The Department of Pu !"# Wor$% CITY OF SARATOGA SPRINGS
We want to do a good job. We need your cooperation. Please be advised In accordance with City Code Section 225-57 a snow e!ergency has been declared beginning at"

S/+W 010-.0/C*

S/+W 010-.0/C*

#"$$ p.!. on %hursday &ebruary '( 2$')
• Beginning at 9:00 a.m., Friday, February 14, all vehicles on City Streets (e ce!t alternate side !ar"ing streets#, must be moved to a !lo$ed or cleared area. %ccordingly, all vehicles must be moved every t$elve (1&# hours therea'ter until 9:00 !.m. on (ednesday, February 19, &014. ) ce!t 'or those streets !osted 'or alternate side !ar"ing, it shall be unla$'ul to !ar" or stand a motor vehicle 'or any continuous !eriod o' time in e cess o' t$elve (1&# hours. %ll vehicles in violation o' the City*s Sno$ )mergency !ar"ing regulations are sub+ect to being tic"eted and,or to$ed at o$ner*s e !ense. CI%* +& S,-,%+., SP-I/.S -)./. 0F .1B23C (045S, %nthony 6S"i!7 Scirocco, Commissioner

Sno$ )mergency -eclaration

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