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Paladin Academy High School Mental Health Needs

The Case for Hiring a School Social Worker

School population data School mental health needs School social worker role Current school resources

School Population
81% Free/Reduced Lunch 17% Special Education

50% EBD setting 3&4

Dropout rate 30% 5+ year graduation rate 53% Less than 40% proficient in any academic area

School Mental Health Needs

20-30% homeless 15-20% teen parents Significant chemical dependency issues Significant mental health needs 90% of EBD students come from:

Residential or day treatment programs Federal Setting III & IV EBD programs Juvenile detention centers

Current Resources Within the School

School Counselor functioning as an Assistant School Director School Psychologist contracted for 4 hours a week Contracted school counselor for one day per week Two special education teachers Not enough resources to serve student needs

School Social Worker Role

Partnering with Administration Engaging Families Supporting Teachers Collaborating with Outside Agencies Serving Students

Partnering with Administration

Develop and implement prevention programs and policies

School attendance Bullying/violence/school safety Chemical dependency Teen pregnancy Suicide Child abuse and neglect

Engaging Families
Communicate students developmental and educational needs to the family Strengthen parenting skills Link families to supports and resources Empower parents to become more involved in their childs education Help parents understand school policies and services available

Support Teachers
Help identify barriers to learning Help design and implement academic and behavioral interventions Help teachers understand familial, cultural, and community factors that impact students

Collaborate with Outside Agencies

Help coordinate delivery of educational and mental health services Connect students to county resources and services Help find housing, clothes, food, daycare

Serve Students
Deliver mental health service minutes on IEPs Threat assessments Crisis counseling Advocate for student needs Run social/emotional groups for general and special education students Help students become resilient, successful learners

Added benefit outweighs the cost Schools obligation to provide adequate mental health services to students Academic achievement and student growth will be positively impacted