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Study of Nursing

Mrs.Jones English IV, 4A

Nursing Job description
● monitor, record and report symptoms and changes in patients conditions ● maintain accurate, detailed reports and records ● record patients medical information and vital signs.

Nursing Job Description ● modify patient treatment plans are indicated by patients responses and conditions ● consult and coordinate with health care team members. ● order, interpret, and evaluate diagnostic tests to identify patients conditions

Skills and high school requirements
Skills Required:.
● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● compassion communication ethics critical thinking Attention to detail confidence Adaptability Stamina commitment to development

High School Preparation science and math classes also colleges courses (Ex. Anatomy physiology,sport medicine I,ii,iii)

Skills and High School Requirement
To future your education in to becoming a register nurse their are high school requirements that are needed to get into a good college. these are the basic requirement:

Degrees and Years of Studying ● 2 years Associate in Nursing(ASN) ● 4 years bachelor’s in Nursing(BSN) ● 6 years Master’s in Nursing(MSN) Nursing is one of the most challenging career

Entrance Requirements for top Schools
To enter into any of these colleges student must have a 3.0 gpa act score to
CADR refers to college admission criteria established by the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC). Each school district determines which of its courses meet CADR guidelines. Students are encouraged to take additional courses above and beyond the minimum CADR requirements listed below. English: 4 credits (including 3 credits of literature and composition) Math: 3 credits (including algebra I, algebra II and geometry) Senior year Math-Based Quantitative Course: 1 credit. (Acceptable courses include algebra I, algebra II, geometry, pre-calculus and above, math analysis, statistics, applied math, appropriate career and technical courses, or an algebra-based science course such as chemistry or physics. If you take and pass pre-calculus, math analysis or calculus prior to your senior year, you're exempt from this requirement.) Social Science: 3 credits Lab Science: 2 credits (one credit required in an algebra based lab science) World Language: 2 credits of the same world language, Native American language or American Sign Language 1 credit of fine, visual, or performing arts, or electives from any of the other required CADR areas

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Top State & National Colleges University of Washington is the highest rank college. 1. University of Washington 2. Johns Hopkins University 3. University of Pennsylvania

University of Washington
● WSU’s Tuition alone is about$68,512 for fall semester ● WSU’s Tuition alone is 69,736 for the spring semester ● WSU’s Tuition alone is 27,664 is about summer ● WSU’s Tuition alone is 23,568 ● about winter

Job Market
Nurses may be most visible at the hospital bedside or in the doctor’s office, but this fast-growing community of more than 2.7 million workers is rapidly expanding into a host of specialized jobs ranging from elder care to oncology. While many RNs work in hospitals or physicians’ offices treating and educating patients, explaining prescriptions and procedures, administering medication, or managing medical records, more are finding jobs in public health, home care, or alternate care settings such as rehabilitation centers, schools or businesses

Potential Income The average entry rate for registered nurse is 65,950- 96,630.

The average pay per hour for a registered nurse is 31.10 per hour.

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