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Visual Basic 100 Success Secrets - VB 100 Most Asked Questions: The Missing Visual Basic Reference Guide

Visual Basic 100 Success Secrets - VB 100 Most Asked Questions: The Missing Visual Basic Reference Guide


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There has never been a Visual Basic Guide like this.

100 Success Secrets is not about the ins and outs of Visual Basic. Instead, it answers the top 100 questions that we are asked and those we come across in forums, our consultancy and education programs. It tells you exactly how to deal with those questions, with tips that have never before been offered in print.

This book is also not about Visual Basic’s best practice and standards details. Instead, it introduces everything you want to know to be successful with Visual Basic.
There has never been a Visual Basic Guide like this.

100 Success Secrets is not about the ins and outs of Visual Basic. Instead, it answers the top 100 questions that we are asked and those we come across in forums, our consultancy and education programs. It tells you exactly how to deal with those questions, with tips that have never before been offered in print.

This book is also not about Visual Basic’s best practice and standards details. Instead, it introduces everything you want to know to be successful with Visual Basic.

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Visual Basic 100 Success Secrets
Visual Basic 100 Success Secrets VB 100 Most Asked Questions: The Missing Visual Basic Reference Guide

is intended to convey endorsement or other affiliation with this book. or otherwise. No such use. mechanical. Where those designations appear in this book. without the prior written permission of the publisher. Trademarks Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks. or the use of any trade name. Notice of Liability The information in this book is distributed on an “As Is” basis without warranty. the designations appear as requested by the owner of the trademark. recording. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of the book. neither the author nor the publisher shall have any liability to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the instructions contained in this book or by the products described in it.Visual Basic 100 Success Secrets Copyright © 2008 Notice of rights All rights reserved. and the publisher was aware of a trademark claim. electronic. photocopying. All other product names and services identified throughout this book are used in editorial fashion only and for the benefit of such companies with no intention of infringement of the trademark. . No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means.

This book is also not about Visual Basic’s best practice and standards details. it introduces everything you want to know to be successful with Visual Basic. Instead. Instead. It tells you exactly how to deal with those questions.Visual Basic 100 Success Secrets There has never been a Visual Basic Guide like this. 100 Success Secrets is not about the ins and outs of Visual Basic. our consultancy and education programs. it answers the top 100 questions that we are asked and those we come across in forums. with tips that have never before been offered in print. .

.................................36 ...............................26 Two Ways to Overcome VB Net Print Function Difficulty .........Net Combobox...........19 What is the VB Net Using Statement .............23 Wise Moves with Visual Net and Excel....14 VB Net List: Separating Different Program Instances ...................................................................25 How to Make VB Net Listbox Easy to Control......................Table of Contents Managing VB Net Code for Accounting and POS ...............24 The Importance of the VB Net Format..........13 Parts of the VB Net For Each Syntax .32 VB Runtime: Allowing Visual Basic to Run on Workstations.10 VB net Database is the Way to Go .................21 Stuck in a Rut? VB Net Datagrid is Your Best Choice ............................................................................20 A Detailed Discussion on Vb .........29 VB Net XML: Making Databases Easier to Access......................................22 Terminology You Ought to Know in Vb Net Dataset ..................................34 How Does a VB Select Statement Operates?.............................................................12 Why You Should Consider a Vb Net Download....................................................28 VB Net SQL: Adding Database to the Programming Language..31 VB Programming: Creating an Easy Environment for New Program Developers...............................15 VB Net Listview: Creating Easy to Control Graphical Interface17 How to Troubleshoot VB Net Service Application Time Out ...11 How Programmers Make Use of Vb Net Data Grid View...................

. 60 Where to Get Visual Basic Help to Solve Program Issues?.............................................................................................................................. 47 How to Initialize the VB Replace Function . 62 What are Arrays in Visual Basic?............................................................................................ 63 Excel Application within the Visual Basic Program . 40 Visual Basic Database: Using Third Party Applications for Effective Interface............................... 38 Visual Basic Access Automation: Overview of VB Automation with Access Program ..................... 54 Visual Basic 2005 Express: A Good Platform to Learn Basic Programming ..... 67 ...................................................................... 42 Getting to Know Visual Basic for Applications ....................................................................................Where to Find Free VB Source Code ............................................................................... 58 The Cool Features of Visual Basic Express Edition................................. 65 Things You Should Know about Visual Basic ........ 52 Parts of the VB Split Operations ........................... 53 How VB Tutorials Help New Programmers? ............... 45 Visual Basic Runtime: First Things First...................... 61 Why it is Better to Get into Visual Basic Programming ................................. 46 The Advantages of Using VB Print Applications................................................... 49 An Overview of the Functionalities of VB Scripts.................... 44 The Great Facets of Visual Basic Program............ 56 The Importance of Creating Visual Basic Array......................... 37 How to Ensure Stable VB Timer Coding System ............................. 51 What are the Uses of VB Source Codes? ........

.............................NET and its Characteristics .............................................80 VB Database: Training through Database Projects ......82 VB Excel: Automatic is better than Manual ........................68 How VB6 Arrays Differ from VB...........................................................................97 Exploring VB Net Express ........93 What are Arrays in VB?.......................................................................................91 VB Loop: True or False/Execute and Terminate.............................95 Choosing in Between C and VB ..............99 Dissecting the VB Scripting ..................101 ................................................................88 VB Date: From 1...................................................0..............................................................................90 VB for: Automated Applications ..100 How to Handle VB Strings Effectively .........NET Arrays .................................84 VB Instr: Finding the String? ..............................................................................................................................98 Understanding the Strings in VB Net ....73 The VB...87 VB Code: Improved Form of the HTML....................................................................................................................................................................................71 Learning Visual Basics For Free................................................96 Manipulating DataTable Function in VB Net .........78 VB Access: For the Queries to the Questions ........75 Visual Basic and its Features ........What Visual Basic Listbox Can Do? ...............0 to 6...................................................................................72 What Is a VB Array? ....69 How to Get Visual Basic Download and Updates ................77 Microsoft Visual Basic: Programming is Easier....................................86 VB 2005: From Books to Incentives ................

... 112 Visual Basic 2005 and its Evolution.................. 132 ................................................... 125 VB Function: Essential as a Business Language ............................................................................................... 103 Understanding the Dominion of Visual Basic Net........... 105 How are C# and VB Different and Similar?........... 116 Reinforcing kids’ visual interest and skills through VB Express tutorial course ..................................... 111 Visual Basic 6: What is it?.... 107 Working on the Method called VB Net Date ........ 106 How Effective and Efficient VB Net ArrayLists are? ....... 128 Visual Basic: What You Need to Know about VB Net Class ..................... 108 A Method Called VB Net Split ................................................................. 117 Understanding the concept of VB class ........................Learning the Simplicity of Visual Basic 6...................... 110 VB SQL and its underlying prowess .. 121 VB COM: Define......................................................................0 ........ 102 Visual Basic Codes: How to Better Understand Them .......................................... 114 The Jeopardy of a Worm VB..................................................................................................... 109 VB Net Thread: A Good Source of Information and Updates... 123 Making the most of VB Selec Case statements... 130 The ABC’s of Visual Basic........ VB Functions & VB Applications ........................... 113 Visual Basic Express: Learning it fast and easy .................. 119 What is a VB format? ............................... 127 One of the Best Applications of Visual Basic: VB Games.......................................................................................

......142 The Transition to ...............137 The Basics of Microsoft Visual Basic (VB) .................NET ............What is the Main Difference between Visual Basic’s VB.................148 ................................Net and VB......................134 The Need to Download and Upgrade to VB......138 Understanding Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 .................NET Framework from VB 6 .........................133 The Ease of Converting C# to VB...........147 Learning VB Arrays .................................135 Visual Basic Tutorials for Free ..................................................................................................................145 Using Windows API in Visual Basic (VB) ..............................................0 to VB 6..140 The Need to Upgrade Software Applications from Microsoft Visual Basic 6................0 to ..........144 From VB 1....................................NET....0 – The Visual Basic Software Evolution...........................Net C#?.....NET................

9 .

Ever since the VS2005. There are also other source codes of visual basic which can be used for POS and accounting software. It is only through research and development where you can get great projects that are related to database in order to succeed in the shortest time while delivering high quality outputs as well. This is because using this will enable you to have great support in order to access as well as process data in a frequent manner. In addition. the developer. visual basic works really well using the . This also means a lot of work falls into the laps of developers should the source code happen to be unable to support the programming of rapid application development. which is also free for users of desktop applications and other users of small business software. you have no other way to turn to but to VB net code. there are now a lot of great rapid application development tools which help you.net framework. With VS2005 comes the SQL server 2005. it is nonetheless remarkable to see how technology in the area of visual basic has risen from a once simplistic mode into something that is beyond the scalability of our goals and objectives. create good business software in very little time. . This SQL Server 2005 also plays an important part in order to ensure the scalability of both storage and software.10 Managing VB Net Code for Accounting and POS When it comes to looking for the most reliable base ground for your Accounting and POS software. an express edition software. While a lot of work is left to be done. but there are only a token few that can use rapid application development’s methodology and design.

You also have the option to design your software into something that involves a multiple platform format. Visual basic is the prime developer of both inventory and accounting software and is now slowly making the shift from Visual basic dot net in order to allow you users to make full use of the benefits that come with the dot net platform. Aside from this. So if you are still using VB 6 for all your database needs. then you really need to move on to this new and exciting platform.11 VB net Database is the Way to Go If you want a better way of taking stock of your company’s database. the best thing you can do is invest in visual basic. This year’s Visual studio 2008 is one that releases so many great technologies that include an N-Tier RAD and LINQ tool. you have a chance to distribute or even update your software in a much faster time. which is indeed a very useful tool. you also get wide access to a range of powerful third party tools. there are so many other equally great benefits that many developers cannot help but make the move. then? First. how can one resist the allure of a system that will allow you to design and deliver a project faster than any of your competitors. Of course. What are its implications on the developer of visual basic net inventory accounting software. There is also the interesting new angle of being able to shift to SQL database. while at the same time being able to lower the development cost as well as increase your competitive advantage? . After all.

And of course. then you will need additional requirements. Here. There are many types of Vb net data grid view to connect to the database. When the information or the data is referred.12 How Programmers Make Use of Vb Net Data Grid View While you are engrossed in creating your databases in accordance with your SQL files. . You can create different forms and graphical accessories which can allow the other users to access as well as view the information. the information which is also stored in such an object like the database and also has a data grid view will also have its own table. This one works in conjunction with Microsoft Visual Studio as well. One way to find yourself in a friendlier environment is to find a way to work with data grid and learn the views. so the programming environment will also appear to be as close to the SQL type of server as well. One of these requirements includes having the ODBC Data Source. you can then create different windows applications. The database table is also what is known as a set. Should you wish to employ other techniques. you can then create as well as manage the different database in the same way you would were you to use a single application. you will realize that there are easier ways to go about this. and the simplest one would be to use the SqkDataAdapter variable since this one will give you better access to the SQL server database. When you work with Visual Studio. the records then are to be called a data set.

If you do not know whether or not to download the new kind. The former has been around for several decades now. then there are some helpful things to consider that will definitely change your mind regarding the matter. and it is time for a change that will surely revolutionize the way developers are going to do their work in the fast-growing dot net business. This is much perfect for conducting tasks in a business related environment and as such proclaims that accounting software must not be written in C++. the new lion of the jungle is the Vb dot net. it is to move from plain visual basic accounting software to Vb dot net. Second. know that visual basic is dead. Here is also another dead end product which does not have the capability to provide you with the resources you need to forge on ahead. First off. . You should avoid following what is said as dead end technology because a lot of advanced tools as well as resources will not be able to support the older time complier.13 Why You Should Consider a Vb Net Download If there is one thing you can do to revive your career in information technology. so there is no reason for you to download it because it is no azalea plant. you should also stay away from Delphi which works in conjunction with Vb net. Of course. When you stay with Vb net you will be quite safe and stable with the leader of the pack. So always move on to better things.

. This is a faster way of arraying data for quick interface display. the For Next statement could be more useful.14 Parts of the VB Net For Each Syntax The Visual Basic syntax For Each is used to make a redundant command for each element in an array. First it should have specific elements. This is any variable statement that can be inserted anywhere between the For Each and Next commands. Second. This is required because this would be event that will be triggered by the For Each statement. These are the programmer’s set of collections. It is a language that will instruct the computer to display an unknown number of data that has been grouped as an iterated set. This is a required entry because the operation of the VB based program depends on the group of elements that have been arrayed for display. Another important part of the For Each syntax is the group which is a variable object and specifically points to the arrayed collection that will be repeated by the For Each loop. the VB Net For Each statement would be the best option. An optional part of the For Each syntax is the statement. if the values of the collection are not known. It will repeat a process unless a Next command is created. However. The Visual Basic For Each syntax is a good way to display a collection using few variable commands. The For Each statement should have 4 key parts. it should have a data type. The data type should be defined if they were not specified in the elements field. If the initial and final values of the data set are known to the programmer.

This type of List code will allow definition of an attribute or several attributes that can be applied on any programming project. Multiple parameters are also separated by commas where the individual parameters will be enclosed in parenthesis. This is very useful for limiting the target objects in a set of different collections. there are three types of List functionality that can be used on the VB Net framework. the program will read the codes and display an interface based on the default object settings. Application of List is not limited by any type of programming element. and many more. it is the code that can specify programming limits. an event.15 VB Net List: Separating Different Program Instances VB Net is a programming language that can allow you to create and display object data list with a single List command. Type parameters are important because it create a place holder for each element in the program. The Type List on the other is a must language that could be used on any generic programming. Specifically. It directs any program to a set of events or procedures that are included in the parameter. First is the Attribute List. If using multiple attributes. types. In simple language. the elements can be separated by commas. procedure. If a parameter List is not defined. interface. Another VB Net List functionality is the Parameter List. The specific attributes of a source program can be found on the Meta data assembly. and . procedures. Attributes List is very helpful when annotating the any programming codes. Based type list. In fact it can be used on all programming elements such as the properties.

16 structure can be applied generically on any programming language or code. .

Sets of code can be applied in order to generate Listview events. size. columns. This is a standard control feature of the framework. Creating a Listview involves only adding this function to a new project. The Listview functionality supports different kinds of attributes. This functionality is an advanced feature of the Listbox interface. objects. date created. The view can be easily sorted whether on ascending or descending list or whatever the user selects. a selection will be provided for the . the Listview will allow these elements to be changed based on the individual preference of the user. and label editing. Users can easily change the list view on the displayed text and objects in explorer. or commands. Multiple data format can be supported by this functionality which includes icons of different sizes. By going to the control features. reordering and hot tracking of selections. Controlling these attributes allow for a more organized display in the interface. and path.17 VB Net Listview: Creating Easy to Control Graphical Interface The VB Net Listview functionality is very important to organize the data that are being displayed on the computer interface. This includes type. By selecting the detailed list. users will be given the complete attributes of a file or folder. The Listview functionality works like the Windows explorer. All Visual Basic editions contain Listview functions. Programming a Listview will generally ease the interface of an application or a set of data that will be displayed before the user. And like the windows explorer graphical interface. It will allow programmers to create multiple options for users on how to view lists.

. an icon will appear on the control form of the project which can now be utilized for creating Listview.18 Listview function. After adding it.

