Ref Module (Num/name) Topic Screen type Screen heading: Body text 4 - Consultation 5 – Tips and tricks Matching pairs Raising an issue The issue being discussed is hether to en!orce the earing o! long slee"e shirts outside. #hat tactics are a"ailable to $ou in this discussion% Clic and match a tactic !ith it" de"cription and clic Su#mit$ then clic Next to learn a#out re"ol%ing conflict"& Target 'eep on dri"ing $our point ho&e( don)t let an$one get a ord in until at last e"er$one gi"es in and agrees ith $our point. Re&ind e"er$one o! +eter last $ear and ho he died o! skin cancer( &ake the point that i! e had introduced long slee"es then he &a$ still be ali"e. Share $our truth!ul opinion ith e"er$one and see hat the$ sa$. #ork through e"er$one else)s points pointing out the !la s in their argu&ents. ./0 ./0 Text (R media de"cription/name 1ou ha"e a good understanding o! the tactics a"ailable to $ou and are read$ to practice appl$ing those tactics to con!lict resolution. That)s not correct and it is critical to resol"ing con!licts that $ou understand these tactics( please tr$ again. ./0 ./0 ./0 2te&s and targets currentl$ in correct order( ensure $ou 3u&ble the& up. 0s each pair is &ade( displa$ a line bet een the&. 2nclude a Sub&it button( on sub&it i! correct displa$ correct !eedback( i! not displa$ incorrect !eedback Suppress .e4t button until sub&it button pressed. 1/. – 2! 1 turn o!! !eedback. 1/. – 2! 1 ho long% Unit Screen 2 – HSC Meetings 3

'tem Stea&roller *uilt ,penness -ogical persuasion ./0 ./0 Correct feed#ac

'ncorrect feed#ac

)lert heading )lert text )lert image Note" to programmer

*enerate "core Timer