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HISTOPATHOLOGY 1 (HIS 1213) ASSIGNMENT 1 Histopathology refers to the microscopic examination of tissue in order to study the manifestations of disease

. Specifically, in clinical medicine, histopathology refers to the examination of a biopsy or surgical specimen by a pathologist, after the specimen has been processed and histological sections have been placed onto glass slides. Tissue processing in histopathology involves various stages and the use of various chemicals. 1. Briefly describe the preparation of the following reagents that are used in tissue processing and preparation of slides. a) 1 ! "eutral Buffered #ormaldehyde b) $ ! alcohol c) Haematoxylin d) %osin e) 1! acid alcohol &. 'sing a flow chart, describe the stages of tissue processing. (rovide a detailed explanation of each stage. ). Special stains use a variety of dyes and techni*ues to stain particular tissues, structures or pathogens +such as bacteria) to assist pathologists with tissue,based diagnosis. By using a named example of special stain, describe the use of the special stain. -our description should include the following. • The structures stained by the stain • The type of tissues usually used for the special stain • The type of disease that re*uires the use of this stain • The preparation of the special stain • The staining procedure


uestion 2 .o#!n• /ont si3e 12 • S(!cin" 1 4 s(!cin" • 15 6 17 (!"es M!r8in" sc$e#e • M!r8s &ill 'e !&!rded '!sed on t$e *u!lit) o% !ns&er• T$e %ollo&in" is t$e #!r8s !lloc!ted %or e!c$ section/*uestion Introduction .Instructions/Guidelines Your !ssi"n#ent s$ould include t$e %ollo&in" Introduction • A 'rie% introduction on t$e $isto(!t$olo") !nd $istolo") tec$ni*ues Ans&ers to *uestion 1+ 2 !nd 3 • .uestion nu#'er 1+ 2 !nd 3 s$ould 'e !ns&ered !s indic!ted e!rlier.e%erence list o% re%erences used %or t$is !ssi"n#ent/or#!t T$e %or#!t o% t$e !ssi"n#ent s$ould include t$e %ollo&in" !) Title (!"e • N!#e • Student I0 • 1ourse • Su'2ect n!#e !nd code ') T$e !ssi"n#ent s$ould 'e t)(ed out usin" t$e %ollo&in" %or#!t • /ont Ti#es Ne& .uestion 3 Or"!nis!tion o% !ns&er 7 #!r8s 15 #!r8s 15 #!r8s 15 #!r8s 7 #!r8s 2 .uestion 1 .