Photo Holders
These simple photo holders are easy to make. You can use a variety of colors. Be sure the beads you use are heavy so they can hold the photo up when it is inserted.

Tools: Ruler Wire cutting pliers Pencil or other item to wind wire Materials: Wire, 20 gauge or larger Large beads — glass, wood, ceramic, etc.

Steps: Cut. Cut the wire 4x the length you want your holder to be. For a 4" wide stand (to hold a 4 x 5 photo), you'll need a 16" long piece of wire.
Beads. Select and put the beads you want on the wire. You may want to measure out 4" worth of beads and adjust if you want a pattern. Wrap. Center the beads. Using a pencil or other round object, wrap the wire around it. You'll end up with a coil. Wrap the other side, being careful that the wrap is a reflection of the first wrap. Adjust. You can add a curve to the beads to add stability. Put the beads down and slide your photo in the coils.