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VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal

Learn to Use the Power of Remedial Symbols to Live with more Happiness, Love and Prosperity

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At the time of setting out for creation on earth, Devshilpi lord Vishwakarma saw his son Aparajit in deep thoughts. The father, affectionately, asked the reason for Aparajits doubts. Aparajit was well aware of human mental aptitude on earth; so he asked his father, lord Vishwakarma, how that divine Vastu Shastra of building would become immortal and continue benefitting the mankind forever; in case that Vastu Shastra should get deformed & extinct with passage of time. Son, formulate it in writing, said lord Vishwakarma.

But, formulas might get distorted; Engrave them on stones creating Shilalekhs; They would break, father; Convert structured divine voice into musical creations in Sanskrit, son; But father, with passage of time, change of language will lead to change of meaning. Son Aparajits doubts formed a solid base for the destruction of knowledge. So lord Vishwakarma started meditating on it. Son, make a symbol of knowledge and convert it into sculpture (shilp). Sculpture, in the form of symbols, will become immortal. Symbols only, will always serve as the medium of desired conversation between inner being of humans and the mysterious powers of Nature. Symbols will always be admired and will become a medium of sincere silent expression. Aparajit, the first sculptor, got rid of all his conflicts.


MaHaVaSTU reMedies

Getting the medium to immortalize the Invisible, he set to create symbol-sculptures. Symbols are powerful and have their own language and effects. They have been old friends of mankind, guiding and supporting the process of human evolution. Right from ancient times, mans life has been strongly connected with and related to symbols. Symbols are the formulators (sutradhar) of the conscious and the subconscious mind and have been handled with great care. Man possessed this knowledge from early times and, according to linguists, language developed from symbols. Symbols are an integral part of human life and mind, even today. The human subconscious mind (Inner mind) only understands the language of symbols. The expansion of the subconscious mind is in two domainsone, the subconscious mind (Inner mind) of the human being, and second the inner space of a building. The human mind gets programmed from the


space where it livesthe space inside the building. The philosophy of MahaVastu believes that bhawna (emotion and intention) is the daughter of bhavana (building). Emotion and intention are the driving forces of your life. The centre of the entire human existence is the Inner mind only. It is the Inner mind which conducts and manages the infinite processes of the body, whether it is blood pressure or heartbeat. Even the processes, which we remain unaware of throughout our lives, are run very smoothly and precisely by our Inner mind. The analogy of computers serves best to understand the process of both, conscious mind and the Inner mind. The conscious mind is the monitor, and the Inner mind, the Central Processing Unit (CPU). The CPU works according to the information registered on the monitor. It does not perform any analysis on its own. The language of the CPU is


MaHaVaSTU reMedies

altogether of a different type. Ninety five percent of regular computer users do not know that language, though it is used to programme computers. A computer programme is like a set of instructions, written in that particular language. Similarly, the conscious mind gathers information through the five senses (eye, ear, nose, tongue, skin); pictures through the eyes in form of paintings and colours; sounds in the form of music or noise through the ear; and touch from textures through the skin. Different objects in the external world create a complex language for the Inner mind. Information picked unknowingly by the Inner mind creates the life you actually live. The core of the MahaVastu remedies is to gain an understanding of this language and to use it to manifest the desired life. When placed in a building, a symbol has a significant meaningit says something to our Inner mind, which then begins to act accordingly. This activates the natural earth powers to generate the special process



towards the fulfilment of our desiresonce these powers sense our desires, they programme our Inner mind accordingly. Thus, the powers lead us towards the achievement of our goals, the purpose of life. Thus, by placing an appropriate symbol in the appropriate MahaVastu zone related to our wish, we can programme our space for its fulfilment. For example, for a loving relationship with your spouse, put a symbol of Love Birds in the MahaVastu zone of relationships. Your space will get programmed accordingly, and you and your spouse will subconsciously start behaving in a manner conducive to a cordial and loving relationship between the two of you. This is the Space Programming Technique of MahaVastu which is discussed in detail in the MahaVastu Course. MahaVastu is unique because it helps us read the symbolic messages of the universe, and take the desired steps to convey our wishes to the universe through the use of symbols.


