BAhasa Melayu: 1.kepentingan sukan 2.gaya hidup sihat 3.langkah-langkah menggalakan industri pelancogan 4.

masalah gejala sosial 5. usaha-usaha memupuk perpaduan 6. semagat kejiranan Novel : perbandingan novel form 1, form 2, & form 3 ~teknik plot ~gaya bahasa ~watak sampingan & contoh peristiwa ~latar masyarakat Bahasa Inggeris: How to stay healthy? ~food pyramid ~exercise Novel ~setting ~plot ~major character ~point of view Mathematics...... SEnd an e-mail to to get the paper. Science 1.variety resources 2.World through sense 3.Independence between organism 4.dynamic movement 6.Reproduction 7.Electricity 8.generation of electricity Sejarah ni spot xpnh kluar.. ~kemerosotan melaka ~sarawak ~sabah ~kerajaan melayu yg tua ~kemerdekaan negara ~malayan union ~malaysia yg berdaulat Geografi..... JUz read evrything.....more to the map and migrasi ...... That all if any want would like to share more question juz send an e-mail to OR ******************************************** Exams are like Girl friends - Too many questions - Difficult to understand

- More explanation is needed - Result is always fail! ******************************************** Meaning of some colors, Yellow for special friend, white for peace, orange 4 luck,black for hate, red for love and pink for likeness,So i choose for u Orange Flower.Wish u goodluck By Prashantha! ********************************************* With my 1 Heart… 2 Eyes… 5 Litre blood… 206 bones… 1.2million Red Cells… 60 trillion D.N.A.’s… I wish U “Best of LUCK”. ********************************************* MAY THE SARASWATHY AMMA SHOWER YOU WITH BRAVENESS AND SPIRITUAL ANSWER FOR THI WHOLE WEEK!!!!! GOod Luck<**> :)lolx shantha_pra ebyw