Ref Module (Num/name) Topic Screen type Screen heading: Body text 4 - Consultation 5 – Tips and tricks Unit Screen 2 – HSC Meetings 3

Branching pathwa i!age right "aising an issue To!! suggests we gi#e all the workers long slee#e shirts. $ou know there is not enough %udget to do this. &hat do ou sa ' Clic an option to ma e your choice! Target popup text or lin To!! hits ou* Click +e,t to continue. To!! sa s great. %ut our %oss )ires ou* Click +e,t to continue.

Statement (n)ortunatel there is not enough %udget )or that To!! . -erhaps we can get so!e this ear and so!e ne,t ear To!! . Sure. we can take it out o) ne,t ear/s %udget. "lert heading "lert text &hat does the 0ct sa '

1on/t )orget according to paragraph 5 su%-section 3 o) the 2HS 0ct. all reasona%le precautions !ust %e taken to ensure worker sa)et . Howe#er. 3reasona%le/ allows )or so!e genuine )inancial li!itations. 4egislation icon -hoto o) a %lue collar worker talking to a %usiness !an sitting at a ta%le. -ic Suppress +e,t %utton unless target pop-up te,t is displa ed. 2n selecting an option either go to ne,t screen or pop-up the conse5uence. $6+ – 7) $ how long'

"lert image Media de#cription Media file name Note# to programmer Timer

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