YFBCA's Recommended Football Fundamentals to Teach

QB's Stance Taking Snap Ball Handling Hand-Offs 3-Step Drop 5-Step Drop Sprint-Out Run Play Steps TE's Stance Starts Release- In/Out Drive Block Reach Block DT w/ OTs Catching Drills RoutesRB's Stance Starts Ball-Handling Ball Protection Run Blocking Pass Protection Catching Drills Run Play Steps RoutesWR's Stance Starts Release Stalk Blocking Catching Ball Potecion Routes3 step 5 step OL Stance Starts Splits Drive Reach Combo Blocks Pass Protection Run Blocking-

Defense DB's Stance Back Pedal Weave Break on ball Man Coverage Zone Coverage Tackling Pursuit Fumble Recovery LB's Stance Steps & Reads Block Protection OLB- vs… Reach Drive Down KO ILB-vs… Iso Pass Drops Gap Control Man Coverage Tackling Pursuit Fumbles DL Stance Starts Block ProtectionDrive Reach In-Release Cut-Off DT Pass Rush Tech Tackling Pursuit Fumble Recovery

Please adjust these fundamental skills to fit the age level and scheme that you are working with!

For Drills and Teaching Methods for These Fundamentals Visit YFBCA.org's Drill Library

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