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Nestlé Pakistan and Motorway Police Committed to Drivers Safety

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!arachi" #$% 08" 2011 Nestlé Pakistan si%ned an a%reement with National &i%hways ' Motorway Police as (art of its contin$ed commitment to enhance Drivers Safety thro$%h trainin%) *he accord si%ned +etween the two or%ani,ations in this re%ard will +e $sed for the e-(ansion of the Driver *rainin% .nstit$te in Sheikh$($ra)

Si%ned +etween .an Donald" Mana%in% Director Nestlé Pakistan and /ahan,e+ !han /o%e,ai " Commandant National &i%hways ' Motorway Police in the first week of #$%$st 2011" the a%reement will f$rther stren%then the instit$te0s a+ility to im(art safe traffic and drivin% ed$cation) *his is the fo$rth s$ch ro$nd of s$((ort +y Nestlé Pakistan to the drivers safety trainin% instit$te) .n the (ast Nestlé Pakistan has contri+$ted si%nificantly to the instit$te for constr$ction of the Driver *rainin% *rack" *rainin% &all and a Driver *rainin% Sim$lator) Constr$ction of the new trainin% hall will allow (artici(ants to ac1$ire s(eciali,ed drivin% (ractices and wo$ld c$r+ accident rates on motorway thro$%h re1$isite skills that will +e %ained d$rin% the trainin% (eriod)

2ack of (ro(er knowled%e" awareness of safe drivin% (ractices and (roced$res is one of the ma3or ca$ses of accidents on the hi%hway) *he on%oin% s$((ort of Nestlé Pakistan has allowed the Motorway Driver *rainin% .nstit$te to im(art trainin% to more than 1"000 drivers) Nestlé Pakistan0s s$((ort to the instit$te reinforces its em(hasis on the safety and well4+ein% of the comm$nities it o(erates in and hi%hli%hts foc$s on driver trainin% to ens$re safety of the %eneral ($+lic