys We thank Dr. Wesley Skogan of Northwestern Liniversity for conducting the data analysis for this project ‘and for guiding us through statistical issues. We are grateful o Officer Danny Brown for his dedication and assistance in publishing this report Lastly, this project could not have been completed without the support of hundreds of police officers who ‘were asked and tld to participate in this project. A police officer's ob is dificult enough without having to be distracted by research work. Our men and women are to be commend for tolerating what has proved to bean interesting and worthwhile experience. Mary Ann Wycoff Timotity N. Oettmeier September, 1995