. Set up checks include determining that the static Main class does not have an object that needs to be supported through initialization.19 How to Troubleshoot VB Net Service Application Time Out VB Net Service application can be started or run using a control panel. or it could time out on the users forcing them to restart or reload the application. This can be done by moving the application to a new thread. Some elements of the programming set up must also be checked to ensure that no application time out will occur again. there are instances when the VB Net Service application will reach a run time error. First. All these take time and it will certainly waste a lot of effort and resources especially if the system crashes. This route as is faster and it provides familiar window surroundings. This will usually fix error events and will correct itself the moment a reload will be triggered. It could result to corrupted system.Start command. It is also useful if the inheritor class of the ServiceBase. hang the computer. However. all VB Net timed out error. The good news is. There are many factors that can cause VB Net service application glitches. the computer system should allow the restoration of service through the OnStart function of the service.Start will not load any of its constructor objects. can be easily resolved using the program itself. The programmer must also try to minimize the code before initializing the ServiceBase. Normally. a programmer should ensure that applications levels would be set to defer.

It is also available as a torrent download. Next. . Statements such as Using. For Each. There is a broad range of control that is available with the VB Net framework. The Dispose function will always be called without exceptions. This function helps programmers who are familiar with older versions and just starting out on the new version. the program then will automatically execute the statement. Once the statement obtains a resource. This capability increases the control of programmers to the applications that they are creating. It works by calling the Dispose function once the variable object that was initialized goes out of scope of the statement. The Using statement is specific to VB Net 2005 but it is still supported by the new VB Net framework. End. The original resource then would be disposed. Both automatically dispose an event whenever the parameters for it cease to exist. Dispose.20 What is the VB Net Using Statement The VB Net Using statement is a specific syntax command that can be used to initialize capture or obtaining of a resource or multiple resources. A user can find all the list of command codes and statement the will work on VB Net on the MSDN library. The Using Dispose statement is also similar to the Try – Finally syntax. It is a simple command line much like the other statement syntax being used in VB Net. The codes package is a bagful of commonly used language that has been configured to work as a programming language. and many more are specific command features that will initialize an action.

you can also have an employee who is working a table in a database where there is a particular employee identification for each member.Net Combobox Using a combo box for Vb .21 A Detailed Discussion on Vb .Net 2003 or the 2005 version. you end up needing to store a pair that is called value-text. . Also.net is something which a lot of . While you display the list in an easy manner.net which can help teach this functionality. it is also in this area where they actually experience a bit of a problem. you may try to visualize a scenario where one will need to put on display the complete and detailed list of all employees who are part of a drop down or a combo box. However. it is also a bit tricky to hang on to the twist that is brought about by trying to keep the identification against each corresponding employee name that is found in the drop down. For one thing. there is also no direct method which is readily available in the .net developers work with. Apparently. and you of course will need to have the program Visual Studio . This is because when you work in a combo box or what others call a drop down. This application will also have several requirements in order to run. To illustrate. It is them easy to see how one can be able to access their records by simply referring to the identification of their employees. your computer will need to run on Windows XP Professional SP2 at the very least. whichever you may prefer to use.

But in order to do this seamlessly. which is a way to display the information into several series of both columns and rows.22 Stuck in a Rut? VB Net Datagrid is Your Best Choice If you take a look at things from the point of view of the user. Somehow. as you move some cells from the display controls and move about in the checks or the combo boxes even. To do so. you will also need to learn how to navigate along the cells that are found in this datagrid. These have different intersections which can be called cells. . you will be working with the datasheet display. These categories may be used to figure out the different scenarios you can encounter as you work with the datagrid and monitor the information you work with. There are several categories which allow you to display data which users will manipulate. you can press Tab in a continuous manner in order to be able to move one cell going to another. you can click on the values from one cell and click those in another. This is easily done if one had control of both types of records. the datagrid sheet’s controls will also allow you to do this by pressing the Enter key instead. A datasheet then is a way of displaying all the records as can be possibly displayed in the data grid. you will need a datagrid to piece together the different kinds of scenarios of your data navigation. Additionally. In this light. making each and everyone viewable to most. If you alternate. data navigation is something that involves moving data from one database to another.

there are other properties which one might consider in order to make this truly clear. you also need to learn a few terms in order to beef up your visual basic jargon. should any actually be in existence. Of course. Constraint. This one will determine the returns of collections of the child relations that are found in the data table. are grabbed and maintained in the table – which are figures that you actually manipulate to create change in the dataset. First off. the Columns are the returns of the collections that are part and parcel of this table. you need to know that when it comes to visual basic.23 Terminology You Ought to Know in Vb Net Dataset If you are a newbie programmer. you have a term called Case Sensitive. Here. We are able to create our own table when we use the code by way of a data set as well as the types that are defined in the namespaces. This data table is then what you call an in-memory representation of what is a block of data. So when you create a data set. Of course. This is important because you need to familiarize yourself with the basic information that come with your work – if not. . you need to know if a series of string comparisons that are found in the table are case-sensitive or otherwise. the one thing you need to do straightaway is to learn all about working with datasets and data tables for visual basic net. then you just might find yourself floundering once you are assigned to do more pressing and more confusing responsibilities later on in your job. You also have one called Child Relations. on the other hand. it is one that will allow you to create your very own table and be able to work with them as well. For one.

you will also need to be able to set up a project reference to the type library. it is much easier to control them as well. This is a process which will allow the other applications to be written in languages that are like visual basic and to automatically program the other applications as well. Of course. When this is done. you have an application object as well as a workbook and a worksheet object. As such.net.24 Wise Moves with Visual Net and Excel When you are working with Visual net and Microsoft Excel. this can only be done through the user interface and automation. Good thing about this is that excel is able to expose this programmatic function by way of an object model. Each of these things have a certain amount of control on the functionality of the components that make up Microsoft excel. Automation to excel will also allow you to perform several actions that will enable you to create new workbooks and add data to such workbooks as well. you will probably need to know how to do a couple of commands that are a bit more complicated than usual. . Here. This object model will also be a collection of classes as well as methods that can serve as the different counterparts of the logical components of the program. Once you use excel and other MS office applications. Automation is one such command. almost all of the actions which you can perform in manual mode will be in automatic configuration. you can even use this procedure to create charts. But in order to be able to access this object model that comes from visual basic .

The Split and Len functionality also operate on the same plane. events log. it would be much easier to use the VB Net Format method because of its simpler code values. units or measurements. The Format functionality of the VB Net framework makes it easy for programmers to create user friendly data visualization and interfaces that updates automatically when displayed on the computer. Programmers then will only supply the appropriate object type that will be read by the program and displayed on the computer for ease of reading. and other data type that can be displayed in a stringed array.25 The Importance of the VB Net Format Programmers normally use the VB Net Format method to convert strings of data into recognizable and very specific object type. However. Data can also be easily supplied on the intended field so that arrayed strings can be read and comprehended by the end users easily. It can also be tweaked by using the Format code which is generally supplied in the help pages or in the resource center of VB Net. A string of individual elements like MMMM can be converted into specific month per month display using the VB Net Format method. It can be run using an interface wizard. conversions. This can also be used to display currencies. . There are other ways to display a stringed data array on the computer interface. a string of number can be converted in specific date and time display. The Format method in VB Net should be easy to use. For example.

A programmer can change the default setting for the Listbox view in order to easily navigate through multiple column display.26 How to Make VB Net Listbox Easy to Control The VB Net Listbox is a graphical interface where users can select one or more items from a displayed list. The properties for Listbox sort can be . To display multiple column lists on the box interface. This can help user navigate easily through the Listbox. they can simply select None as the select value instead of the default One. When multiple column lists are displayed in the listbox. The Listbox is written based on ListControl class which can be operated under the main Control class. The VB Net Listbox control interface contains several functionalities. the default setting must be change from False to True. a horizontal scrolling bar can be manipulated to view several columns in the listbox. This can be further tweaked by changing the properties of multiple selections to MultiExtended. This will allow users to simple press the Shft – Ctrl – arrow keys of the keyboard to navigate through the entire Listbox. On the other the MultiSimple should be selected to allow multiple selections of items in the Listbox. The selection of items can also be tweaked through the Listbox properties. To ensure that the Listbox will always display a scrolling bar. the default False setting for scrolling interface must be changed to True. If a user does not want the items in the box to be selected. Individual items can also be sorted according the preference of the user. This will change the attribute of the box and will allow multi column graphical interface.

by categories. . or any other attributes.27 changed to display the list in alphabetical order.

It can be done using the VB net’s own tool box. Although printing functionality with the VB Net framework is indeed difficult to handle. it is advised to utilize third party printing software to handle the function. sizes. If this happens.28 Two Ways to Overcome VB Net Print Function Difficulty One of the most compelling issues confronting the VB Net framework is the difficulty or at worse inability to print the written code or programs. One set back to this method is the inability of some printing programs to wrap the stringed codes and elements of the programming language. A programmer needs to access the components attributes that can be found in the tool box and proceed to capture the target print page. Users are commenting that developers of the programming language is ushering the emergence of a really paperless office precisely because of printing handicap that maybe encountered using VB Net. Another way to manipulate the VB net print functionality is to write a code that will be able to talk to the program. it cannot be said that it is impossible to execute. individual line attributes can be written to determine standard printing codes defining text fonts. There are two ways that programmers are doing to be able to print programs on the VB Net. First. and line attributes. the print display will create a run on set of text the will overflow beyond the paper border. Using a third party program to print VB Net encoded language would be convenient and of course easier than writing a unique code to instruct the framework to create a print preview and print functionality. From this. The third party application should be able to interface and capture the code for printing display. .

29 VB Net SQL: Adding Database to the Programming Language SQL has become a critical component of any class of modern programming application. It involves just a few clicks because the tool box of VB Net is quite similar to other standard computer applications. the SQL icon can be accessed. The downside however is that not every VB Net resources can be prominently displayed on its interface. With so many functionalities and limited screen real estate. SQL provides this basis and this is evident with the wide use and applicability of the database application to program language creation. This will now initialize the integration of a selected database to the main program. This is a refinement from the previous versions thus a VB Net SQL interface can now be utilized. one needs to right click on the SQL icon and select add a database. web. or XML application without the benefit of solid database application. Program developers naturally do not create a client. enterprise. the SQL functionality can easily be overlooked. From the main dialog box of the Server Explorer. Right clicking the added . This will now enable users to create graphical database design in order to integrate it with the main VB Net framework. That’s because some SQL service features have been tucked away in the tool box of VB Net program. one needs to initialize the Server Explorer. To access this SQL database design feature. The good thing about VB Net is its natural ability to integrate SQL functions in its service applications. Specifically.

30 SQL connection will allow users to customize the properties of the connected database. .

It can also be utilized by other programmers either through web interfaces or through a virtual private network. XML programming can also be leveraged to support new versions of the VB Net framework. This increases the capability of the application in recognizing different query languages such as the LINQ or Language Integrated Query framework. That is why the VB Net framework integrates XML schema as one of its major databases utilities. This tight integration could help application developers and programmers to transmit a source code application over a broad range of platforms. the VB Net application will be able to construct a hierarchical data model from linear databases. VB Net specifically supports query languages through its deep integration of XML literals and XML programming properties. This means that it would be very useful for databases and programs that integrate databases in its utilities. It allows multiple users on different platforms to use databases easily. The power of XML schema lies on the fact that it can create marked up files that can be stored easily.31 VB Net XML: Making Databases Easier to Access XML or the Extensible Mark up Language is a very simple and flexible programming language that allows application developers to easily transfer and share text based programming. Using the XML schemas. The program then will initialize results from the query and will display it on a readable format. This capability is very useful also for integration with web applications. The data model then can be used by end users easily by just entering the required attributes for each query field. .

Visual Basic has also written the really hard codes and users will only have to change its attributes and properties for their unique programming projects. The ease of use of VB programming methods will allow for quicker development of object oriented program language. What’s more. That is why generating programming controls and tool boxes would be easier because the basic parameters have been written already. Visual Basic programming certainly eases the methods of creating applications.32 VB Programming: Creating an Easy Environment for New Program Developers. This is radically different from other programming applications and language that will require developers to write voluminous codes just to display a simple interface. It can also be used to display different graphical and object based data. application developers now simultaneously creates written code program while drawing the object on a windows interface. This advantage is greatly enhanced by Visual Basic’s ability to use common windows graphical interface. Through automation of programming. VB programming will involve the creation of applications using some aspects of the windows platform. VB programming or the Visual Basic programming language is not only used to create logical applications through generation of codes. The program developer will only change the values in the language. This is ideal for new developers and programmers. The good thing about Visual Basic however is it provides programmers with all tools that are needed to create exciting applications. New program developers who are very familiar with windows logic will . The Visual Basic framework also qualitatively changed the way programmers approach applications problems.

33 not have a difficult time navigating through Visual Basic’s functions and controls. .

the EXE file of the program can be initialized and the installation will automatically start. It means the programmer cannot use a lower version of VB Runtime for a higher edition of Visual Basic. programmers can run any edition of the Visual Basic framework on their computers. It would be a waste of time and effort because the incomplete Visual Basic . These versions correspond to the different versions of the Visual Basic program. multiple versions of VB Runtime applications can be installed in a workstation. On the other hand. This means the computer must have VB Runtime application installed in its system environment so that it can read the main Visual Basic program.34 VB Runtime: Allowing Visual Basic to Run on Workstations VB Runtime is a distinct application that allows users to use the Visual Basic programming framework. The VB Runtime application must be installed only once on a workstation. the main Visual Basic program that corresponds to the version of the VB Runtime can be uploaded now to the computer. The VB Runtime application can be downloaded for free on most programmers’ websites or in some file sharing and download portals. In this way. It is a small program that will not take up lots of disk space. There are different versions of the VB Runtime applications. Once installed. Once downloaded. This installation process should not be reversed because the Visual Basic program will not work or install properly if no VB Runtime is detected on the computer.

35 application should be completely removed from the system first before any reinstallation can be made. .

The expressionlist line is also a required statement. A comma should separate several expressionlist lines.36 How Does a VB Select Statement Operates? The VB Select statement can run several case statements based on the values provided for recognizing each statement’s expression. The expressionlist statement list the values matching the controls specified on the testexpression line. The other one is the expressionlist that contains the list of clauses or statements defining the values of testexpression. a statement must be entered to terminate the operation. The expressions listed on this part must conform to several accepted data types. At the end of the scripting query. The testexpression code of the VB Select function is a required operator. These are called comparison operators. On the other hand. Words like To and Is can be inserted to trigger different Select values. which are needed in order to complete the Select query procedure. =. There are other control operators that can be used for the testexpression line. The To statement defines the range values required for the testexpression line. The first is the test expression that should be written right after the Select operator. The query cannot be triggered if this operator is not defined. There are only two major parts that must be included in the Select line query. >. the Is operator must be used in conjunction with a value operator such as <. . In this case an End Case statement is needed. The End Case statement will signify that no other operations are needed so it will automatically abort Select run queries. if multiple queries are written.

