EgoSecure Acquires FinallySecure by SECUDE German endpoint security specialist EgoSecure acquires the full disk encryption business

FinallySecure brand of SECUDE AG, a S iss soft are manufacturer! Ettlingen, Germany, February 13, 2014 German endpoint security specialist EgoSecure acquires the full disk encryption business FinallySecure brand of SECUDE AG, a S iss soft are manufacturer! "his bold mo#e establishes EgoSecure as a $one%stop shopping$ offering hich includes all key components of the solution portfolio allo ing e&treme fle&ibility and response to ne user requirements! For SECUDE, the Spinoff is a logical step in focusing on the strategy to de#elop inno#ati#e security solutions for SA' en#ironments! "his acquisition of the disk encryption business creates a classical in% in situation for both EgoSecure and SECUDE as ell as the t o companies( large customer base! $"he decision to focus on the SA' security business ith our ne )alocore technology is the key business ob*ecti#e$, e&plains Dr! )einer +romer, CE, of SECUDE! $+eeping best interest of our FinallySecure customer base in mind, di#esting of FinallySecure as not an easy decision! -t as #ery important for us to find a partner ho is able to meet the e&tremely high e&pectations of our customers hen it comes to quality and inno#ati#e po er and added #alue through the endpoint security focus, hich EgoSecure offers!$ $.y acquiring the full disk encryption solution by SECUDE e can offer no one of the leading% edge products in this segment ith an e&cellent customer base! As endpoint security specialist, our plan is to continue to enhance the solution and to pro#ide seamless integration ith our other products! "he combined technologies ad#ances the effecti#eness and usability of our all%round protection of sensiti#e data! "he FinallySecure acquisition is one more important step on our ay to e&pand our global market position$, says Serge* Schlotthauer, CE, of EgoSecure! Dr! )einer +romer sums it up/ $"he purchase price reflects years of continuous efforts to de#elop and enhance the FinallySecure solution! For us, it is important to ha#e EgoSecure as a highly% qualified partner ho is able to pro#ide maintenance and update ser#ices to our e&isting customer base, hile de#eloping and enhancing the product!$ "erms of the deal are not disclosed! All additional information on ho the solution ill be integrated ith the EgoSecure product portfolio is pro#ided on the occasion of Ce.-" in )ano#er, starting on 0arch 12, 3214, in )all 13, booth C56! About EgoSecure! 7ith its comprehensi#e $goSecure Endpoint$ security solution the security specialist ith headquarters in Ettlingen near +arlsruhe 8Germany9 pro#ides leading%edge technology to address endpoint security and endpoint management! EgoSecure maintains sales and technology partnerships all o#er the orld to protect its 1,522 international business customers of all si:es and across all industries against data losses, mal are, liability risks, producti#ity losses and related costs! Customers also include organi:ations ith higher security requirements such as state offices of criminal in#estigation and banks! !egosecure!com About SECUDE! SECUDE is an inno#ati#e global pro#ider of -" data protection solutions! "he company(s state%of% the%art security solutions represent a holistic approach to security! SECUDE(s strategy is aimed at

identifying and closing the security gaps that e&ist in today(s corporate -" en#ironments! SECUDE(s user%friendly solutions protect the integrity of data and pre#ent intellectual property theft and data breaches, all hile enforcing regulatory compliance! !secude!com Contact ! Sabine Faltmann faltmann '; <ffentlichkeitsarbeit f=r -"%Unternehmen "heaterstra>e 1? ?32@3 Aachen Germany A46 341 45 ?5 B4 C4 presseDfaltmann%pr!de http/EE !faltmann%pr!de

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