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Baily Beus Mrs. Wright AP Lit, Period 6 Dialectal Journals: Their Eyes Were Watching God ha!

ter " TE#T '&hi!s at a distance ha(e e(ery )an*s +ish on ,oard. -or so)e they co)e in +ith the tide. -or others they sail .ore(er on the hori/on, ne(er out o. sight, ne(er landing until the +atcher turns his eyes a+ay in resignation, his drea)s )oc0ed to death ,y ti)e1 2Pg. "3. $MME%T& These are the .irst .e+ sentences o. the no(el They .oreshado+ a )a4or the)e, not only in the ,oo0 ,ut in li.e. Men drea) o. a ,etter li.e, ,igger !ay chec0, ,etter loo0s, ,ut all o. these are al+ays out o. reach. Janie +ill al+ays ,e drea)ing o. so)ething ,etter, +hile turning a+ay .ro) the not5so5o,(ious reasons to get her there.

'De +ay you tal0in* you*d thin0 de .ol0s 7 thin0 this state)ent e)!hasi/es the in dis to+n didn*t do nothin* in de ,ed hy!ocrisy o. gossi!. Wether it*s in high *ce!t !raise de La+d1 2Pg. 63 school, the, or the s)all to+n Janie 4ust ca)e ,ac0 to, !eo!le don*t really ha(e the right to critici/e. %o one is +ithout .aults. &he +ill !ro,a,ly ,e gossi!ed a,out )any ti)es throughout the ,oo0. ha!ter 8 $MME%T&


'Ah +as +id de) +hite chillun so )uch Janie ne(er noticed )any di..erences till Ah didn*t 0no+ Ah +u/n*t +hite till ,et+een her and the other 0ids, as it Ah +as round si9 years old1 2Pg. :3. should ,e. Besides s0in color, those children are all the sa)e and should ,e treated +ith e;ual res!ect. 7 +onder i. racis) +ill ,e a ,ig struggle in this story. '&o you don*t +ant to )arry o.. decent li0e, do yuh1 <ou 4ust +ant to hug and 0iss and .eel around +ith .irst one )an and then another, huh=1 2Pg. 8"3. Janie*s nanny 2grand)a3 says this to her a.ter she sees her 0issing a rando) ,oy. This e(ent greatly .oreshado+s !ro,le)s .or Janie in the .uture. The +ay she is +ith )en +ill greatly i)!act di..erent ti)es in her li.e.

TE#T '>us,ands and +i(es al+ays lo(ed

ha!ter 6 $MME%T& Another +ay o. thin0ing that )ay ,e

8"3. This is a reoccurring )oti. 'The )orning road air +as li0e a ne+ dress. 7 !redict she +ill . .ush .o+ed do+n1 2Pg. has already a!!eared )ulti!le ti)es in the .uture. &he she is .eing shut do+n and controlled.ut )ah +i.ecause he +as all We 0no+ she is )ore o.reedo) and she lo(es little things in nature li0e .out Joe &tar0s. she settles +ith this idea that )arriage +ill cause lo(e. This )oti. 7 thin0 this .lue !asture o. <et she can*t see) to 4ust .eel !o+erless..y the )an she is +ith.1 2Pg.eachother. 6B3. Tal0ing a.e don*t 0no+ nothin* *. these things. '&he 0ne+ the +orld +as a stallion rolling in the . Janie e9!resses her .eelings to her hus. Ah ne(er )arried her . )eant. TE#T ha!ter @ $MME%T& 7sn*t it . yet she 0ee!s getting into these situations +here she .eel the a!ron tied around her +aist.ehind natural e( creates a do)ino e.or Joe &tar0s. $nly si9teen. .ication. Meta!hors are used to e9!lain ho+ she (ie+s the +orld and the )eaning . )a0ing her . 7t also e)!hasi/es 4ust ho+ young and na?(e she is.uality in the to+n +hich has led to a greater ego and also o(ershado+s Janie. and that +as +hat )arriage !ro.unny ho+ +hen Janie le.ree. TE#T '&*!osin* Ah +u/ to run o. these things . This !ossi.eels e9tre)ely held .lo+ers and )a0ing a . s!irituality that )ostly correlates +ith nature.y sun5u!1 2Pg.lo+ers and .uite can relate 'Than0 yuh .. &he 0ne+ that God tore do+n the old +orld e(ery e(ening and . and lea(e yuh so)eti)e1 2Pg. 8@3 Janie has a strong sense o.o+ed do+n to hi) rather.e lea(ing )ore than one )an in the end.oo0 and 7 don*t thin0 it +ill .lung it on a lo+ .or nothin* la0 dat.uilt a ne+ one . 7nstead o.out no s!eech5)a0in*. &he*s uh +o)an and her !lace is in de ho)e1 2Pg.le)atic in the . 7t +as 4ust so. and then again he +as all o.ac0 . a God5li0e .ect in Janie*s .oo0 so . @B3.ou. A63. throughout the .eside the road and +al0ed on. . .uture.uh yo* co)!li)ents.ees and lea(es. &he untied it and . <ou can tell she lo(es this sense o.eing +ith so)eone she truly lo(es.uet1 2Pg. ether. .t +ith Joe. That )ade her . 'They .ecause the to+n . &i)ile. ha!ter A $MME%T& A turning !oint. >e is gi(en so)e+hat o.ird.and and considers lea(ing hi) .e alone.. a . she +as e)co)!assed +ith . !ic0ing . 683. !ersoni.e going a+ay anyti)e soon.reedo).

