Discovery Bible Study

Foundations of Faith
Week 1: Acts 17:24-28 Memory Verse: Acts 17:28 Week 2: Romans 1:18-21 Memory Verse: Romans 1:21 Week 3: Romans 1:28-32 Memory Verse: Romans 1:28 Week 4: Romans 5:8 Acts 2:22-24 Memory Verse: Romans 5:8 Week 5: John 3:16-18 Memory Verse: John 3:16 Week 6: Acts 2:36-39 Memory Verse: Acts 2:38 Week 7: 1 Peter 3:21 Romans 10:9-10 Acts 22:16 Memory Verse: 1 Peter 3:21 Week 8: Matthew 22:34-40 Memory Verse: Matthew 22:37 Week 9: Acts 2:40-47 Memory Verse: Acts 2:42 Week 10: Matthew 28:18-20 Memory Verse: Matthew 28:18-20

Opening Prayer & Singing Part 1: We will review what God has done this week.
1. What are you thankful for this week?

2. Say the memory verse from last week. 3. Who did you share with this week? 4. How did you obey last week’s passage? 5. Let’s pray and thank God for changing us.

Part 2: We will learn God’s teachings.
1. The Bible is our teacher. a. Let’s read it again bit by bit. Everybody, repeat what is read. b. What does the passage say? c. Where is that written in this passage? d. Did we say everything? e. Let’s read it again one more time. 3. What is one important thing that you learned from this passage? 4. This week, which person will you share with? 5. This week, what will you do to obey this passage? 6. Let’s memorize the verse: _________. 7. Let’s pray: Each person should say, "I will obey you, God." and "Give me good words to share with my friend." 2. Let’s read the passage: __________.

Part 3: We will discuss our plans for making disciples of Jesus.
1. We must help other families start this Bible study in their own village. 2. What families have we studied with? 3. Are they meeting in their village for this Bible study every week? 4. Are they helping other families get started? 5. What problems are they having that we can pray for? 6. Who else in the community should we pray for? 7. What can we do to help those people? 8. Let’s choose three people to ask the questions next week. 9. Let’s pray and ask God to help other families to have a Bible study and for the problems that we mentioned.

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