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Baguio City

Republic of the Philippines


ORGANIZING THE BARANGAY DISASTER RISK REDUCTION MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE AND DEFINING ITS FUNCTIONS. WHEREAS, Presidential Decree (PD) 1566 strengthened the disaster management of both the national and local governments in order to attend to the safety and security of the people during natural and man-made calamities; WHEREAS, Republic Act 10121 entitled An Act Strengthening the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction Management Systemproviding for the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan. Appropriating funds therefore and for other purposes further strengthened the countrys disaster risk reduction and management by incorporating the provisions for mitigation and disaster preparedness plan from the national to the local levels in order to have a holistic approach in disaster risk reduction and management; WHEREAS, Administrative Order No. 160, Series of 2010 and amended by Administrative Order No. 173, series of 2010 created the City Disaster and Risk Reduction and Management Council (CDRRMC) which is the local counterpart of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) to effectively enhance the capacities of local governments in disaster risk management to ensure the safety of life and limb from natural andman-made calamities; WHEREAS, there is a need for the barangays of the City of Baguio to create the Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction Management Committee (BDRRMC) and to designate the BDRRM Action Officer to serve as the arm of the CDRRMC in the grassroots level in discharging the functions of the CDRRMC, and to provide for a well-coordinated and unified effort between the city government and the barangays in responding to disasters and emergencies; NOW THEREFORE, I, VAN OLIVER M. DICANG, Punong Barangay of Lower Quirino Hill, Baguio City, by the powers vested in me by law, do hereby declare that this Administrative Order shall read as follows: SECTION 1. There is hereby created a Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Committee, which shall be composed of the following: a) Chairperson: VAN OLIVER M. DICANG, Punong Barangay b) Action Officer: KAG. ARMANDO S. QUEVEDO, Committee Chairman on Peace and Order, Public Utilities c) Rescue and Engineering Committee i. Chairman: Kag. Peter O. Wasing ii. Members: Manolo Pineda Eduardo Pira Vicente Garbo

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Administrative Order Numbered 01, Series of 2014

d) Finance Committee i. Chairman: ii. Co-Chairman:

Kag. Rosa M. Cristal Brgy. Treas. Crissy M. Angyoda

e) Communication and Warning Committee i. Chairman: Kag. Anselma T. Mayao ii. Co-Chairman: Kag. Naty N. Pumihic iii. Members: Brgy. Sec. Cristeta L. Cruz DCW Dominga K. Libalib f) Medical Assistance Committee i. Chairman: ii. Members: Kag. Leonora B. Avecilla BHW Nancy B. Kispay BNS LilibethBalangue

g) Security/Peace and Order Committee i. Chairman: Chief Tanod Eduardo Hernando ii. Members: Manolo Pineda Vicente Garbo Eduardo Pira MarivicOrara h) Evacuation/Relief/Transportation Committee i. Chairman: Kag. Lorenza L. Ducusin ii. Members: BHW Nancy B. Kispay BNS LilibethBalangue MarivicOrara SECTION 2.BDRRMC Committee Functions& Obligations The functions and obligations of the BDRRMC and the committees shall be as follows: 1. BARANGAY LEADERS The Punong Barangay as Chairman is responsible for: o Developing the Disaster Preparedness Plan to protect life and property and to minimize damage in the event of a disaster/calamity; o Coordinating such planning with the next higher local authority; o Selecting, organizing and training as adequate staff to conduct the emergency operations required by the plan; o Establishing designated primary and alternate evacuation areas; and o Directing and supervising the activities of the evacuees/victims during an enforced stay in the shelters. 2. The Punong Barangay performs at least the following duties: o He ensures that the basic provisions of the plan are disseminated to all members of the barangay; o He established a Barangay Disaster Operations Center (BDOC) from where the activities of the BDOC may be directed in an emergency; o He maintains liaison with the City Mayor who is the CDRRMC Chairman; o He maintains liaison with other barangays; o He initiates and conducts training courses for disaster activities with assistance from appropriate agencies; o He coordinates arrangements for and directs all drills and exercises; o He exercises command responsibility for the implementation of the BDRRMC Plan;
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Administrative Order Numbered 01, Series of 2014

o o o

He arranges for and supervises the storage and disposition of required supplies and equipment; He works closely and in coordination with the CDRRMC Chairman in all matters involving planning, organization, training and operation; He assesses the nature and extent of damage.

