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InnoBest Venture

InnoBest Venture

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For the preparation of more successful business models

Online Software for:
- higher validity
- optimized collaboration
- higher efficiency in consulting projects
For the preparation of more successful business models

Online Software for:
- higher validity
- optimized collaboration
- higher efficiency in consulting projects

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Published by: Fundacion Innovacion on Oct 06, 2009
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The InnoBest VentureTool successful For the preparation of more

business models Online Software for: - higher validity - optimized collaboration - higher efficiency in consulting projects

The InnoBest Venture-Tool

Purpose and Intent of Software
 User friendly conception, structure and assessment of the business idea and further development to a sustainable business model  Optimized interaction between founder(s) and consultant through a combination of onlinecollaboration and direct dialog  Generation of concrete planning foundations through direct input of target groups, experts und supporters from online questionnaires

The InnoBest Venture-Tool

Main Benefits
High quality and transparency level of consulting Massive time and work savings Simple and enjoyable service in the modern Web-Front Flexible project running Automatic documentation Location-independent online-collaboration Comparability of business model through benchmark function  No installation needed  Highest up-to-date security through SSL       

The InnoBest Venture-Tool

Key Aspects
Founder Idea: Compact formulation of idea and implementation concept in the profile Assessment: Self-assessment of concept und competency profile Feedback: Test of the concept and information gains through online questionnaires:
Founder Environment: Feedback about competency profile und motivations Potential Customers: Demand of the product and target group info Industry Experts: Insights about market conditions and financial feasibility

Operating Efficiency: planning of milestones, sales development und financial requirements

The InnoBest Venture-Tool
Workflow and Relationship Model
Founder Environmen t Potential Customers

Business Idea Founder Input
First (Self-) Overview Assessment

Collaborative Workflow: Flexible and Online-Based


Plan Data

Profiling Recommendati & ons & Benchmar Reporting k

Roadma p

Consultant Input Software Tool
Industry Experts

Information increase & business model preparation

Based on the technology of the InnoBest Innovation Audit: www.innobest.net

The InnoBest Venture-Tool

Project Management and Process:
The core user of the software tool is the founder’s consultant. He can control the project progression and work distribution:
Scenario 1 – Consultant Centered:
The consultant undertakes complete interaction of the tool: He enters the data himself, initiates the questionnaires, evaluates the plan, and then presents his findings to the founder along with the project report.

Scenario 2 – Founder Centered:
The consultant invites the founder in stages to the project phases, i.e. concept description, self-assessment, questionnaires and plan dates, so that the founder accomplishes the essential development work himself/herself. The consultant has full insight in the findings and directly overlooks the profiling, recommendations and reporting sections.

Interactive Scenario:
Depending on the stage of development and progress of the project the consultant decides, if and when the founder will be invited and to which tasks. Through the use and proper management of the online tool, the individual necessary steps can be accomplished by the most appropriate person. The project can be accomplished regardless of who participates. Each user can contribute their work amount comfortably and easily online.

The InnoBest Venture-Tool

Start profiting from the new consulting tool:
Become informed and test the tool without commitment: Free Tutorials and Demo Account Easy to get started  The tool is intuitively operated: Online skilled consulting experts can start immediately.  Compact online seminar and probational project are included in the entrance package.  Flexible Rates: Pay per Project or Subscription.

Simply contact us at frueda@consurge.net

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