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When the Police Department Decides to Use NIXLE!
The Denville Police Department utilizes a no cost version of NIXLE which has limitations on notifications and user groups. Subscribers to NIXLE can elect to receive notifications from multiple agencies or only the agency in the town where they reside. This can be achieved by visiting the website and selecting the settings page. We try to reserve the use of NIXLE for emergency situations that require notification to the entire group of subscribers, not a select number of residents. For instance, you may receive a NIXLE notification for a road closure on Franklin Road, but not one for Sunset Trail. That is because Franklin Rd is a commuter road that effects thousands of drivers daily, including non-residents of Denville that travel through town and also subscribe to NIXLE in their home town. If we sent a NIXLE about closing Sunset Trail, it would reach approximately 6000 subscribers and only effect under 100 people. In addition, when the Denville Police Department sends out a non-emergency message regarding garbage pick-up, for example, the software dictates that we select the recipients by a mileage radius from headquarters. In order to reach the residents at the far north and south parts of Denville, we need to select a 10 mile radius. That means residents in Rockaway Township and Borough, Mt. Lakes, Boonton Twp, Parsippany, Randolph and Morris Plains all receive our alert about garbage pickup. This over use of NIXLE for non-emergency messages has caused many users to unsubscribe entirely from the system. Then, in an emergency, we cannot get our message to the intended target residents. The police department has communicated with NIXLE about the costs for upgrading the system but we feel that the no-cost version works well in emergencies, especially since the Township of Denville publishes many non-emergency messages on Facebook, Twitter and the Township website, If you have any additional questions about Denville Township Emergency Notifications, please feel free to contact me via email at or phone at 973-627-4900, ext. 330.


Christopher Wagner Chief of Police

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