3. ACTION OFFICER o The BDRRMC should include/appoint from the Council member and action office that is fit and capable of performing the functions as a principal assistant of the Punong Barangay. He shall perform similar duties as that of the over-all chairman of the BDRRMC and all other tasks as per instruction of the chairman in relation to the Disaster Preparedness Plan. 4. RESCUE AND ENGINEERING COMMITTEE o The rescue and engineering leader is responsible for locating injured, trapped and stranded persons and moving them to a place where they can be cared for safety during an emergency. Under the general direction of the Punong Barangay, he performs the following duties: Organizes and trains the Rescue and Engineering Committee provided for in the BDRRMC Plan; Coordinates with the Medical Assistance Committee and ensures that the members of the committee are proficient in on the spot first aid techniques; Coordinates with the proper offices and agencies such as the Fire department, CDRRMC Operations Office, City Engineering Office, Hospitals and other concerned agencies; Coordinates with the Evacuation/Relief/Transportation Committee and all other committees needed to accomplish the duties required. 5. FINANCE COMMITTEE o Responsible for processing the needed documents for the release of the funds necessary for the trainings/seminars and purchase of needed equipment and also during needed release of funding in response to emergencies. 6. COMMUNICATIONS/WARNING COMMITTEE o The warning/communications committee should ensure that warning signals are received or communicated to all residents in the Barangay. He performs at least the following tasks: Educates all residents on the meaning of the different warning signals and the different actions to be taken in such signal should be given; Organizes the warning service and assigns members to certain puroks in the barangay; Keeps and maintains appropriate warning devices such as sirens, bells, gong, lights and others and operates these devices when needed; Undertakes warning drills as necessary; and Communicates with the needed agencies/offices on emergencies and / or disasters. 7. MEDICAL ASSISTANCE COMMITTEE o The Medical Assistance Committee serves as the head of this service. He is responsible for training and equipping all the personnel assigned to perform medical or first aid services in an emergency, and for supervising emergency first aid or medical self-help operations within the barangay during an emergency. His duties includes among others;
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Administrative Order Numbered 01, Series of 2014

Arranging with the government health agencies, Red Cross or other sources for first aid and medical self-help training for all organization personnel who need it; Supervising the selection of first aid or medical treatment areas in shelter and elsewhere as required; Directing first aid or medical self-help operations and controlling access to medical supplies, as required to assure the proper use, conservation, and ability for emergency use; Directs and supervises evacuation activities during drills and actual emergencies; Coordinates with the hospitals or other emergency response teams the request for ambulance when necessary or official medical help for serious injuries or incidents.

8. SECURITY/PEACE AND ORDER o The Security/Peace and Order Committee shall ensure order whenever there are emergencies. Among the duties needed to be discharged to ensure order and safety of the constituents, they are obliged but not limited to: Ensure the flow of traffic in times of emergencies or disasters; Provides for needed security around responding personnel and the victims by ensuring that people from the community maintains a certain distance around the person/s being attended to and that enough space is available for ventilation and for the emergency response teams to move; Ensures people being evacuated are safe and are in order; Assists the Evacuation/Relief/Transportation Committee in carrying out its duties; Assists the other committees in the performance of their duties when requested or when necessary. 9. EVACUATION/RELIEF/TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE o The Evacuation/Relief/Transportation Committee shall be responsible for supervising and expediting the planned and controlled movement of all residents in an emergency. Under the general direction of the Punong Barangay, it shall perform the following duties: Plans movement routes and established movement procedure to give effect to the evacuation plan; Divides the Barangay area into convenient puroks and assign purok leaders; Directs and supervises evacuation activities during drills and actual emergencies; Assuring that all persons have vacated the assigned area when this is required by the plan; Receipt of the evacuees/victims; Provide housing for displaced persons or evacuees in evacuation centers or in private homes; Receive supplies like canned goods, clothing, medicines, household utensils, equipment needed for operations, materials for temporary shelters and others; Inform the CDRRMC through the Punong Barangay the status of disaster relief activities; Coordinate with other relief agencies and with other concerned offices or committees; Identify all locally available transportation facilities in the Barangay and tapping these sources needed; Supporting the transportation needs of the Barangay during operations activities;
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Administrative Order Numbered 01, Series of 2014

Ensure the availability of vehicles or drivers (public and private volunteers) for transportation for relief and evacuation operations of the barangay.

10. DAMAGE ASSESSMENT AND NEEDS ANALYSIS o This shall be the responsibility of all committees by consolidating all incidents or situations into one written formal report to be consolidated by the Barangay Secretary; o The damage assessment must be made by the council with respect to their assigned committees to ensure that all aspects in the emergency/incident are all documented. The needs arising from the emergency must likewise be documented to inform the lead agencies of the assistance needed by the Barangay. o The finalized report must be immediately sent to the next higher authority through the concerned office, informing them of the initial report of damages of the Barangay, and make the necessary follow-up on the initial report. o Progress reports must likewise be submitted as needed. The Operations Center must be manned twenty four (24) hours a day when the need arises to ensure that the proper coordination and smooth operations among the services. SECTION 3. A Barangay Disaster Preparedness Plan shall be prepared by the BDRRMC and shall be made a part of the Barangay Development Plan. SECTION 4.All executive issuances and order inconsistent herewith are hereby deemed amended and modified accordingly. SECTION 5. This order shall take effect immediately upon approval. Issued this 2nd of January 2013 at Lower Quirino Hill, Baguio City, Philippines.

VAN OLIVER M. DICANG Punong Barangay

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Administrative Order Numbered 01, Series of 2014