The source code serves as the specific language that is recognizable by the computer system or the web browser. an application or program will be rendered useless and unreadable by the system. There are also tutorial resources on the some websites that specify step by step approach on how to create a VB source code. Most programmers can develop a generic code for any type of computer operation and they upload it on file sharing networks. For the scripting code to be useful. it must use standard coding language that can be understood by the computer. That’s because the coding instructions include special actionable statements that are commonly used to create codes that can be comprehended by the computer.37 Where to Find Free VB Source Code Almost all computer operations. directories. these source codes are distributed for free. . and XML operations. applications initialization. and forms control also use VB source codes. Files. Games. and networking protocols all use source code scripting. In many programming websites. web interfaces and event handling use a type of VB source code. Without a source code. HTML. It can serve as tools and guidance on how to create and write source codes that can be utilized for common or complex operations. Of course one needs basic knowledge in Visual Basic programming in order to understand the instructions provided on coding tutorials. multimedia. VB source codes are generally available on the Internet. VB source codes are utilized on ASP. New programmers can take advantage of these source codes to further boost their understanding of VB source coding. It will be just a set of incomprehensible text.

In this way. However this kind of system reconfiguration may not be suitable for all real time applications. The solution for this issue is to create a DoEEvents and QueryPerformanceCounter loop system. its resolution would fall below 50ms output. the timer will not be affected by any VB IDE meltdown and will continue to function on the ActiveX path. . Normally. That’s because for complicated programs such as audio systems. the usual VB timer may not be suitable. Another approach that can be taken is write a new set of VB timer code intended for higher resolution output.38 How to Ensure Stable VB Timer Coding System Standard VB timer is a useful application for simple programs. for high impact multimedia programs that need timer utility. The first step in this process is to code the timer independent of the main VB IDE framework. which would be ideal to run audio systems and other multimedia applications. the coding system must be done using the ActiveX DLL platform. The code must be able to produce at least 1ms to 10 ms resolution capability. the VB timer must be able to muster a 1ms resolution capability so that it may produce an accurate and crisp output. standard coded timers could not produce this kind of resolution thus sacrificing the quality of audio output. However. Coding VB timer on higher versions of windows may speed up its capacity but when it is run on an older version of OS. To do this. This kind of resolution is so slow it would not be very useful for most multimedia applications.

39 Where to Find Free Visual Basic 6 Download Anyone who wants to learn programming using the Visual Basic 6 applications can easily download it from file sharing sites on the Internet. The new version also incorporates several program fixes. The VB Runtime application is a required program so that the Visual Basic 6 could run on the local computer. Learning and mastering the Visual Basic 6 programming language hold several advantages. a VB Runtime application must first be installed. A VB6 Runtime application is a free program and can be downloaded from almost any programming portal. Although not many people are using Visual Basic 6 program. the quality of some of these programs could be questionable. It will only involve registering or signing up with the Microsoft network and a complementary enterprise class Visual Basic application can be made available. There is a 2008 version of the Visual Basic application that could offer more tools and utilities. The programming skills learned through the program could help enhance the technical capabilities of any IT professional thus opening new employment opportunities and career advancement. However. It is advisable to get the latest service pack of the Runtime application in order to get the latest fixes and patches to program. Other websites that are run by programmers also offer torrent downloads of Visual Basic 6 applications. It can also be downloaded from the Microsoft Visual Basic page. Before installing the Visual Basic 6 on any computer. . it could be very useful as a study platform to learn the ins and outs of VB programming.

It involves writing the source code of the database so that it can synchronize with the data in Access. Programmers of Visual Basic and . ActiveX Data Object is the ideal bridge application that allows seamless integration of Visual Basic to Access. The developer should open a database in Access in order to initialize automated integration. tables. This is a more practical approach especially if the programmer will create lots of objects based data such as forms. both application should be running on the workstation. Any programming language needs a database support in order for its operations to work fully especially if the intended application will be used to query data and produce results that are driven by several data queries.40 Visual Basic Access Automation: Overview of VB Automation with Access Program The database Access office application can be synchronized and integrated with the programming platform of the Visual Basic program. it will establish connections with the Access utilities to pave the way for more enhanced programming capabilities. queries and graphs.Net application can use ActiveX Data Objects or the ADO.NET in order to integrate Access database. There are also ways on automating the integration of Visual Basic with the Access database program. In this way. To automate the integration of Access with VB programming. the created codes will . Then use the Visual Basic interface to generate the codes that can be grabbed from the Access program. The OpenAccessProject command must be utilized to create the environment needed by Visual Basic. Automation will ensure that whenever a VB application is launched.

.41 implement the object display including the data in Access program.

copying. This then can be integrated into the main Visual Basic programming set up. any programming applications can also use the ActiveX data object. Specifically. The best utility of the ADO or ActiveX control is its programming language neutrality. First. Second. when a programmer starts a Visual Basic with advanced databases project. The data access object can provide a clear interface with any database program. From the VB program.42 Visual Basic Database: Using Third Party Applications for Effective Interface Visual Basic database projects will use three distinct programs or scripting applications. Any Windows application especially Access and Excel are capable of exporting and linking their data through the OLE DB provider. programming a project with database will need an application called data access object or DAO. the ActiveX Data Object or the ADO must also be used for databases projects in Visual Basic. graphs and images from a database . This utility then can be picked up by the ActiveX data object controllers and can be integrated to the main Visual Basic programming interface. ActiveX operation works by displaying database elements through OLE DB provider. appropriate value conditions can be written in order to properly display the interface provided by DAO applications. This means that aside from Visual Basic. resizing and pasting objects. These third party applications can be fully integrated especially in Visual Basic versions 5 and 6. the following applications will be required. Finally simple data bound controls for editing.

This will allow the Visual Basic program to easily code source objects from any applications with databases. .43 application to Visual Basic can also be used.

Furthermore. one can say that the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications or the VBA is one type of embeddable programming environment which is designed to help developers build different types of custom solutions that allows them to make full use of Microsoft’s Visual Basic application. and would thus not need any additional enhancements. This one also comes with a visual basic for applications software development kit. Take caution though. These developers are the ones who use the applications which also host the visual basic for applications.44 Getting to Know Visual Basic for Applications A lot of people wonder what makes the VBA or Visual Basic for Applications a truly useful part when it comes to information technology. because the software development kit is also not a necessary tool which can help develop different solutions which are already using visual basic for applications and are hosted for evaluation purposes – like Microsoft Office. upon purchase. It actually contains the different documentation and the tools which can be used for hosting visual basic for applications – meaning. such can be automated and extended with regard to application functionality. To answer such a query. When you use the software development kit. everything you could possibly need in order to evaluate the visual basic for applications in your work. The reason for this is because Microsoft Office already includes in its roster the visual basic for applications. . you can then be able to have a way to easily integrate the visual basic for applications for evaluation purposes. thus shortening the cycle of development of these custom business solutions.

This is because this visual basic program also helps you by allowing you full use of the different sets of tools which you can use in order to create even better and more useful applications.45 The Great Facets of Visual Basic Program When it comes to programming. However. Visual Basic stands out from the rest. One example could be that the controls which you use could be in the form of a button. . you are making the conscious decision to make your like a lot more easier because you have such tools. you can come up with applications that also make use of the different parts of windows. Some of these other programming languages are Pascal or C. and then you have to write the code itself which would then be instantly executed as soon as the control button can be pressed. you can create the control which can also be found on the screen. Since you use really great controls. To start off. many programmers and software developers can probably say that they have witnessed undergoing a definite major change throughout the years of programming different types of machines. One example could be that what used to be constructed in just mere minutes via the help of Visual Basic could also find its equal in several days when you decide to use a different programming language. and thus have the real hard code already written for you (instead of slaving away trying to come up with it yourself). When you choose to go with visual basic.

of course. then you need to install the runtime component that is also version six. you might try downloading and installing all four of them . When you do. If you do not know which runtime version to use. While the programming language is easy to learn. The version which you will user for your runtime is one that is depended on the version of the actual visual basic language you have and used in order to create the program itself. you need to install the visual basic runtime before you get to run the actual program that is written in visual basic itself.46 Visual Basic Runtime: First Things First If you work with Microsoft Visual Basic. its files are then automatically shared by every type of visual basic program which you will install subsequently. because if you do not have the program that created the application then the computer will more likely be unable to recognize it and thus fail to have it run at all. One example would be that if you run a program that was written in visual basic 6. and each one came up for all the different release dates of the visual basic programming language itself. Right now. you might have encountered several things with the run time. Quite logical. However. To start off. there are still some things about it which you might need to have a little expounding on in order to make things crystal clear. the great thing about this is that you will only need to install the runtime only once. there are four different types of visual basic runtime.0.

The advantages of using third party applications for VB print functions include allowing pro- . VB print preview is important to view created forms. forms. and diagrams. and dialog boxes. It will also be able to provide object view support which was originally embedded on the Visual Basic printer preview function. Most VB print programs will be able to display different modes of resolution and printer settings. Some VB print applications can also import or export text files and documents and convert them to windows metafile. Users may encounter some difficulties with the Visual Basic framework print capabilities. The ability of the print applications to recognize several programming languages also make them extremely useful in displaying bitmaps and other images created in other format. charts. with the use of third party programs for print preview and printing functions. It will also support different graphical display such as graphs. panning. windows.47 The Advantages of Using VB Print Applications There are many third party applications and programs that can provide print preview capability for Visual Basic. However. Several useful functions can also be utilized through the VB print preview applications such as zooming. Visual Basic print preview programs will also support other graphical display of different applications like CAD software. The print and print preview application of Visual Basic can also serve as a flexible and compact report generator which was supported in the past by bulky and unwieldy programs. the difficulty could be resolved easily. and resizing of graphical display.

48 grammers to display their program’s graphics on an easy to read format. .

First. and compare parameters. The find command will search for the old values or old texts within the string that need to be replaced. the string parameter must be specified. specific line parameters must be written. the new values or texts must be preceded by the command line replacewith. This is a required line and should be the first in the array. There are other optional values such as the start.49 How to Initialize the VB Replace Function The VB Replace function can be used to find and replace an old written string with a new one. This is a required parameter and should always be part of the syntax string. These optional values could be included in . For initializing the VB Replace operation. count. the find parameter should also be specified. These three parameters of the VB Replace function are the essential elements that must be written by the programmer. Third. That’s because the Replace operation will work only based on the specified string entered by the programmer. This is a convenient way of modifying scripts and codes for an arrayed collection of elements. The replacewith parameter forms as the sub-string of the entire syntax. the programmer should now specify the new texts or values that will be entered in the program. Second. Writing the find command should be specific and should conform exactly to the written format of the target values or texts. The Replace function of the Visual Basic programming framework essentially automates the editing and modification procedures for program scripting. An application developer can easily use several command syntax of the VB framework to execute the replace operation. Specifically.

If they are not included.50 the syntax. the program will treat these optional values as set to default. .

Event handling must be written manually within the script itself. VB Scripts however cannot be debugged compared to full Visual Basic programming. all Windows operating system and the Internet Explorer program has an embedded VBScripts in its programming. it must be edited on a text editor. and a web browser. VB Scripts allow users to create dynamic images. and other tools and functionalities. Specific handles must be included in the language so that it can find an appropriate handler when a procedure kicks in. Any windows based computer can be used to create VB Script using only a standard text editor. web browser. To change the properties and controls of the VB Script. and HTML pages. In fact. The VB Scripts technology is smaller and more compact programming tool than the Visual Basic application. There are no special installations required especially if the computer system has the updated and latest versions of ActiveX controllers and windows operating systems. . web pages. It should only be embedded in the HTML pages. objects. VB Scripts do not have to be packaged into an EXE file to be deployed. The VB Script language has no event handler compared to Visual Basic. form controls. and ActiveX controller. The VB Scripts can be inserted on the HTML pages and it will be instantly displayed as a complete object or image on a web browser. Browsers will be able to read the language and display whatever object is written on the VB Script.51 An Overview of the Functionalities of VB Scripts VB Scripts or the Visual Basic Scripting Edition is a language that can be deployed on any computer system.

and any others have their own VB source. Such mundane tasks like dragging and dropping functionality in a desktop computer involves scripting source code for it. most source codes can only become operational on specific Visual Basic version. Other more commonly used computer tasks such as form page centering. almost all computer operations use codes to generate the procedures needed to execute an event. The VB source serves as the language-scripting operator. There are many VB source samples that can be downloaded from the Internet. and server side operations. There are VB source for client side operators. New programmers can use these sample source codes as their template to understand the basic structure of VB coding. objects. Other common computer operation procedures also have different VB source codes. The codes for each would be different because each VB source has different events procedures. That is why VB source is very important and learning to write or reengineer codes should be a basic skill of any programmer. display path for printing. VB source can be differentiated based on the configuration of script and the targeted users of the code. It can be rewritten or reengineered according to the individual coding requirement of the programmer.52 What are the Uses of VB Source Codes? VB source or more commonly known as the source codes are prewritten scripts that can be used on Visual Basic program framework. cut and paste operations. In fact. On the other hand. . Some VB Source is version agnostic. This means that the codes and written scripts can run on any version of the Visual Basic program.

The Split function is useful for creating text or data that should be arrayed vertically. If no delimiter is specified. That’s because the default compare values will be used instead if this part of the string is left open. It is a required expression string that includes range delimiters and sub string codes. The values 0 and 1 will be utilized to determine binary compare or VB text compare. the default value will be triggered. The delimiter line statement can be specified or not so this code is basically optional. This means that –1 would be the default count of the string which will return all sub strings.53 Parts of the VB Split Operations The VB Split function can be utilized to create a onedimensional iterated array based on zero values. If no count value is entered the default value will be used. A count value should also be specified if the programmer would know the exact number of values that needs to be returned. The first parameter that should be used on the Split operation is the expression syntax. objects. However this is an optional operation. In this case the space character is the default range value. This function uses the syntax Split to specify different parameters. . It is commonly used on specific sub-strings of a set collection. and numbered values will be displayed as a list. The compare syntax of the Split statement is also an optional entry. Each individual line is separated by a hard return thus the texts. These parameters are also called parts of the entire Split syntax.

the voluminous resources that that are associated with it will certainly require lots of code rules reading. The video files can also be downloaded from the Internet. These resources are all downloadable materials. most VB tutorials come with sample or practice codes for most standard applications and VB functionalities. Fortunately. Some tutorial sites only ask for a paltry donation for their services. there are VB video instructions and step by step guides. . For beginners who are more at ease learning through multimedia tutorials. Compared to just reading lots of text string. Some tutorials are provided free on the Internet.54 How VB Tutorials Help New Programmers? VB tutorials could certainly help anyone who wants to learn the basics of the Visual Basic operations and functions. These VB tutorials websites provide text notes and instructions on how to use the standard coding systems of Visual Basic. Lots of reading maybe required just mastering any introductory approach to Visual Basic coding system. Although the VB6 version of the program has been touted as the easiest programming application to date. the video VB tutorials would be more advantageous for new Visual Basic programmers. so it can be studied at the leisure of those wishing to learn the Visual Basic programming technologies. These video tutorials are very useful because the actual coding operations can be viewed and explained by a competent programmer. At the cost of $1 per download. These code samples are prewritten generic language that can be used as a guide in creating more complex VB language.

.55 this could be an inexpensive way to learn Visual Basic from home.