eels. 683.elie(e another death in the to+n +ill co)e soon. 6B3.oreshado+ death and 7 could . 7 thin0 it . society today too. 7. .y the +heels1 2Pg. &he had no right to . &he +asn*t e(en a!!reciati(e o. constantly running her o(er and 0ee!ing all !arts o. There +as already so)ething dead a. CC3. Joe is the +heels.(iously gro+ing older and Janie can see that.ig to ad)it that he is deteriorating and that he )ost li0ely '>e didn*t really hate Janie. This is a !er.e.rities. 7 thought this di..or her. then 7 don*t 0no+ +hat is.oreshado+s death.ut he*s o. Earlier 7 thought the )ule )ay !ossi..ut he +anted her to thin0 so.e. TE#T '$ut in the s+a)! they )ade great cere)ony o(er the )ule.ace . so 7 .out hi)1 2Pg.ig !art Janie and Joe.orts and she had !lenty cause to . They )oc0ed e(erything hu)an in death1 2Pg. the +ay he thought things out.erent !oint TE#T ha!ter C $MME%T& '&he +as a rut in the road.e right. 'Joe +asn*t so young as he used to . lo(e and honor .ut it +as 0e!t Easto+n and running the sho! . a . :"3. 7t )a0es )e a.le to sy)!athi/e +ith Joe a little . ..or ho+ she . . >e had cra+led o.or Joe.e. Plenty o. While Janie is gro+ing steadily uneasy and !o+erless and resents Joe . ha!ter 6 $MME%T& -or so)e reason the +hole )ule situation struc0 )e as (ery i)!ortant.or ho+ he is to her. . this isn*t . 7t +as )ade a huge deal out o.oreshado+ing. TE#T ha!ter : $MME%T& Another e9a)!le o. Just loo0 at >olly+ood and +hat +e ha(e )ade the .eneath the sur. %ot only did it see) to sho+ the to+ns utter .ect )eta!hor . his e. (ie+ +as really interesting.oredo). Joe is si)!ly in the )indset that +hat he is doing is !urely out o. li.eaten do+n . her !ersonality and soul underground. '&he +as sullen and he resented that. Joe isn*t dead yet. to lic0 his +ounds 2Pg. >ere he +as 4ust !ouring honor all o(er her1 2Pg.e <ears ha(e !assed and Janie is still in . >is ego is )uch too . the constant !o+er struggle .

eing.ut ne(er see)ed to +ant to go . ani)al. she has .et+een hi) and his +i.erent .ul hair1 2Pg.elie(ed she needed a )an to co)!lete her and to . The +hole ti)e she +as +ith Joe.ore.eing co)!ared to so)e 0ind o. 7 ho!e she re)e).ol. she +as al+ays tied do+n and le. . With Joe*s death.ers this . .ut here it is )ore o.reedo).ro) her head There ha(e .reedo). .. 7 a) ha!!y to see her reali/e that she doesn*t need these )en to .e. he is .t !o+erless. Janie tal0ed and laughed in the store at ti)es. her hair +as al+ays tied u!.inally reali/ed that +hat she truly cra(es is 4ust !ure . she . she .een +ounded and go to clean the +ounds.ig turning !oint in Janie*s li.een a .urther1 2 Pg. %o+ that Joe is dead. )ay.eeling throughout the . Be. E(er since that )o)ent as a teenager under the tree. ha!ter D $MME%T& Joe*s death is a .et+een e).arrass)ent and ani)als that ha(e . the 0erchie. Janie*s hair sy). %o+. Joe +as al+ays co)!ared to a God5li0e .reedo) and let*s her hair do+n. +earing .e.e e(en the old )ule.e +hole in nature.lac0 !assed and not one suitor had e(er gained the house !orch.e+ hints to this and let do+n her !lenti.oli/es her . :C3.oo0. sy). D"3 .secretly +ishes things +ere di.(ious.. TE#T '&i9 )onths o. '&he tore o. .e ha!!y.eels a ne+ sense o. 'To lic0 his +ounds1 is a )eta!hor .