Algunos comentarios sobre la importancia del día 10, Día de Padmasambhava

*Wednesday, May 18**, is the 10th day of the 4th Tibetan month (of the Wood Bird Year 2132). *The o!rth Month is the month of "a#a $a%a, in %hi&h the effe&ts of both 'ositi(e and ne#ati(e a&tions are m!)ti')ied. Therefore, 'ra&ti&e is re&ommended. **There are s'e&ia) benefits a&&r!in# to !s from the obser(in# of the month)y '!+as on ea&h of the Tenth $ay #reat festi(a)s. or e,am')e, those e(i) s'irits %hi&h &a!se diseases %i)) be 'a&ified. -!r )en#th of )ife, (irt!e, and %ea)th %i)) in&rease. and o!r ha''iness of mind, /!i&0 &o!ra#e, and bri))ian&e of 'ersona)ity %i)) )i0e%ise in&rease. The harm and in+!ry &a!sed by the 1ord of $eath %i)) be miti#ated. -!r mora) 're&e'ts %i)) be &om')ete)y '!rified and o!r %isdom %i)) radiate into e(ery area. 2y'o&riti&a) deeds in (io)ation of o!r 're&e'ts, s!&h as any defe&t or defa!)t of the three ty'es of (o%s, as %e)) as a)) trans#ressions of the samaya (o%s, %i)) be &)eansed. and o!r mind %i)) be&ome '!re. rom the 'ra&ti&e of re&itin# the 'rayers %e sha)) be&ome as one %ho 'ossesses infinite benefits. o!r a&&!m!)ated merit sha)) be ine,ha!stib)e.* (from *The Benefit of -bser(in# the 3reat of the Tenth $ay* by 2.2. $!d+om 4in'o&he) esti(a)

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