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Job Expo Reflection Paper Johanna Uy- Linkages Head Being Linkages Head is one of the biggest challenges I have

encountered. I could not imagine myself managing 20 company events in just 3 days. I have been praying for the success of the events and that a lot of participants will go. From this experience it made my faith in God stronger. There will be a lot of unforeseen and uncontrollable factors and it is only with God's guidance and blessing that we could overcome such challenges. I really learned a lot from this expo. It is really different when you’re the head of the team. Even if you are not sure what you are doing, because you have never tried it before. You have to make sure you need to lead your team to the vision you see. You must ensure that your vision and objectives are aligned to ensure that even if you are not physically present, they would know how to manage the challenges they would encounter along the way. Teamwork really goes a long way. No man is an island and we would need one another to make sure everything would go smoothly. There would be times one would be busy with another thing, but it is about stepping up and learning to fill in the missing parts and flaws of the other rather than putting the blame on one person. Also, in line with this is working professionally. We are given the opportunity to coordinate with various companies, so it is expected that we act professionally since we are carrying the name of the DLSU and not our own. Overall in my opinion, the job expo is successful. Despite the few challenges we have encountered, I believe everyone worked hard. I saw their sacrifice and effort. It made me realize the essence of teamwork. Individual talents are important in a success of an endeavor. However, the group dynamics and strategy gives the entire team an edge. Every job expo team is significant in its own way. This expo may have been successful yet tiring but it would not be possible without the help of other teams and guiding bodies of OCCS.