This platform is a good utility to learn the fundamental steps in programming using the Visual Basic framework. the Visual Basic 2005 Express must be downloaded and installed on local computer. There are also other resources that can be grabbed from the Internet. The . While tweaking the application. these manuals should be at hand to determine the processes involved in Visual Basic programming.56 Visual Basic 2005 Express: A Good Platform to Learn Basic Programming The Visual Basic 2005 Express can now be downloaded as a free application. The document specifies the step by step process of how to begin programming using the VB 2005 Express. one should download a zipped package of VB source codes. For new programmers and for those who want to start learning the Visual Basic application. Within the Visual Basic 2005 Express. In this way. the VB 2005 Express could become their learning vehicle. To know coding structure and systems. the application will work fully and glitches could be avoided. Manuals and electronic handbooks such as programming guides can be acquired also from the Internet and some VB programming portals. Be very sure however to install a Runtime application before trying to upload the VB 2005 to a local workstation. To start the learning process. These sample codes will work if deployed on the Visual Basic 2005 Express. It would be advisable to thoroughly read this document before attempting a trial and error programming using the 2005 Express. there is a built-in help tutorial page.

.57 The codes then can be learned easily because all required operations needed to build such codes will also provided through a text document.

The use of Visual Basic array has many disadvantages. But if no applicable elements are available. Individual states will be its unique elements. It will allow programmers to systematically display different set of elements with simple values assigned to them. To make a script or write a programming language using Visual Basic array. As long as there are applicable elements that can be looked up. other syntax operators may be used to qualify the look up operation of the program. the operation will continue. In this way. So. for every state. As an example. The programmer can assign unlimited index numbers especially if many elements are present on an array. programmers need to know the exact number of elements available for each set of array. then a Dispose or Terminate syntax can be written to close down the scripting language. These elements can be assigned unique subscript using index figures with the value 0 as a starting element. Indexing can go on as long as there are elements in the array. a country may form as a distinct array. assigning values would be easier. . If the exact number of elements cannot be determined. This makes it possible to assign a single value or name for a whole set of array. The array can be divided or differentiated by assigning a subscript or unique number for each element in the array.58 The Importance of Creating Visual Basic Array Visual Basic array is composed of different entities but share the same logical values. an index number will be assigned.

.59 Arrays are also useful for database purposes. In fact. most Visual Basic array program set up is utilized for large data integration and to answer queries that will require numerous results.

running with the lightweight SQL Server compact edition and you can also use the 2005 express edition of SQL Server. You are also able to integrate two dimensional and three dimensional graphics here. you can be sure that you will get the latest enhancements for your Visual Basic express edition. This is a simpler tool to allow you to increase work productivity and come out with better outputs. which is also quite the powerful client and server workhorse. Visual Basic express edition also allows you to create applications that are data-enabled. From here. And with the help of Intellisense support. While it does not stop there. You can design different types of Windows presentation foundations type of applications that have built in designer support as well. as well as add different objects to Visual Basic. it is quite simple to use this Visual Basic express edition. To begin. These are some really great features of Visual Basic express edition indeed! . Aside from this.60 The Cool Features of Visual Basic Express Edition Many users of Microsoft’s Visual Basic program are going to rejoice over the fact that their must-use application now comes in an express edition. it is also good to know that you are going to have one cool application which allows you to add some pretty neat effects as well. you can choose to build different applications when you use the language integrated query or the LINQ – a strong point which can add data querying capabilities for both SQL Server and XML. as well as the integration of both audio and video controls.

Some of it may come in CD format while others are published in printed editions. the first resource could be the embedded how-to help pages of the program. the topic will be displayed in alphabetical order. Some of these manuals are available in PDF files and can be easily downloaded. A developer needs to download several advanced manuals that can help specifically in coding and troubleshooting Visual Basic.61 Where to Get Visual Basic Help to Solve Program Issues? For Visual Basic help. All possible answers to a query can be provided with a general answer using the Visual Basic Help section. . The Visual Basic advanced functions and advanced code debugging and troubleshooting techniques could be acquired from these resources. Just clicking the help button in the toolbox can access it. On the other hand. purchasing or subscribing to a service will enable programmers to access some of the best tutorials and help resources. The good news is it can be utilized using an indexed query approach. Aside from these materials. the help index of the Visual Basic program could be insufficient. there are online programmers forum that provide support for new VB programmers. Visual Basic help resources are widely available whether on the Internet or in published materials. For solving more complex problems. These are good reference materials that can be used a practical guide for any problem encountered in Visual Basic programming. New programmers will not experience great difficulty solving the issues encountered during VB programming. So. These forums can also be a good source of Visual Basic help and tutorials.

you can also then utilize the user interface. It is also a type of graphical development environment which one can only describe as complete with all the bells and whistles attached to it. This is definitely better compared to the other programming languages which have more complicated commands. you might be familiar with Visual basic.62 Why it is Better to Get into Visual Basic Programming If you are a software developer. this Microsoft Visual Basic is not just your regular old programming language. a part which can then collect the different user inputs and also be able to display the various formatted output in a way that is more appealing and useful than useful – especially when compared to the different versions of SQL that are also capable of achieving this. But if you must know. When such happens. You might have worked with it at one time or another as well. sort of like the ones you can find on an Excel spreadsheet. Perhaps the best thing one can say about Visual Basic is that it is easy to use and will also allow many a user to come up with really impressive-looking kinds of graphical programs – by using little coding by the actual programmer. Such an environment will also allow the users who have very little programming experience to be able to easily develop many useful applications which can run on Microsoft Windows. . The Visual Basic also has its own ability to develop such programs which can then be used as a type of front end application connected to the database system. These applications they can make can also then have the ability to make use of object linking and embedding.

An array that holds other arrays as elements is known as jagged array or array of arrays. called an index or subscript. An example of an array is the number of students in each grade in a Catholic school. An array where one index or number is made reference is considered one-dimensional. The individual values are referred to as the elements of the array. There are three Visual Basic keywords used in array declaration: 1. Public is a statement used when programmer makes the array visible anywhere in the program. However. Arrays in Visual Basic allow programmers to change size but not the type of arrays at run-time using the ReDim State- . 2. An array allows you to refer to these values using the same name and to use a number. The number index starts with 0 through the highest index value. and 3. Dim is a statement used when programmer wants the array in private to the procedure in which it is declared.63 What are Arrays in Visual Basic? An array is the most common form of data structure used in the collection of similar items of the same data type. Jagged arrays can be either one-dimensional or multidimensional. uses a number called as index or subscript this is in order to differentiate one from the other. you must declare the array and its scope. It refers to multiple values by the same name. to tell them apart. the use of more than one index or subscript is called multidimensional. Before an array can be used. Private is a statement used when programmer makes the array visible only to the form or module in which it is declared.

64 ment. They tend to shorten or simplify your code. . which allows you to make loops that deal efficiently with any number of elements.

the Microsoft Office family developed a programming language where the application of Access.65 Excel Application within the Visual Basic Program Microsoft Excel is an office application used frequently in the Visual Basic Application (VBA). Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application. It was called MACRO commands in earlier days. Transfer data in an array to a range of cells 3. The VBA Excel allows users to write code. The most common approach to transfer data to an Excel workbook is by Automation. and messages. dialog boxes. which provides users with simple to advanced ways of creating and managing any type of list. Transfer data in a cell by cell 2. menus. To make it more powerful. The following are approaches to transfer data through automation: 1. It automates repetitive tasks and enables user to perform custom command buttons. Make a Query Table on an Excel worksheet which consists of the result of a query on an ODBC or OLEDB data source . Excel and Word can be used in VB. and/or their cells. which can automatically perform commands on a workbook. With automation. columns. Transfer data in an ADO recordset to a range of cells by applying the CopyFromRecordset method 4. there is flexibility in specifying the location of data in the workbook. worksheets. The Excel VBA allows user to add custom features based on user requirements. Outlook. VBA is a computer language that was based on Microsoft Visual Basic. where you try to assemble a series of keystrokes and Excel will learn and do it for you. rows.

. thus saves time and money as well. Transfer data to the clipboard and paste the clipboard contents to an Excel worksheet Excel Visual Basic makes computing easy.66 5.

RDO. and Timer Controls etc. . or ADO. The last version of VB was released in 1998. A VB programmer is able to add substantial amount of code using the dragging and dropping controls like buttons and dialog boxes and define the appearance and behavior. It is known as the event-driven language. Pascal. It enables programmers to build prototype applications quickly. It was in February 2008. C++. and Java. Text Boxes.NET became the designated successor. defining its attributes and actions. making the programming language a dynamic application. that Microsoft extended support ended and Visual Basic. and creation of ActiveX controls and objects. VB allows user to modify and customize based on requirements even during run time. Programming languages where VB was applied includes C.67 Things You Should Know about Visual Basic The term VB stands for Visual Basic. It is a combination of visually arranging components or controls on a form. It is language used by software merchants. and writing additional lines of code to provide more functionality. inasmuch as each object reacts to different events once the mouse is clicked. programmers and developers in producing graphical client request interface. the access to databases using DAO. VB was designed in such a way that it is easy to learn and use. VB has been the norm for programming languages since 1991. VB uses several tools for placing controls on its List Boxes. VB was derived from the BASIC language. VB is a programming language developed by Microsoft. other than its default values. Radio Buttons. that provides the ability for programmers to perform the rapid application development (RAD) using graphical user interface (GUI) applications.

Included most often in the listbox are common answers that you are likely to get. It is used as a link to read and write data in the database field. Users are not provided with typing alternative. A listbox is a window that has multiple strings in it. Listboxes can be either preset in code or built "on the fly. There is a tendency that code cannot be read if they are cluttered with many unnamed or numbered objects. the code determines which entry the user has chosen and its numerical position on the list. which can either be check or unchecked. You need to name the listboxes as soon as you have created a listbox. Listbox in Visual Basic is useful if you want to gather information from a person without the need to input them. based on the type of questions asked.68 What Visual Basic Listbox Can Do? The Listbox is one of the intrinsic controls in Visual Basic programming language. It is important that you create a logical label that reflects the value of your listbox. The values are based on predefined lists and are read only values. Its graphics display is patterned with an ImageList control. After the listbox has been created and filled out. It allows users to see and select multiple values at one time. ." showing the choices in a box of any size and is scrollable. You should plan for the appropriate size or width to use. Listbox normally has a clickable checkbox interface.

4.69 How VB6 Arrays Differ from VB. the lowest bound array index that can be used. if 4 elements were declared as an array. The GetUpperBound method in VB.NET creators had to “homogenize” the arrays prior to becoming a part of the . 3.NET arrays starts from the element 0.NET Arrays When the VB. VB.NET is equivalent to the UBound statement in VB6. 2.NET Arrays were derived from the Array class in the System namespace. VB6 uses the old-fashioned functions like UBound(). By using initializer syntax described as brackets. the former being accessible by all . VB6 has the option of setting array index. it will have only 4 elements ranging from 0 to 3 unlike in VB6 there will be 5 elements declared as the range will be from 0 to 4 in the array. VB.GetUpperBound(0). it has become a controversial topic for many developers because the .NET was first introduced. The following are few differences between VB6 and VB. Visual Basic . In VB. An added feature in the VB. VB. The dimensionality of an array pertains to the .NET uses code like MyArray.NET arrays. Developers have made comparison on the performance of VB6 and VB.NET has no concept of fixed length arrays unlike VB6 where fixed length array can be declared.NET-enabled languages.NET arrays: 1. programmers can define a variable at the same time during array declaration.NET array is called the initializers.NET.NET framework.

Arrays make coding shorter and simpler. . you can specify up to 32 dimensions. which tend to reduce the use of repetitive code.70 number of index number used to identify each element. NET. The VB. In VB.NET array allows you to use built-in methods for sorting and searching.

the service pack version. Users are able to create programs just by learning few of its features. Of all the programming language. DSL or Cable. . There are other related download programs that maybe downloaded which provide updates to the VB version currently used. The User is given two options as to whether installation be done immediately or copy the download to the computer for later installation. date of publication. Instructions are provided on how to start the download. Windows ME.71 How to Get Visual Basic Download and Updates Visual Basic is a programming language considered as the fast and easy way to create programs for Microsoft Windows. It provides a brief description of the executable file to be downloaded and to include the file name. Windows 98. in order to start the downloading. which can be Windows 2000. download size and estimated download time if running on dial-up. Should user. decide to install immediately. or Windows NT. The Save or Save This Program should be selected if installation will be done later. VB has complete set of tools that help new Windows programmer simplify the software development. The programming language as developed by Microsoft’s has provided download executable files to almost all versions of VB. the Open or Run This Program button should be selected. VB is the most used language for it is user friendly. Windows 95. To download the Visual Basic program is to have a PC that runs Microsoft’s Operating Systems. language used. A download button is available on the Microsoft website for the user to click.

The system requirements to install the Express Edition would require the computer to be running under Microsoft Operating Systems either on Windows 2000. x64 or Vista. and free VB codes shared by VB users. there are free VB tutorials available which discuss the step by step in learning the VB language version. The Express Edition allows users to create programs within the . The VB program is a commercial product. that you can imagine the programming task it can accomplished. however. The Microsoft Developer Network provides a Guide Tour of learning and understanding the VB language. how to work with databases. XP. 2003. The Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition is available for users to download for free. free VB trial software which gives the user the feeling of how user friendly the program.72 Learning Visual Basics For Free The Visual Basic is the norm programming language since 1991. Other than Microsoft’s Guide Tour on VB 2008. a subset edition is available free while the full development environment must be bought. use forms and controls in order to create a user interface. and produce a user interface for a Windows Presentation Foundation application. Users are given free VB tips on finding and fixing errors by use of debugging tools. The Visual Basic language is so powerful. Because VB is the most common programming language used. and write and read text files using the File System etc.NET framework. . The program VB 2008 has the MSDN Express Library and the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. there are various free VB features that are made to users as well.

2. A specific element in an array would have an index number as reference. Index number by default starts from zero. A unique index number identified for each element of an array. The “Erase” statement allows a quick way in removing values from an array. . The number of elements in an array can be a fixed number or be re-adjusted dynamically. Visual Basic (VB) supports the array concept. 2. A change made on one element of an array will not affect the other elements. Arrays have different kinds and these are: 1. as a built-in data structure having the following features: 1. is a collection of cups. An array should be associated with a variable for referencing. 3. wherein each cup in the collection is able to hold same type of data and where every cup in the collection has the same name. 6. Control arrays refer to a collection of controls having the same name with an index as reference. The collection of data elements of the same data type can be stored in an array. 4. 5. To illustrate an array. Each cup has an element and a number assigned to it that shows its position within the collection.73 What Is a VB Array? An array is a collection of similar variables that contains finite number of elements and of which each has a common name and data type. Each element in an array has a unique index number. Variable arrays refer to a collection of variables having the same name with an index as reference.

. User Defined Arrays refer to a collection of variables having the same name with an index as reference and have multiple pieces of data for each element of the array.74 3.

