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I think the downside these days is thinking that , "I can do this all on my own.

" Yes, you can do this all on your own, but you'll be a much happier human being to do it with other human beings , and I gurantee you that = Mick Fleetwood Sound ity

!ow would you de"ine ""eel"# Feel is $$ is %ust a part o" who you are. It %ust comes "rom where you $$ where you're coming "rom. &im keltner It's %ust the way your heart beats, you know# '(erybody's heart beats a little di""erent . '(erybody's got a little di""erent "eel. "Feel doesn't mean your in time. You know cause something might ha(e a really out$ o" $ time kind o" "eel. It might be gloriously out o" tune and %ust be awesome. It's a chemistry $$ something that happens betwwen people. Feel is not something that you learn in a book. Feel is something that you "ind as a musician. It's like whe you take in a breathe, your body swells up . )hen you e*hale it collpses a bit, and sometimes music does that so subtle. +ut "eel is being human. It's so hard to be understood in li"e, and that,s why when you meet someone where you understand each other at that moment, you sort o" want to hold on to it you know# $ &osh homme