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uk .Live Online Training  Instructor led training and Hands on experience  Years of experienced trainers on testing domain  Real time case studies and as per current industry trends  Real time scenario based training methods  Register for free Demo .    Job oriented flexible training program Updated versions of curriculum and subject material Interview preparation assistance 100% Placement Assistance Register for Free Demo www.etltestingtraining.

uk hands-on labs as classroom training  Years of experienced trainers from IT industry Register for Free DEMO www.ETL Testing Course Highlights  Instructor led training with real time scenario  Cloud computing labs with class exercises.

etltestingtraining. webinars. videos. free workshops to practice We’ll train you to get global certifications in testing Register for Free DEMO www.    Practical approach based case studies as per the IT market Training methodologies as per the Companies requirement . blog.

projects and material Affordable and competitive prices on course www.     Interview preparation assistance Get updates after the completion of training also Special attention to beginners 24/7 remote accesses of Register for Free DEMO .etltestingtraining.

 ETL testing is known as Extract transformation and load. Register for Free DEMO www. Different types of testing methodologies in ETL testing and data ware house concepts will be explained with suitable examples and in an easy It gathers the source data from data base to data warehouse. Our training program will ensure user to learn various ETL testing concepts.etltestingtraining. We offer two types of testing training with instructor led online training with unique and full coverage of course .

propose of dwh with Example  Data Ware Hose Architecture  OLTP System vs OLAP System  What is Fact Table?  What is Dimension Table?  What is Star Schema?  What is snow flake schema? Module 2:  F R E E D E M O     Data Ware Hose Tools (different types of DWH Tools) Types of Data Base Used in ETL Testing Explaining about Data Mapping Document Testing Tools Used for ETL Testing .co.etltestingtraining.Module1: Interdiction to Data ware house.

etltestingtraining.Module3:  Explaining Informatica Tool  Different Types of Transformation used in ETLS and Uses of These Transformation  Process flow in ETL Testing F Module4: R E  Writing Test Case for Mapping Documents E  SQL  Unix Commands Used D E  How we will be Planning ETL Testing M  Explain How To Generate Testing Reports O  Will Explain Total SDLC of ETL Testing .

 ETL Testing Training providers with real time scenarios and known for quality online training programs around the world. .

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