2. It is the evolution of Microsoft's Visual Basic (VB) implemented on the Microsoft . While VB 6 includes limited support for object oriented design. It is Object-Oriented.NET is not backward compatible with VB 6. .NET) is a computer programming language that is object oriented. Some believed that Visual Basic. VB. It uses “objects” and these objects interact to design applications and computer programs. It has enhanced Event Driven.NET (VB.NET (VB. The code written in VB 6 will not compile using VB. VB. The following are some of characteristic traits of the Visual Basic. however it is not true. It is also referred as a multi-purpose programming language suitable for most development needs.NET framework.EventName clause. It has .NET Framework.NET becomes the successor.75 The VB.NET and its Characteristics The Visual Basic.NET.NET is the new incarnation of VB 7.NET) is a computer program language designed to be object oriented.NET: 1. VB. VB. Events are not recognized as a result of certain naming convention but are declared with a Handles ObjectName. The version 6 of Visual Basic is the last version and Visual Basic.NET includes a full blown support for object oriented concepts. NET is designed with Rapid Application Development which provides several tools that shortens development time. The event handlers has the capability of declaring runtime use of the AddHandler command.NET runs on Microsoft’s.NET framework. that allows full access within the framework of Microsoft’s supporting classes.Visual Basic . 3.

and enable access to the Internet. registry. and more. event log. . file system.NET class libraries.NET applications to communicate with databases.NET applications have access functionality in the . The Microsoft .76 VB .NET Framework consists of thousands of class libraries that allow Visual Basic . system information.

buttons. On the form window is a tool that is used to place controls such as text boxes. and DLL files primarily used in developing Windows applications and interfacing with web database systems. VB allows programmers to create simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications as well as develop complex applications. which makes easier for user to modify or customize the program without the need for writing many lines of codes. VB is a garbage collector that uses reference counting. It has default attributes. 5. VB was based from BASIC (Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) which provided nonscience students access to computers. It uses a style of computer programming wherein the flow of the program is determined through sensor outputs or through user actions such as mouse clicks. 3. VB is capable of creating executable (EXE files).77 Visual Basic and its Features Visual Basic (VB) is a third generation programming language developed by Microsoft in 1991. 2. etc. 6. It has a large library of utility and basic object oriented support . It is associated with Microsoft’s integrated development environment (IDE) used for its COM (Component Object Model) programming. The following are some features of VB: 1. and defined control actions. VB allows programmers to insert additional line codes for more functionality within the event handlers.ActiveX controls. 4. VB is considered as an event-driven program. key presses or message passing from other programs. VB has Dialog boxes that can be used to provide pop-up capabilities. VB forms are created using the drag and drop techniques.

Specifying the attributes to the supposed actions of those components for functionality. Of course these programs are not rudimentary. can be designed and created by the programmer without him having to compose long lines of program code. default attributes are already defined for the components. In this. the applications are not sacrificed at the altar of making it user-friendly. which is really something to be happy about as creating a program is now an average easier than before. more and more developers have started to include and develop other programs that can be utilized by inexperienced programmers. but what makes it different is its default attributes. and reliability in making applications. but helps and aids them in developing more complex applications as well.78 Microsoft Visual Basic: Programming is Easier Programming is known to be an area that requires special expertise. In these programs. . doing programming work in Visual Basic is done through a combination of visually arranging the components to a form. for as long as it’s simple. which is really like the other programs. And one of these programs is Visual Basic. Now a program. which has been designed to strike the proper balance between easy to learn and use. The Visual Basic’s language not only allows programmers to create simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications. and through time. which in effect brings down the timecost in the creation of programs.

79 Also. programming can now be easily taught to non-programmers in an easier manner and environment. as in the case of schools for example. with Visual Basic. .

And in using this. where all sorts of Information about Visual Basic can be asked and known. knowledge about other programs are also widened in such a way that programmers can generally discuss these in their own groups. place. the programmers even get to know more programmers and with this affiliation with others. In VB Access. and answered as fast as possible.80 VB Access: For the Queries to the Questions Visual Basic’s greatest achievement so far it that programs can be created easily with its use. answers are delivered at a much faster pace than a book does. In terms of usage. Just imagine the hassle of trying to find the correct solution in a book when the answer could be asked in the Internet. who have many questions about Visual Basic. the need for Information increases. And it is still evolving even more. it is also one of the most-used programs today. all programmers with queries and answers to these queries about Visual Basic can post them in this Website. and in that it has been very successful. This is an excellent Website to visit for people. which leaves something good for the tastes of its creators at Microsoft. It is like a worldwide friendship site. and it is even easier. and as more and more programmers start using Visual Basic to perform their programming needs in relative ease and convenience on their part. . This is why Visual Basic Access was created in the first In this Website.

and in this way. their topics are neatly posted in front.81 These groups. are like conference calls on the chat rooms. so using the VB Access is made even more convenient to use. .

which is a plus considering that programming skills are what programmers need to develop as quickly as possible in this fast changing world. records and graphics. To make it even more convenient. In terms of use. there are still others that come at a fee. from the mere adding and to the deletion of printing. These database projects also contain three separate and different programs meant solely for the use of the programmer.82 VB Database: Training through Database Projects There are of course many Visual Basic database projects that’ll sure to help any programmer in increasing his effective use of the program. as it has been designed as such. these programs show and explain the more advanced uses of Visual Basic with its databases. there are even programs that seek to help the inexperienced programmers in their quest to master the program. the difference will be seen. and this is what they need to excel in this program. . these products are considered free. mastering it is still hard for some. There are even many programs to choose from in this database projects. which may seem as unsophisticated and too simple to even improve one’s talents in programming. These projects also include the explanations about the data bound controls. On another note. all include the use of the Data Access Object (DAO). in which topics to be covered. as well as the well-known ActiveX Data Object (ADO). And though Visual Basic may be an easy program to use. and while some may be free. but with increase usage of these projects.

83 In this. choosing the best possible program will help in the decision-making process of which program to try out. .

there is no doubt that it is something that will be present in the future of computers even more. but clearly automation is better than manual functions. it would allow the user to start actions automatically without going through the user interface. In this. In this automation process in Excel. Excel was made famous because of its automation process. virtually every action to be done would be encoded into Visual Basic and from that point on. nearly everyone says. In this time. the program would be the one to run the necessary Excel application. In saying this. of course except human error. In this case Visual Basic would start to programmatically move and control Excel as well as other applications if the right codes are encoded. is that it is a company that continues to provide support and upgrades to its programs. In this way. which can still be improved with the use of Visual Basic. it would be really correct. which is another Microsoft creation. Microsoft Excel is known as one of the most well known Microsoft creations in existence today. Now the automation process allows the applications that have been written in languages such as Visual Basic to control the other applications upon the insertion of the necessary code. . there is nothing that could go wrong.84 VB Excel: Automatic is better than Manual With the good thing about Microsoft. In its easy use and user-friendly atmosphere.

but with patience and enough practice. . he can succeed in it. it is just as important for a person to understand both Visual Basic and Excel to do this automation.85 To wit.

it is a tricky sequence. where most gadgets introduced into the market are generally items that could do a lot for things for its owners. but with guides. if ever a programmer wanted to know if his string contained the symbol that he wanted to appear. to determine the strings as well as their location.86 VB Instr: Finding the String? In making the best possible computer program. And in today’s needs. In this. he would definitely have to use the InStr method. Take for example Visual Basic. Of course at first glance. as well as utilize it in as many applications. Though one of the hard points within Visual Basic is called String Position. it’s really doable. this could be mastered through practice. it is very important to have it designed in a way that the user’s could understand its functions as fast as possible. while still retaining its relatively user-friendly status. which is in turn called position. and because of this the method returns a number to the programmer. as well as Website aids. Now the InStr method uses as an integer variable. and while this string may be inside another. In this method. This is a tricky part in Visual Basic. but with books. which is also named as the InStr method. . the programmers are presented by string variables that tell them all about the position of one string from another. which is flexible enough to be used in many other programs and applications. This number ultimately signifies where the string is located. as well as example.

But for those who are just starting to do programming and are relatively “innocent” enough. For expert programmers. . In fact. for them Visual Basic will be very easy. Visual Basic 2005 is apt-enough to offer incentives for those who may want upgrades. it is advisable that they buy books about Visual Basic 2005.87 VB 2005: From Books to Incentives And though Visual Basic is considered to be an easy program to use. These benefits may be in the form “test driving” the software itself to just try it out. In fact. which is a program that is far from going into obscurity. Far from it. experienced enough in the creation of programs. it’s easier to use than the old programs and as they’re already. Visual Basic is explained as thoroughly as using them will be very easy. more or less. mastering it is another matter. these are attractive reasons. especially when considering the hours spent in discovering something any programmer with a book would’ve discovered in minutes. Books can help in a huge way. With these books. it is already a perfect way to train oneself to develop a prowess in Visual Basic. which generally revolve around the fact that Visual Basic is easier to use. it looks as if the program itself is about to go into greater heights. and while Microsoft has eventually relinquished its support for Visual Basic 6 program. as well as a great hands-on workloads or projects that’ll help in the long way to develop one’s perception and expertise in Visual Basic 2005. as well as other benefits in purchasing the upgrades.

HTML is generally known as one of the oldest and widelyused programming software. it has a far simpler way of doing things. nearly everyone knows how to speak. is still taught to students because of its functions. And with its use. and this helps in learning and using the other program codes like Visual Basic. Visual Basic is just like the improved version of the old HTML. another factor that affects the relative ease in its use is the fact that programmers generally speak in English when conversing amongst themselves so the flow of Information about Visual Basic is generally in English making VB Access as easy as possible. To think of it. Now Visual Basic’s program Codes are also set in English. HTML. which has been based by Microsoft on the HTML language. which every programmer as well as school student with computer classes on programming are already be familiar with. which makes mastery of HTML look as if mastering the basics. Visual Basic also allows the programmers to add formatting on their messages in the relatively same way as the venerable HTML does. Though. like having a far simpler syntax. which for the most part of the globe. in all its simplicity. More than one program was derived from it. and its application in Visual Basic speak wonders as to the benefits of using them.88 VB Code: Improved Form of the HTML One of the easiest aspects of Visual Basic is its use of the English language. . and these codes are a set of tags.

as it will never break the pages’ layouts being viewed and examined. which makes detecting programming mistakes easier. .89 It is also user-friendly.

Visual Basic 5. which is for the inexperienced.0 was made even easier. the Standard. On the year 1994. while creating a lot more different and additional application for a wide variety of uses. as its programming environment was relatively more user-friendly. .0. The programming speed was also improved.0 to 5. and it was in effect a better program upgrade so-to-speak. shifting from 4.0 Of the year 1992.0 was launched during the year 1998. In this. and it simply shows improvements in a lot of areas of concern. predictably for the fullpledged programmers. and soon thereafter because of the rave reviews and increasing demand from users for an improved program because of incompatibility with most computers.0 was still considered as the innovative version. as well as increasing the user’s control over his program with custom-made codes for user controls. which at that time was labeled as Visual Basic 1.90 VB Date: From 1. Microsoft first released to the buying public Visual Basic.0 was released. And at the end of the line of Visual Basic upgrades.0 was released with two versions for the public to choose from. 3. while forms soon became the foundational concepts of the class modules of the Visual Basic 4. And for general two-years lull in releasing.0.0 to 6. and Professional. It was sold to the public in 1992. 6.0 was offered to the public at 1995.0 was eventually released to the buying public. and soon it became pretty evident that the long wait was indeed wellcompensated for with the newer and innovative changes within the program itself. and while Visual Basic 4. Visual Basic 3. 2.

not to mention increases the user’s control over nearly every aspect of the host application. and some of these are MapPoint and Visio.91 VB for: Automated Applications There are many reason why Visual Basic is considered as one of the must-have computer programs. This design in programming is in fact revolutionary as it is able to expand the capabilities of earlier applications on macro programming languages like WordBasic. And this makes using them as easy as possible. and for Microsoft Office applications for 2004 it has been designed to work in tandem. . the rest is just a piece of cake. As for other programs developed by Apple for example. In this scheme of applications programmers can now create and design custom solutions using Visual Basic. Visual Basic is also able to link up with its program in order to automate it as well. All the user has to do is effectively understand how each program works and with knowledge of it. of course. the programs are in great consonance with each other that they could really work towards automation with special effort from Visual Basic. and one of these is that Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). In this. Of course. there are also other Microsoft-designed programs other than Office and some of these are also in consonance with Visual Basic. which is an integration of Visual Basic with other Microsoft Office applications like Word and Excel.

92 In a practical sense. Visual Basic can also enable the user to use data from Excel and transfer these to Word. . which saves up time and effort as Visual Basis for applications (VBA) has been designed to be as flexible as possible making it one of the jewels in Microsoft.

It doesn’t even matter if the programmer includes other lines of code to the block. will continue on with the process and as the name itself says. for as long as it is an infinite. will never end. The question lies of course in how a long block of code could continue to a looping. which will command the program to a stop. change the variable used in the condition. which creates the loop's condition to stay true. there is always a code language that extends to long texts and numbers. If he doesn’t put a command on it. And throughout this process. finally breaking the loop. . This block of programming code eventually keeps on repeating itself for as long as there is the order from the programmer in the form of “Do While”. In doing the “Do While” loop. and any deletion on any part can always affect the system. but what must be remembered is that the block of programming code must. as if doesn’t the program created would. and it will. the case for as long as its condition is true. the loop. in a way. Visual Basic moves on to continue the execution of statements as long as condition is true.93 VB Loop: True or False/Execute and Terminate As in every computer program. which is to say. the condition itself would eventually turn out false. the programmer can always solve this by pressing Ctrl+Break. When this infinite loop happens. continue on its course by becoming what programmers call an “infinite loop”.

the loop will eventually terminate itself. . Though. the condition is false. if in the beginning. there will be no execution of the program.94 and once it becomes false.

and manipulate the data enclosed on it either by numerical index or by subscripting method. At some point. Every program that we know. Arrays are such a useful feature in a programming language. Arrays in Visual Basic are by default zero-based. This means that the array’s index on the first element is defaulted to zero. control. It is for this reason that almost programming languages are relatively incorporating the array function as one of their features. The arrays used in Visual Basic are categorized into two: the linear array which is composed of one or singular dimension – known as single dimensional array – and the other one. . The multi-dimensional array is then sub-categorized into two classes: the rectangular arrays where the member of every array of dimension is being extended on the other dimension bearing the same length. Array is one of the fundamental constructs used by programmers when they would like to store. was built using the arrays. the jagged array on the other hand is a multi-dimensional array in which the length size of the declared array can variably differ. arrays help a programmer lessen the burden of thinking longer procedures to complete an action. consisting of more than one array – known as the multi-dimensional array.95 What are Arrays in VB? When you are a programmer either on an intermediate level or higher. the concept about array is one required concept that you need to understand. The use of arrays is best manifested when the program that you are creating would be compacted or shortened. one way or the other. retrieve.

96 Choosing in Between C and VB If you are a programmer. specifically the Visual Basic. Visual Basic was able to respond to this problem. With Visual Basic people can get to program as powerful as the one that was created using C but with fewer procedures and routines. the established C language known to be very powerful because of its OOP capacity or Object Oriented Programming or the Visual Basic which is gaining huge followers because of its flexibility and its COM capacity or Component Object Model? C Language according to many is a more dependable and trusted programming language because of the reliability and data integrity that it has. many people still see and think that these languages have varied strengths and weaknesses that will allow them choose which one serves well the need of the user. as time passes by and new products are being out in the market. Visual Basic on the other hand is a software that is gaining high popularity in the market due to the many features and the ease of use that it possesses. Many programmers are exhausted with highly complicated routines and procedures in order to make a program. The battle between C and Visual Basic may soon be over because of the similar platforms that these two are employing on their newest releases. This is the reason why a lot of people are turning their heads into using the Visual Basic software rather than C language. However. more and more people are shifting their interest onto the newest ones. However. . which would you rather choose to use.