MaHaVaSTU reMedies

It is only through a healthy balance between Existence and ourselves that we can ensure good health, wealth and prosperity. The occurrence of an imbalance between the Existence and us is the root cause of all the problems that we face in our day-to-day life. MahaVastu is dedicated to developing an understanding of the naturally occurring energies, as well as, the knowledge of maintaining a balance between these energies in our living space, our home. MahaVastu Programming makes an imbalanced situation harmonious and balanced. All through MahaVastu Programming, you should be very cautious in the use of symbols. This forms the fourth and final step, namely, the finishing touch to be performed in the building, in order to complete the process of desired manifestation. Before the application of the MahaVastu remedies, all the three steps of the 4-Step MahaVastu must have been completed in your building. The first step is that the location of entrance should be



PancHkosHa THe Five LaYer of HuMan Being

analysed and corrected, without doing demolitions, by using MahaVastu techniques. Only a correct entrance connects the inner space of a building with the universal space. This is exactly like connecting a computer to the electric supply. The second step is, analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the 16 MahaVastu zones to evaluate and to understand the powers that continually shape


MaHaVaSTU reMedies

your life situations. And, the third step is to attain a balance of the five elements by suitably analysing the Cycle of Creation and the Cycle of Control. Without completing these three steps, the fourth step, i.e., MahaVastu Programming with objects will not work properly. For the application of MahaVastu Programming, one must analyse the Kosha (among the Panchkoshas) with which the



MaHaVaSTU SHakTi CHakra

problems are connected. To solve problems related with the Annamaya Kosha; restoring the elemental balance and correcting the entrance effects is sufficient. For problems pertaining to the Pranmaya Kosha and Manomaya Kosha, the application of MahaVastu Shakti Chakra will produce the desired solutions. The issues related


MaHaVaSTU reMedies

with the higher level of Manomaya Kosha and Vigyanmaya Kosha, will be addressed by applying MahaVastu Programming in combination with the three steps given above. In MahaVastu Course, it is ensured that a learner becomes well versed in identifying the disturbed kosha leading to the problem, while analysing and evaluating the existing buildings and then, carrying out remedial measures with the application of the 16 MahaVastuTM Techniques. Only after gaining a thorough understanding along with practical observations, one should decide the course of action to bring about the desired results in problematic life situations. Do not be hasty; rememberNature takes her own course and works at her own pace, but she is far more effective than we can imagine. Moreover, if you need to address more than one problem in a given time, it is advisable to deal with them one by one.



The same holds true for wishes and desires you may want fulfilled. Never try to set everything right at the same time. Prioritise your wants and work accordingly. You will notice that very often, a single problem has many manifestations. In such a case, treating one of these manifestations usually eliminates the problem and all its various forms. The application of too many remedies may also cause imbalance. So, normally, you should deal with only one problem at a time. If you feel that the situation is too complicated, then consult an experienced MahaVastu expert before you proceed. Symbols used for remedies, in the present book, have been useful to mankind since ages. In India, books on Vedas, Puranas, Astrology, Tantra, and Vastushilpa have been containing this knowledge right from centuries. Chalukya king Shri Someshwar dev (III) (1126.36), in 12th century, did excellent compilation of sculpturing in his book Abhilashitarth Chintamani. Manasoullas created by the king is also a part


MaHaVaSTU reMedies

of this book. Aparajit Prichcha created by Shri Bhuvenedev, also provides a vast collection of Vastu and Architectural knowledge (shilp gyan). A crisp description of sculptures (shilp) and sculptors (shilpi) is also found in books Matsyapuran, Agnipuran, Mansaar, and Vishnudharmottar puran. Vrihatsanhita and Vishwakarma Prakash are also full of sculpture (architecture) related knowledge. Their mutual conjunction and usage methodology are definitely modern, as per the requirement in contemporary buildings and life style. The basic reason for that is that the problems in modern life are also modern. In this book, these applications have been presented as the essence of Vastu remedies done over more than two decades. You can use them yourself as well as for the benefit of others to live with more happiness, love and prosperity. The following are some of the symbols which when used judiciously, completely transform your life.