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CSU Dominquez Hills freshman remediateion by school

CSU Dominquez Hills freshman remediateion by school

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Wilson Se nior High 13/15 Los Angeles S enior High 3/3 University High 2/2 Francisc o Bravo Me dica l Magnet High 2/3 School

of Comm unica tions, Ne w Media and Technology at Roose velt 2/2 Thoma s Jeffe rs on High 12/13

Ba sset t S enior High 1/3 Schurr High 4/5


Alex ande r Ham ilton High 4/6

Susan Mille r Dors ey High 2/3 Ma nua l Arts High 14/15 Crenshaw Senior High 2/2

Jame s A. G arfield High 5/5

William Workma n High 2/2

Santa Monica High 2/2 Ve nice S enior High 2/3

High Schools

John C. Fre mont High 28/30 WE SM Health/S ports Medicine 4/4 Ingle wood High 4/5 George Was hington Preparatory High 7/7

Huntington Park Se nior High 7/9 Be ll Gardens High 10/11 Be ll High 2/3 Sout h Ga te High 9/11

El Rancho High 12/12 Whittier High 2/2 Pionee r High 6/7 Santa Fe High 10/10

Glen A. Wilson High 3/3

Remediation Needed
Chart Size Indicates Numb er of First Time Freshman

Animo Le adership High 7/9 Morningside High 8/9 Ha wthorne High 5/8 La wndale High 7/1 2 Mira Cos ta High 3/4

Da vid Sta rr Jorda n High 3/5

Lynwood High 10/15

Dow ne y High 11 /13 Warren High 4/4

La S erna High 2/3

Le uzinge r High 4/6 Environme nt al Charte r High 3/3

Alain Leroy Loc ke 3 Preparatory Acade my 8/8

King/Drew Me dica l Magnet High Param ount High 9/1 2 10/11 Dom inguez High Com pt on High 4/5 8/8 Jordan High 11 /11

Norwa lk High 16/16 Be llflower High 4/6

John H. Glenn High 6/7

La Mira da High 4/6

English Only Math Only Both

Gardena Senior High 18/20

Richard G ahr High 3/4 Ma yfair High 2/2 La kew ood High 9/1 2 Artes ia High 5/7 John F. Kennedy High 5/5 We stern High 2/3 Cy pres s High 2/2

Sunny Hills High 2/3

Buena Pa rk High 2/3

Re dondo Union High 4/6 Torrance High 6/1 4

Enrollment Boundaries
State API Rank Not Reported 1- 2 3- 4 5- 6 7- 8 9 - 10 CSUDH DH 15mi Distance
Na thanie l Narbonne High 15/20 Palos Ve rdes P eninsula High 4/4 Palos Ve rdes High 2/2

Ca rs on Senior High 13/15

Sava nna High 4/4

Phinea s Ba nning High 25/30 Poly technic High 5/6

Millika n High 5/8

Los Alam itos High 2/3

Wilson High 4/6 Re na is sance High S chool f or the Arts 1/2

Garden G rov e High 2/2

San Pedro Se nior High 3/8

La Q uinta High 1/2

Los Amigos High 1/2

Notes: Numbers listed below school names indicate Dominguez Hills FTF needing remediation/ total FTF sent. The chart size is relative to the number of FTF. Data for this map was provided by Office of Institutional Research and California Department of Education. Boundaries and API scores are for the main high school in the area. Private high schools, alternative high schools and schools sending less than two FTF are not shown on the map.

Students Needing Remediation/Total First Time Freshman


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