Everything is a drag and drop away for them. A table is a feature where the user can place into an organized manner all of his entries making it look like more of a matrix. One of the major problems of the earlier programming languages is the difficulty in task to create a procedure called table. a hundreds of procedural calls and functions are needed in order to complete a single line data table. Unlike with the earlier programming languages.97 Manipulating DataTable Function in VB Net One of the more commonly used features in an application software is the table. This added feature of the VB Net is a milestone that a lot of other programming languages of the decade are trying to emulate. Programmers who use the VB Net are happy to experience the manner that a data table is created using VB Net. The DataTable which is a virtual representation of a series of data is allowed to be created using some of the prominent functions and properties of the VB Net. . the need to create a data table is no longer a heavy burden for most users. For this reason. the use of the table has been predominantly working like the ones that are present in any application software. the creation of a data table is never that hard and difficult. Visual Basic Net has the capability that allows us to come up with a table at an instant manner. In Visual Basic Net. This function is normally used in majority of activities. The variable types defined in the Object-Link-Embed database of the VB plus the data sets.

Microsoft developed the first VB Net Express and was formally launched as the VB Net Express 2005. In Visual basic Programming. the main features include the Edit and Continue function – this is potentially the most crucial component of VB that is not present on it – where you can potentially modify the code and resume immediately on the execution of the program.98 Exploring VB Net Express Programming is like a ladder. The VB Net Express 2008 on other hand is the offshoot of the 2005. Part of the VB Net Express 2005. there is this feature where usage of the keyword is implemented simplifying the utility in the use of the object. You will need to take the first step in order for you to successfully move up to the last step of the ladder. . Formidable in the newly added feature is the replacement of the IIF function with true ternary operator and the support for the LINQ technology and the Lambda expressions. It also contains the expression evaluation with the design time – another crucial and important feature of the VB Net Express. more and more features have been added up to make full functionality on the Visual Basic Net. Above all these. This VB Net Express 2005 comprises of modularized method of learning the fundamental and intricate things about programming in VB Net. With the VB Net 2008. there is this we call as beginner’s language. It has a step-by-step approach that allows for the learner to easily comprehend and understand the theories and concepts about how to program using VB Net Express 2005.

The functionalities of string and the way we manipulate it is very much needed in majority of software applications. formatted. when strings are applied using the VB Net language. String in VB Net are characterized basically the same as the strings in other programming languages. Any programmer would agree that learning the fundamental in and out of string manipulation and control is a solid foundation that one needs to master. be it numeric or an alphabet. .they can be concatenated. or any database software like Visual Foxpro. a lot of VB Net enthusiasts are playing it seriously when it comes to learning the varied VB Net methods and functions most especially string manipulation in VB Net. a string. For this reason. a string is a set of value that can be manipulated -. padded. Apparently. In Visual Basic Net. a programmer will not have so much problems understanding and employing it when he is familiar with any programming language such as C. A string is a variable type or method that allows a programmer to input data on the storage variable based on the classified data type – in this case. and compared. encrypt. you will then have the solid and vital skills to build strong and robust applications. C++. Should you posses the ability to efficiently utilize the VB Net functionality.99 Understanding the Strings in VB Net A programming language or a software development program normally requires a handful of variable and method types as part of their programming syntax to make sure that necessary actions are performed and done correctly. String is a combination of any character. copied.

The VBScript which comes as a preinstalled program file in every Microsoft operating system is part of the Microsoft Windows Script Technology. The purpose is to make to it possible for an HTML code to work with the DOM page. These VBscripts were actually launched in the year 1996. However.100 Dissecting the VB Scripting The Visual Basic Script or the VB Script is the Microsoft developed active scripting language that is primarily used in a Visual Basic program. . One major note. The injection of a Jscript code onto an HTML will allow for an interaction with Document Object Model page. The Visual Basic Script is very similar and closely related JScripting of the Java Script. basically being utilized by web designers and developers. To date. there are no new functionalities that are added on to the VB Script since the year of 2007. As the years go by. VBScript continue to grow and has gained so much followers. the new OS platforms that are being released are making sure that Jscripts VBScripts are compatibly read over these pre-installed browsers that come with the operating system. HTML alone cannot perform the interaction. when using the Visual Basic Script you will have to remember that the scripts are not compatibly read over a Firefox or an Opera browser. It grew rapidly that the need for enhancements and modifications were rushly felt by the inclusions and embedding of various and different features and functions. Javascripts are scripts used to inject or embed functions on a hypertext mark up language code.

how do we prevent slowing down the whole process caused by strings? You can start with using the null value or 0 instead of using the open and closed double quotes. a programmer will have so many ways on how to better handle a string. however. these are not basically for speeding up the whole process. Some programmers make full utility of the various string control functions on Visual Basic to make sure that necessary ways are being undertaken to speed up the whole process of executing the program. When a Visual Basic program starts testing and executing parts it the use open and closed double quotes slows down the process of execution. Or you can rather make an assignment of a nullstring on your variable instead of just leaving it with an open and closed double quote. So. Fortunately.101 How to Handle VB Strings Effectively What are strings in Visual Basic? A string in Visual Basic is a way to identify the kind of input that you can actually place on a variable. with Visual Basic. There are powerful ways on how a programmer can manipulate and operate the strings. For a Visual Basic programmer. . The use of the null value such as zero makes the whole process a lot expeditious. Although there are so many varieties that can be used to control the string. it is very essential that he know how to effectively handle strings on a program in order for the program to have optimal speed and eliminate potential danger and problem in the program execution.

he or she could no longer resort to requesting a CD from Microsoft. the Visual Basic that we are actually using is a further enhanced version sharing some of the more highlighted features that it possesses. but because it has the multi-platform capability to create web based applications. it is relatively older at this time because of the latest and updated versions that were released. The VB 6.0 version may have received quite a few number of drawbacks due to bugs and design errors. the visual portion of the Visual basic language was derived from the interface generator of the Ruby programming language which was combined with the Omega dbase system of the Microsoft Company. the VB 6. it has continued to soar high in the market.0 CD installers.102 Learning the Simplicity of Visual Basic 6. Now. Although.0 software.0.0 is one of the best selling versions that Visual Basic had. Microsoft has deemed it necessary to stop the production of VB 6. there are still a lot of programmers that choose to use and employ VB 6.0 has gained many followers because of the ease of use that it has. Now.0. as the VB 6.0 is reaching its sunset due to the many numbers of new and updated versions. we may find it trivial to know that the first Visual Basic language that was invented and sold in the market was actually a fusion of two important software pillars – the Ruby programming language and the Basic Language. In fact. The VB 6.0 If we are to look at the history of Visual Basic 6. Significantly. Should a user wish to make use of the VB 6. .

These codes are the building blocks of any programming language. In Visual Basic. Snippet Code for Databases is a code used for manipulating and controlling large tasks that involve records and files. . These snippet codes are fundamentally useful to Visual Basic because they can perform so many when applied in programming. The Visual Basic software is composed of more than a hundred of snippet codes and they are categorized in so many things. b. there are called snippet codes which are readily used over and over. Snippet Code for Collections is a code that is used for the creation and properly locating and sorting elements and groups of arrays. These codes can perform customizing a box or a circle to creating a code on how to send an e-mail or incorporate the use of application software in the program itself. c. Snippet Code for Crystal Reports is a code that is used for setting proper parameters for reports and how to properly configure access to data report. codes are the fundamental things that any programmer or a programming enthusiast should learn to appreciate to study and master.103 Visual Basic Codes: How to Better Understand Them In the world of programming. d. Snippet Code for Applications is a code that is used for managing processes and applications concerning consoles. The following are just some of them and where they are used for: a. This code is very functional when the program involves high volume of databases.

but these are just some of the more important ones and Visual Basic codes continue to grow and expand in number.104 There are quite a few more number of snippet codes. .

The Visual Basic Net has raised so many controversies and issues while new releases are being taken on the market. One major drawback that VB Net has been found to have possessed is the difficulty and intricacy of compiling and decompiling the Visual Basic Net source code.1. the Visual Basic Net 2003 or the VB 7. Many Visual Basic followers who have tried and used the Visual Basic Net have long time complaints and issues with the Visual Basic Net because apparently. these versions of VB Net that were released are hot topics for debate because they seem to be considered just as the other versions of the Visual Basic software. the Visual Basic 2005 Express.105 Understanding the Dominion of Visual Basic Net The Visual Basic net or the VBNET is an evolution software that came from the more popular Visual Basic implementations of Microsoft using the NET structure and framework. the Visual Basic 2005 or the VB 8 version. and the VBx or the Visual Basic 10. However. the new features of the VB Net are not working as designed and have not become at par with the Visual Basic software features.0. this aspect remains to be no longer an essential debatable point. the Visual Basic 2008 or the VB 9. VB Net converter and translator is not capable of interpreting and translating all forms of codes that the Visual Basic software can translate.0. Apparently. According to its users. The Visual Basic NET versions released as of November 2007 were classified to be the Visual Basic NET or the VB 7. .

C# and Visual Basic may tend to have more differences but their underlying structure has been captured and embedded from the same point of origin. it is only mostly because of the support of legacy embossed in the language. there are additional integral classifications that are found in C# notable of which are ulong and sbyte to name a few. with the so many similarities and differences that C# and Visual Basic has. This may sound very simple and “irrelevant” but in the world of programming. For one. . fundamental of which. a whole lifetime would not be enough to have all things covered. this kind of a more liberal syntax can sometimes bring in more danger and headaches to most programmers because this is often the source of committed errors in the program. However. In terms of the variable identifiers. The C# actually resembles Visual basic so much. but incidentally. the C# allows multiple lines when putting comments whereas the Visual Basic does not. This characteristic may sound good to some.106 How are C# and VB Different and Similar? When one would freely discuss about C# and Visual Basic. in fact. While the Visual Basic software allows for shortcut in syntax when C# does not. There are a lot of things that C# has on it that Visual Basic does not have. comments play so vital in the structure. as these two programs continue to evolve. one compiled manuscript would be enough to suffice it. separate identities have been sharply developed.the BASIC language. The structure of the Visual Basic software was lifted from the very origin of C# -.

Along with the arraylist. More to that.107 How Effective and Efficient VB Net ArrayLists are? When talks about efficiency and effectiveness of a programming language. an arraylist can generally provide a collection of different and varied functions that can perform numerous functions. The powerful feature of arraylist is effectively and efficiently added on many programming languages and is found to functioning perfectly with VB Net. it is tantamount to asking the question as to how broad and powerful the functions and features that a programming language has. manipulate. thus suited for many and diverse uses. A collection feature allows a programmer to control. there is what we call as class. and delete entities or objects from the list of array. . Logically. An arraylist is a pictorial representation of a huge and dynamic sized and index based collection of entities and objects. a class can be best represented by a group of people that are combined and collected together to perform a specific function. A class will allow any programmer to perfectly add. embed. VB Net Arraylist is one function that will allow a programmer to do and perform collection. As effective programmer. One of the more dominant and useful feature that programmers look into a language is the capability of it to make full utility of collections in a program. he or she must be able to come up with varied plans in order to perform an action. Visual Basic Net as a programming language is fully aware of the need that a programmer requires. and manage several groups of entities or objects.

minute and so many others. There are systems or programs that basically require the use of the systems clock but apparently. As for the method to be used. the operating system’s clock has its own platform to follow thus make it difficult for the programmers to easily “borrow” the system clock and embed it on the program. These properties will then require the exact method to employ to make sure that the correct and precise attribute will appear on the program. month. The date method in VB Net will allow for the programmer to determine and complement the date and time of the system onto the program itself.108 Working on the Method called VB Net Date Generally of programs that are created involve the use of the date and time method. or add hours to add specific hours to the date property. To potentially resolve this. the makers of the VB Net has come up with the Date function that will allow for the date. Some of the properties that VB Net Date use are day of year property. . the VB Net has thought about including on the VB Net date attributes so many time and day bound attributes to serve the purposes and needs of the users. time. time of day. day. and day attributes of the systems be utilized in consonance with the program. The Date method of the VB Net generally allows for a programmer to have an instant time and day onto its program when this structure is employed. the following can be employed: add a day if you wish to perform an action of adding the value of the specific time span to the date value. To make it more functional. hours.

Although admittedly. .109 A Method Called VB Net Split In programming. there are a hundreds of thousands of ways that you can use for a particular action to be performed. The VB Net developers have potentially seen the powerful use of this method to a lot of programmers. some of these should need further digging and researching before you can finally realize their existence. it shall be made readily available. there is a variable method that a lot of programmers are keen to using at. There will be an instance in your programming career when you will be faced with a problem on how to separate a single line of strings into a particular number of lines of texts. This string method is capable of allowing a user to slice a series or lines of text strings and place each entity into another method – the array. the ability of the programming language to perform a seemingly impossible action is beyond reach. In VB net. This method of variable is termed as the VB Net Split. Separating each string would then mean splitting the line of text into different lines. still. However. The solution to this kind of a problem is to employ the Split method in the VB Net.an extended feature that works similarly like the split. It is for this reason that they have come up and developed the Enhanced VB Net Split variable method . This is quite simple for an idea and truly very simple to encode. by separating it. you will need to make sure that each entity is properly secured and stored so that anytime the program will be calling on the next entity.

People who are experts in the field and people who are merely enthusiasts share knowledge and insights about topics that revolve. Threads or forum threads are some of the exceptional sources of information and the more up-to-date ones. There are people who merely post and shout a specific question or inquiry and from there a thread will evolve. With these threads. you can actually learn and adapt new techniques about to better program using the VB platform. There are threads or forums which are privately owned and there are some which are not. Although. of course with Visual Basic net. the whole concept of the thread is geared towards effective dissemination of information to all who are directly or indirectly impacted. there are information that seemingly are irrelevantly posted due to mismanaged monitoring. but nevertheless. But what is important about these threads is the fact that they are enormous repositories of quality and excellent information. . I would say that these are potentially useful sites for people to use. As a thread user. There are designated people who monitor and maintain a thread and there are some threads which are being maintained by the mother site.110 VB Net Thread: A Good Source of Information and Updates Just when you thought you need more and more information and updates about Visual Basic Net and you thought about running thru the site threads that are scattered all over the net. Tied-up answers to the questions begin to come out until a common knowledge is achieved out of the concepts and insights provided. Threads are all over the Internet.

Its primary applications are focused in relational database management systems or commonly termed as RDBMS. Schema Creation and Manipulation. . with the looks of it. The SQL will allow for the programmer to effectively control and manipulate all database related functions and procedures. When you link Structured Query Language with Visual Basic. Standard Query Language in itself is a known powerful database query manager language that a lot of database programmers have enjoyed using and applying in most of their programming stints. The integrated development environment that Visual Basic possesses becomes the interface for both the SQL and the VB functions to happen all at the same time. you could just imagine how unimaginable the power of Structured Query Language is. the features are just ultimately superimposed. While the SQL is at full force working its way towards effectively manipulating the database. Now.111 VB SQL and its underlying prowess It is quite unimaginable having to combine two of the most powerful methods in a single function – Standard/Structured Query Language and Visual Basic. Having all these mentioned and said. SQL as a database software has an unequalled power in terms of database management and control. when you combine these powers of SQL with Visual Basic. However. looking into it deeper. there is a greater amount of simplifying the procedures that will make use of the database applications. these two have indeed been fused and amalgamated into a single function – the VB SQL. the Visual Basic language on the other hand allows for the right “portal” for all these things to happen. and dbase object and access control management.

