The F-22 stealth fighter serves as the lynchpin in the Pentagon’s plan to establish absolute air superiority when war

breaks out in the western Pacific, to be used to shoot down enemy fighter jets flying forward to protect their airspace This is !uite a foolproof scheme for "# aggression, but trouble is, the F-22 is no wonder weapon $n at least one notable air e%ercise held in the "#, &erman pilots flying Typhoons were able to get close to a "# F-22 to set up a strike and in 2''(, or nearly seven years ago, an unarmed F-22 was reportedly struck down by a )hinese *-+' fighter jet over the eastern )hinese coast The *-+' is no match for the F-22, not even the latest version, the *-+') ,ut a twin-seater *-+' properly e!uipped with -.#radar and #-T)/0 gear and accompanied by specialised air combat drones plus 0-12 type hunter-killer "-3s could assure itself of a fighting chance surviving against a lone intruding F-22 This is because the *-+' unlike the huge single-seater #u-45 is small in si6e and hard to seek out visually in the smoke of battle Thus twin-seater fighters must be given top priority for the coming pacific struggle, or the coming battle of china The second pilot in the twin-seater plane must be trained to handle several combat drones at once, using them to waste all the F-22’s missiles and to chase after the fleeing F-22 and run it down

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