The P-code is the code that is being translated or interpreted virtually by the machine that results into a more portable code and potentially smaller code file size. that so many fearful speculations about the very sensational Y2K virus have been ramping up in all IT enthusiasts. The Visual Basic 6 is an offshoot of the Visual Basic 5 version. It was in 1998. More to the feature of the 6. Although the Visual Basic 6 is a newer version. The drawback of the P-code is rather tolerable but the P-code primarily slows down the executing process because there is an added layer of code that is needed to be interpreted or translated.0 is known to have missed this very essential feature that a lot of version 6 users have found to be incredibly hot and functional. Some of the more notable improvement that VB 6 has is the capability of the 6 version to create and develop applications that are web-based by nature.0 it has the capability of interpreting and compiling the source code into either the native compilation mode or in what was the previous versions are doing the Pseudo code. it still manifests the primary characteristics of all the other versions of Visual Basic. . Its underlying facet is still anchored from ease and relevance in use. There have been quite a number of improvements that were potentially seen on the newer version.112 Visual Basic 6: What is it? The Visual Basic 6 has come into existence in the middle part of the year 1998 when the information technology was at the verge of its being over hyped. The prior version. the version 5.

made it possible for the VB users to create executable files that are necessary to easily launch a software. there is a more simplified and clarified source code building in the 2005 version of Visual Basic employing new and clearer keywords on it. more Active X controls which is becoming the real trend in programming. These ActiveX controls. The new Visual Basic 2005 has been predominantly used by many software developers because of the capability of this to catch and use the Active X controls feature. the Visual Basic 2005 finally came out in the market. although present in the other version of the VB versions. the Visual Basic software evolved into what it is right now for Microsoft’s Component Object Model programming – a well designed standard of interface for Microsoft’s software components. It was in 1991 that the term Visual Basic was formally used to coin the term that we know right now. Primary of the new features is the newly enhanced IDE or Integrated Development Environment that it has where added VB functions and easier interfaces have been integrated into the new package of VB 2005. Visual Basic 2005 has many new features to offer. In addition.113 Visual Basic 2005 and its Evolution Visual Basis or VB is a programming software that was developed and manufactured by the world’s leader in software solutions – the Microsoft. . Visual Basic 2005 is an offshoot of the many Visual Basic versions beginning with the very first created one known as the Thunder. After years of releasing the other versions of the Visual Basic Programming language. and incorporate more DLLs or dynamic link libraries. Purposively.

The foundation that you have on your BASIC . Primarily. As for the device. it would be a lot easier for you to create a program using the VB Express. the mere fact that this VB version is able to help so many neophytes in the field of programming. Windows NT. Microsoft saw this event as a way to help other people by building the super easy to learn programming software. This has brought so many people’s interest into programming and software development. The concept of the Visual basic Express is anchored from the event that transpired way back. When you have enough background in BASIC programming. While for many people. and Windows Vista. Visual Basic Express is deemed fundamentally basic and primary.114 Visual Basic Express: Learning it fast and easy The domination of engineering software has evolved fully and was critically highlighted during the time when the 2000 virus that threatened the whole world of potential computer shutdown was exaggeratedly being discussed and debated. it can work on some of the major released operating systems provided for by Microsoft such as the Windows XP SP2. The Visual Basic Express is a software that was designed to work with several platforms of operating systems and devices. Windows 2000. people have an easy way to learn and understand programming. With the Visual Basic Express. as long as you can install and run the compatible operating system. then it is by no means to be called as fundamental and basic. then the software – Visual Basic Express – can then be downloaded and installed on the device.

115 programming can help you lessen the burden of familiarizing yourself with the basic constructs in programming. .

the mere fact that their objective lies on the same perspective. At some point.116 The Jeopardy of a Worm VB In the world of information technology. The VB Worm although identified by its name as worm type is actually a worm. A PC worm differs in the manner they infect a PC resource because a worm does not a host in order for it destroy. Although these two menaces of the PC may have varying ways on how they populate and “grow”. Although. The Worm VB is known worm type that basically infests and destroys visual basic files and programs. Worm VB has been discovered to be infesting some users in the first quarter of the year 2007. the capacity to infect and destroy PC resources is relatively low. on the other hand. A worm is by no means different with a virus because a worm is being created to potentially harm the PC resources just like the virus. A virus. the Worm VB is taking the alias of F-Secure or Kaspersky or Grisoft. it is in fact more likely to be characterizing the virus type. . the industry has been plagued for the longest time with problems and issues that concern malicious destruction caused by a worm. though. requires a host file and piggybacks from the host and can only start destroying PC resources when the host has been activated where it is piggybacked. it is still considered as one of the more celebrated worm names in the year 2007. In some instances. these two then are basically the same. A computer worm is a highly technical term that most often people do not understand clearly.

thus the Visual basic express for kids course is offered. Covering these 10 chapters will teach the kids to learn how to build a VB Express Windows application. Various VB Express editions are designed and made available for people attempting to learn programming language. This course mainly serves as an introduction to computer programming among kids enabling them to gain an interactive and self-paced learning of a new Visual Basic Express programming atmosphere. toolbox. is when VB Express has been principally developed for kids’ learning. Specifically. project designing. a card game. The Visual basic Express for kids course is intently designed and offered to be understandable among kids with age range of 10 and up.117 Reinforcing kids’ visual interest and skills through VB Express tutorial course Visual basic (VB) Express was initially developed particularly among beginners in computer programming. such as a drawing program. There is certainly no programming expertise . and other more elements of basic computer programming language. guessing game. Students will be learning about VB Express menus items. A notable progress however. Various fun activities. which are written in simple and easy-to-follow terms. Tic-Tac-Toe. and other simpler video games are also included. the Visual basic Express for kids tutorial include discussion of 10 chapters. This VB Express tutorial for kids attempt to help out kids learn how to use the basic concepts and principles of VB Express to create Windows applications. Each VB Express version would have its distinct features compared to other available editions.

unlimited access for support. However. The Visual basic Express for kids currently sells around US$20. Taking up the full course would include a course fee.00 with additional promo items included .118 level nor experience required. and consultation via e-mail. kids should be at least familiar with some common tasks carried out when using Windows.


Understanding the concept of VB class
Visual basic (VB) is an event-driven programming language that uses the Microsoft Windows platform. It is an objectorient application development wherein all involved procedures are called automatically when an end user clicks the mouse, selects menu items, moves objects on the screen, and others more. Visual basic essentially serves as a tool, which enables a certain user to create windows with elements (e.g., text boxes, list boxes, menus, command and option buttons, scroll bars, etc.). Moreover, a visual basic makes use of graphical user interface (GUI) in creating these particular programs or applications. GUI is used to create powerful and robust programs or applications. This user interface specifically uses illustrations for text that enables a user to work with an application. The GUI feature makes possible an easier and quicker comprehension or understanding of things. One of the integral components of an entire programming language is a VB class. It is the formal characterization of an object and the template from which an example of an object is created. The class is mainly created to defined properties and methods. Moreover, a VB class is best explained by three significant concepts. These three important concepts include: (1) a subclass capable of inheriting some, if not all of a class characteristics, (2) a subclass that is also capable to defining its own methods and variables not part of the parent class, and (3) class hierarchy, which involves a class structure and its subsclasses.


Lastly, a single class entails a lot of terminology. Initially, a VB class can be identified either by equivalent names, such as a parent class, superclass, or base class. A new class could either way have child class or subclass as names.


What is a VB format?
Visual basic (VB) is defined as a third-generation eventdriven programming language that uses the Microsoft Windows platform. All programs that are produced using Visual Basic would appear and function like customary Windows programs. Visual basic uses GUI in creating these particular programs or applications. A graphical user interface (GUI) is used in creating these powerful and robust programs or applications. The GUI specifically uses illustrations for text, which allows a user to interact or work with an application. This GUI feature enables easier and quicker comprehension or understanding of things. Generally, visual basic serves as a tool, which enables a certain user to create windows with elements, such as text boxes, list boxes, menus, command and option buttons, scroll bars, among others. It essentially applies a standard format particularly in formatting user-defined styles or output. The customary format is: Format(number, "user's format"). For instance, a format(1234.5,"0") indicates rounded off numbers to a whole number thus an output equivalent to 1234. On the other hand, a format(0.657,"0.0%") signifies that numbers are converted to percentage with decimal places therefore a 65.7% equivalent output. A format(12345.6789,"#,##0.00") signifies rounded off numbers to two decimal places with separators between thousands, which is an equivalent output of 12,345.68. Lastly, a Format(12345.6789,"$#,##0.00") indicates a dollar sign shown and rounded off numbers to two decimal places with separators between thousands therefore a $12,345.68 equivalent output.

). ..122 In general. etc. Specifically. rounded. converted. a format in visual basic is a significant function that is used in formatting customized output or styles.g. A visual basic (VB) format mainly provides a standard format for every set of used numbers (e. a format basically provides structure of a layout or style.

such as OLE (Object linking and embedding). Lastly. This process basically allows communications between dynamic objects. on the other hand. which are core concept in OOP (Objectoriented programming). OLE is a Microsoft owned standard distributed object system that handles compound documents and transmit data among applications through copy/cut and paste. Specifically. and . which are AddRef. is used in describing the connection between significant elements.) Lastly. and drag and drop techniques.. which was created by Microsoft. DCOM. IUnknown particularly defines its three functions.g. IUnknown is the basic interface in a COM’s case. the occurring communications is resulted or created in any specified programming language that supports VB COM. in the context of a software development jargon. OLE automation. ActiveX or ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) is an API (Application Programming Interface) founded on OLE DB technology. The COM. mail messages. Apparently.123 VB COM: Define The Visual basic (VB) Component object model (COM) is defined as a Microsoft integrated software platform that was developed and has been around since 1993. Release. Access database. and ActiveX. interfaces. ActiveX essentially facilitates access of data from various data formats (e. is a series of Microsoft concepts and program interfaces by which a client program object can call for services from another computer’s server program object in an active network. various SQL supporting databases. serve as the COM’s central model. clipboard. etc. Interfaces also represent the design by contract principle. DCOM (Distributed component object model) technology. COM+. COM+ is fundamentally an extension of COM. Word documents.

124 QueryInterface. The QueryInterface. . in contrast. the AddRef and Release are responsible in controlling the reference count of a certain COM object. Among these three functions. enables the end user to discover other possible interfaces that a given object carries out.

.. If VB finds an accurate “Case Else” statement or a match for that matter. the user may test each statement on whether a condition that is being considered: (1) can either be true or false. (2) has various values of an expression. or (3) has various exceptions that are generated.. whereas the “Select” statement is used in evaluating a single expression only once and for every comparison that is carried out. Thus.Then. The “Select…Case” statements can essentially be used as an option to the “If.. VB can execute the respective code adhering to the “End Select” statement. the “Select…Case” is used to evaluate performance rating approved through Function method. The “If” and “ElseIf” statements can be used to evaluate a different expression in each statement. were carried out. A “Case” statement can include either multiple values. At any rate. any number of “Case” statements may be acquired with either an inclusion or omission of a “Case Else” statement. Concluding with an example. Specifically. VB significantly compares the values in the “Case” statements over the value of the expression according to the sequence that they appear in the “Select…Case” block. a range of . “the Select…Case” statements is among the decision statements supported by Visual basic. it then carries out a parallel statement block.125 Making the most of VB Selec Case statements Visual basic (VB) basically enables any end user to test certain conditions and carry out various operations based on whatever test results are achieved.Else” statements when comparing similar expression to several distinct values. When a series of statements for instance.

So when a “Case” statement therefore contains multiple values. these consequently results for the “Case” block to be carried out if any of the matched values are that of the “Select” statement expression. or a combination with operators’ assessment. .126 values.

Take the commands in Visual Basic as an example.127 VB Function: Essential as a Business Language If there is one programming language which is preferred both by programmers and business owners the world over. . intermediate up to the advanced level of Visual Basic. Else. Now. depending on what you would like the program to do. let us take a look at some of the basics for this programming language. Then. Select and Goto. you can buy a book which can serve as a complete beginner’s guide to the programming language – or you can enroll in a short course for the beginner. Creating a program for efficiently running the financial aspect of your business is another application of Visual Basic as a programming language. you can use Visual Basic as the language to create an accounting or inventory software for your business. For example. It includes words like If. the reason why Visual Basic is the programming language of choice for business applications is because it is the one which is more comparable to human language. that is none other than Visual Basic. there is an organized list of instructions which result to the computer ‘behaving’ in a particular manner – and the set of instructions is the programming language that the computer understands. it is pretty easy to study when you are supposed to use these commands. Before delving deeper into the functions that you need to learn about in Visual Basic. For any beginner. To learn more about Visual Basic. In any type of computer program.

in order for you to get a head start at programming. Now. you need to learn about the good codes and formats used in Visual Basic. here is a quick overview of the steps that you can follow: . There is no need for you to worry.128 One of the Best Applications of Visual Basic: VB Games What is the sense of having a computer if you will not be able to play games? Computer programming may sound ‘nerdy’ or ‘geeky’ to those who do not understand the programming language – but there is a fun side to it – which comes in the form of games creation. First. though. because Visual Basic is a language which is closest to the one that we use as humans – so it is quite easy to understand. for the process of the game creation itself. In Advanced Visual Basic. the more advanced functions and more complicated commands in order for you to create a computer game. here are a few things that you need to understand about this programming language. Before delving deeper into the heart of computer games creation using Visual Basic. Second. . . you will learn about API’s.Create a plan on how you can execute your idea for a computer program.Create a storyline based from your idea of what a fun and exciting computer game should be. One of the best programming languages to use when creating computer games is Visual Basic. you need to learn about the basic Visual Basic commands if you want to advance to the games creation level.

the characters and the other aspects of the computer game. use Visual Basic game programming in order to create your original computer game.Make a list of the details about the storyline. . .129 .Finally.

. . the interface is user-friendly and you can practically create any type of program using Visual Basic. delete. For programmers. class refers to a ‘container’ for data and code or methods – which can be accessed with properties. then move on to commands. No matter which . Classes in Visual Basic can be used for the following: . In Visual Basic. in order for your Visual Basic programming skill to improve. you may already know that several versions of the original programming language issued by Microsoft have evolved over the years.To add. For those who are familiar with Visual Basic.To read. write and index the lines of text within a file. All in all. API’s and the more advanced applications. edit or retrieve date when wrapping up a presentation. the first thing that they need to learn about is how to write good codes.To wrap up the ‘global variables’ within a program so that the properties within a class can be combined. For beginners who would like to familiarize themselves with Visual Basic. Now. This is one of the many methods of designing and creating a software using Visual Basic. Visual Basic is what most of them prefer because it easily resembles the human language. formats. you also need to learn about object-oriented programming. This is where class comes in. a language is only as good as its latest version. using classes in Visual Basic to create a line class is a more efficient approach to programming.130 Visual Basic: What You Need to Know about VB Net Class In the world of computer programming.

.131 version of the Visual Basic it is that you will use – you need to learn about the basic terms like class. functions and properties in order to familiarize yourself with this programming language.

Aside from functions and procedures. Visual Basic is quite easy to learn due to the fact that it is the one closest to the human language. They can either be executed independently.132 The ABC’s of Visual Basic. This means that the environment in Visual Basic is more user-friendly. no matter what type of application you will be using the program for – you can easily create a program for yourself using the knowledge that you have gained about the Visual Basic programming language. There are several reasons why this is so. Second. each with their own programs codes. there are two ways that functions can be used: without a parameter or within a parameter. First. In this type of programming language. As compared to procedures in Visual Basic. you can move on to the intermediate and advanced level of the Visual Basic programming language. . Visual Basic is composed of subprograms. Visual Basic is executed in a graphical manner. you need to learn about functions. Finally. you should also learn how to write good codes and formats and you should familiarize yourself with the basic commands. you can use the Visual Basic language to create almost any program for a wide array of applications. Unlike the BASIC programming wherein a text-only program is executed according to sequence. the primary purpose of functions is to return a value. VB Functions & VB Applications Visual Basic is one of the most preferred programming languages in the computer world. after studying the basics. Once you have gotten started in creating a program in Visual Basic. or linked together to create the type of program that you need. Third. With this.

you will be more comfortable using VB. what exactly is Visual Basic? For the uninitiated. Visual Basic has spawned a number of advanced versions of this programming language.0.Net.Net C#? Just like any other programming language. you will be better off using the Visual C#.Net. if you have previously been working with Visual Basic 6. these two are both top of the line. For most programmers. First. Here.Net includes more powerful features.Net and Visual C#.133 What is the Main Difference between Visual Basic’s VB. they all have one predecessor which is the Visual Basic program. including Visual Basic. Visual Basic is their preferred programming language due to the fact that it is the one which closely resembles the human language. When it comes to being a firstclass programming language.Net and VB. the way that the language is created leans more towards what the programmer is already familiar with.Net environment. if you have been previously working with C++ and Java applications. Despite the fact that different versions are available. These two can be considered as similar because they are both based on the framework of Microsoft which is the Microsoft.Net C#.Net. we will try to differentiate Visual Basic’s VB.Net and VB. The only difference between the two is that Visual C#. the interface is user-friendly and more complicated programs are still quite easy to create. Over the years. As a rule of thumb. . this is a type of programming language which evolved from BASIC or the Beginner’s All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. On the other hand. there are different versions of Visual Basic. Additionally.

NET can be viewed as an evolution of Visual Basic. Though improvements have been made. If C# is a procedural objectoriented syntax based on C++. As for language translators. but then again it would be best to learn the basic principles behind each to be able to apply both in creating software programs. To learn the basics. others resort to a free online tool provided by various sites known as “language translator”. The exact same thought not only happens with foreign languages but with programming languages as well. VB. the main difference lies on syntax usage. there are a lot of web sites that offer such service and it would be best to check its accuracy first before using it in software programming.NET were developed by Microsoft.NET It is not that easy to learn to speak new languages other than your own. The passion to embrace foreign languages gives one an insight of the nation’s rich cultural background. aside from enhancing one’s own communication skills. Both have their own advantages and a translator would be of great help to fully understand each language better. . while others prefer to visit the country personally.134 The Ease of Converting C# to VB. wherein the user can put in a word or group of words on the field provided and select the language translation preference to display its language counterpart. Choosing either one of these two programming languages is a matter of personal preference. There are some who opt to study in prestigious universities to learn how to speak foreign languages. Though both C# and VB. Take for instance C# and VB. programmers who are familiar with C++ and VB will not find it difficult to get familiar with the new codes.NET. Syntax means statements and language elements.

but the need to focus on redevelopment efforts in converting the system from VB6 to VB.NET program for free. still developer dissatisfaction is very obvious.NET. Downloadable converters were made available.NET easier. which is Visual Basic . VB programs that are algorithmic in nature are easier to migrate. But then again. the main concern is not about the enhanced features of VB. the big switch still became controversial. It is because of these not so favorable remarks from programmers that made Microsoft decided to release an automated VB6 to VB.NET Microsoft’s decision to sunset Visual Basic 6 and move to its designated successor. database support and on implementation details is very challenging. There are also some web sites that offer downloading of the VB. However. However. but converting features such as graphics.NET.NET stated that the new language is more powerful and easy to use than the original. and neglect the original version that programmers have learned to adapt over time. unmanaged operations.135 The Need to Download and Upgrade to VB.NET framework paves the way for the improvement of a lot of VB functions. . It is more of like forcing oneself to embrace something new. has made a lot of programmers upset. Proponents of VB. there are also other sites that made the conversion from VB6 to VB. Though developers have found a way to convert some of these features over time. Aside from Microsoft. the problem is that this does not include all codes. together with software updates to optimize the developer’s programming experience.NET converter. Though the strategy to move to a .NET. either for free or for a premium cost.

136 make sure that these downloadable software applications are free from malwares as this can definitely do more harm than good. .

There are also some that offers programming languages with enhanced user interface. .137 Visual Basic Tutorials for Free For full-pledged programmers. Visual Basic is one of the most widely used programs then. it is very easy to learn new programming languages to be used in software development. Definitely. BASIC and C. This encompasses such languages like Assembly. it would take time to master such programming skill and it would be best to familiarize oneself with one programming language first to just get the hang of it. using syntax and codes to create a very complicated software program. VB6 is the latest version of Visual Basic and there are also a lot of free tutorials that can be found on the web to help one in understanding better its user codes. learning prehistoric programming languages is required. syntaxes and functionalities. Check on these web sites and discover the world of software programming made easier through Visual Basic. before Microsoft had decided to migrate VB users to the . and journals are already made available on the Internet. Now that a lot of free training materials such as tutorials. it is still a good training ground for beginners in the field of programming. while some can be downloaded for free. As for beginners. Some tutorials can be read online. In most computer universities and colleges. Though Visual Basic is already considered an old programming language. wherein users have to be acquainted with MS DOS. it is but wise to take advantage of these resources.NET framework. it takes one to have a very analytical mind to understand the ins and outs of programming. such as Visual FoxPro and Visual Basic.

But then again.138 The Basics of Microsoft Visual Basic (VB) In the challenging world of programming. Visual Basic is known as a programming language that is very easy to learn and use. and (d) Strong integration with the Windows Operating System. As technology progresses. (b) Bitwise and logical operators are unified. Aside from allowing users to create simple GUI applications. Visual Basic . and rapid application development (RAD) of graphical user interface applications or GUI. Some of the characteristics of VB that makes it different from other programming languages such as C include: (a) Boolean data type is stored as a 16-bit signed integer. VB has undoubtedly paved the way for the creation of . it can also be used to develop complex applications by visually arranging components and controls on a form. creation of Active X objects and controls. specifying actions and attributes of such components and writing additional codes for more functionality. Such traits of VB made performance problems experienced by some users have become less of an issue. Developed by Microsoft. (c) Variable array base. there is one language that has undisputedly laid the foundation of software development and this is known as Visual Basic or VB. VB is considered as a third generation event-driven programming language derived from BASIC as it enables access to databases such as ADO.NET. still VB remains as a good training ground from beginners in enhancing their software programming skills. it is but inevitable to also make improvements on the different tools used in programming. RDO or DAO. Though Microsoft has already discontinued supporting VB in February of 2008 and forced the migration of developers to its designated successor.

139 fantastic software applications in the past that can be used as reference for tomorrow’s software era. .

This update was made in reference to Microsoft’s decision to drop “. The third generation of VB. Microsoft’s announcement to discontinue the use of Visual Basic has spurred a lot of controversies but many have come to accept this fact as time passes by. Breakthroughs in technology were made possible through constant planning and research from key people of today’s big industries. In effect. (d) Improvements to the VB to VB.NET released as of November 2007. Visual Basic . All of these features were incorporated to the software in aid to reinforce VB.NET converter. . and (f) Data source binding. If Visual Basic is OUT.NET”.140 Understanding Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 As the quest for new and innovative products intensifies. (e) The use of USING and JUST MY CODE keywords. The same thing happened in the world of software programming. a lot of tools were also enhanced to cope up with the demands of the growing market. The release of Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 has also made more improvements to the software such as (a) Edit and Continue feature. (b) Design time express evaluation. as they record and anticipate all possible threats to come up with a close-to-perfect product.NET’s efforts to differentiate it from the C# language.NET programs is called Microsoft Visual Basic 2005. there are already four versions of VB. (c) the My pseudo-namespace.NET is IN. A brilliant mind is always associated with state-of-the-art tools and mechanisms hence various improvements to such applications were also incorporated.

0 converter to further evaluate the feasibility of converting from older versions of Visual Basic. . It contains Visual Basic 6. This software is a must-have for beginners as it is specifically intended for users who are just learning the language.141 Microsoft also released a free development application called Visual Basic 2005 Express.

0. (e) To take advantage of developer productivity improvements.NET was made more convenient through software converters such as the Visual .NET Imagine that you are in the process of completing a project using a particular software and half way through your boss tells you to use another software instead. the . The smooth transition from VB 6. The same thing happened with software developers who got used to Microsoft Visual Basic 6. unless your boss changes his mind once again to your favor. programmers have expressed their dismay and are worried on how to convert their projects to the new system. As specified by Microsoft. (f) To ensure on-going official support.NET. After Microsoft had announced its decision to stop supporting VB 6. (d) To improve the maintenance of an application.0 to . (c) To consolidate company’s software assets.NET framework. Actually.NET platform: (a) To web-enable the application and enhance its existing features using VB. here are some of the reasons why there is a need to upgrade applications to VB. all of a sudden it will be put into waste as you have to redo everything using a different software.142 The Need to Upgrade Software Applications from Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 to . Visual Basic Studio .0 and introduced Visual Basic .NET.NET.NET and ASP. the only option you have is to accept this unfortunate incident. (b) To lessen the cost of on-going business activity. This is indeed very frustrating that after you have checked the details of the project.

143 Basic Upgrade Wizard. . not all applications should be upgraded such as those with short expected lifespan. But then again. Applications that can create a huge impact to the business are the only ones eligible for the software upgrade.

(d) a reliable developer experience across a wide range of applications.NET a chance is to prove its worth is something that software developers have to take into consideration. robust debugging tools.NET framework is not that bad after all. (c) safe execution of codes. easy methods of reusing codes. it is still a good indication of progress. and memory leak monitoring. At first. A very good example is Microsoft’s decision to discontinue VB 6 that most developers have been using through the years and introduce Visual Basic . and (e) communication protocols on industry standards. Given such case. Come to think of it. the choice to switch to a . as this depends on how the person sees things.NET.144 The Transition to .NET Framework from VB 6 In this world where everything is subjected to change. Though learning something new is a challenge to everyone. but it is the person’s willingness to accept change that makes life less complicated. . there is a need to be flexible. The road to success may be bumpy and rocky at times.NET. Some of its objectives include (a) a programming environment that is consistently object-oriented in nature. the affected people find it hard to accept that VB 6 will be out of the picture and so there is a need to undergo migration to VB. creative and optimistic in order to move on from an unexpected incident. (b) simple software deployment coupled with minimal versioning conflicts.NET. Such aims resulted to the integration of additional features to VB 6 that include seamless deployment. Change can either be good or bad. Giving VB. it is the prerogative of the developer on how he or she can strategize in adapting VB.

An easier to use version with improved speed was released in November of 1992. payroll systems. Visual Basic 1. Not only that software systems change but also software programs need to be consistently enhanced to incorporate more features and functionalities. also known as Visual Basic 2. One of the most widely used programming languages in the 90’s era is Microsoft Visual Basic.0 was released in May 1991 while its DOS version was released in September of 1992.0 – The Visual Basic Software Evolution The brilliant idea of developing software programs to create software applications has opened a lot of opportunities for people to apply their creativity and willingness to initiate changes to the old system. The establishment of inventory systems.0 in the summer of 1993.0. In February 1997. and testing systems has initiated innovations in completing work loads faster and more convenient. Creating 32bit and 16-bit Windows programs was made possible through Visual Basic 4. . Microsoft released Visual Basic 5.0 that is exclusively for 32-bit versions of Windows.0 to VB 6.0 released in August 1995. The huge demand to automate processes using computers has definitely wiped out the manual work of maintaining records little by little.145 From VB 1. Its first version. Standard and professional versions of the software were released as Visual Basic 3. It also introduced the creation of custom user controls. The interface used the COW (Character Oriented Windows) interface. using extended ASCII characters to simulate the appearance of a graphical user interface or GUI.

0 and has introduced a lot of improvements such as the ability to create web-based applications.NET. . wherein developers were asked to use Visual Basic .146 It was on mid-1998 when Microsoft introduced Visual Basic 6. Microsoft stopped supporting the program in March 2008. VB6’s designated successor. However.

Most API’s that take numeric arguments only expect 32-bit values but VB.NET will not work with 32-bit API calls.NET converters but a lot of negative feedback was generated from programmers who are having difficulties completing the migration process. which are only available in a particular programming language and “languageindependent”.0 anymore. The process of declaring Windows API using Visual Basic has changed when Microsoft opted not to support VB 6. Its compatibility with Windows API is yet to be proven. iPhone API. MediaWiki API. and Windows API.0 to VB. Microsoft has provided VB 6.NET is one of the main priorities of Microsoft with the VBRun web site as its latest offering that makes it possible to integrate VB 6.NET has made a lot of developers upset about the need for application migration. There is a discrepancy on this area as VB. The release of VB. The use of Windows API is common to software programmers through Visual Basic (VB).NET solutions.NET will only work on 64-bits. Some of the wellknown APIs include Google Maps API. Youtube API. though doing so will require external function declarations.0 and VB.147 Using Windows API in Visual Basic (VB) An API (application programming interface) is a source code interface that an operating system.0 to VB. Some claims that other codes were not recognized and there is a need to manually work on them. Shifting existing codebases from VB 6. . Java Platform Standard Edition API. there is a need to change the parameters into integer data type to invoke APIs. It can either be “language-dependent”. service or library provides for the purpose of supporting requests made by computer programs. For this reason. which are written in such a way that they can be called from several programming languages.

Some of the array data types include integer and string. 8. which is referred to as a set of values that are logically related to each other. One of these terms is array. These related values are called index or subscript whereas an individual value is called the elements of the array. 2. which means that this array always remains the same size. Array size starts at 0 so if 11 is declared as the array size. this means that it actually holds 12 elements (0. On the other hand. 3. you will encounter a lot of terms and codes that you will use in creating software applications. specific tasks can be performed such as sorting array items in alphabetical or numerical order. passing the group of items as a parameter to a VB function. or accessing and changing the value assigned to each array item. the DIM keyword is being used.148 Learning VB Arrays In Visual Basic. while size value enclosed with parentheses defines the array’s maximum size. 1. which means that its size can change at run-time. Learning to use arrays is one of the basics of learning Visual Basic. 4. There are two basic types of Visual Basic arrays. The syntax then would be: Dim arrayname(size) As dataType Arrayname refers to the name by which the array will referenced in code. the dataType value is actually the type of variable that the array will hold. 6. Once variable values of the same type were grouped together. To declare a Visual Basic array. One is called a fixed-size array. 5. It is therefore recommended to read a good VB book or . The other one is called a dynamic array. 9. 10 and 11). 7.

149 access VB tutorials on the web to get familiarized with arrays and other VB terms and concepts. .

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