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Lesson Title: Introduction to The Diary of Anne Frank 1Terminal Objective: Based on images given of the Auschwitz-Birkenau

camp, students will be able to write a journal entr of the camp in the perspective of a !ew b using sensor detail" Content Standard: Common Core ELA: #-1$"%"&, #-1$"%"', #-1$"()"1, #-1$"()"* Language Standard: +- (peaking and )istening- B-': participating in social conversations with familiar and unfamiliar people, sharing personal information, e-periences, opinions, and abilities using complete sentences" +-%riting- B-&: writing with an identifiable purpose for a specific audience" Time 1. min" Task Analysis (Sub-Objectives w/ loom! %rite first impressions of concentration death camps after watching the clip, /oncentration /amp )iberation" loom's: 0nowledge *2 min" Appl sensor detail to the written first impressions of the death camps" loom's: Application #re,i: (ensor 4etail Identif sensor detail that comes to mind when viewing images of Auschwitz-Birkenau camp" loom's: Application ;se sensor detail to create a journal entr of our e-perience as a !ew in the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp" (ournal )ntry .andout: Images of Auschwitz-Birkenau /amp +iscussion: 7ntire class -ntermittent Closure: Appl sensor detail to images 63rezi8 -/all on non-volunteers 6main focus on 7)) students8 • 9eacher will let 7)) students know ahead of time that the will be called upon for class discussion" -(tudents use their notes to aid their writing" -Assessment: !ournal 7ntr 6Based on <ubric8 Teac"ing Strategies (ournal )ntry: If ou had to go into hiding, where would ou hide1 -(hare thoughts with class *ideo Cli$: /oncentration /amp )iberation -%rite first impressions of the camp on a piece of paper +iscussion: 3lace students in groups of three to four students to discuss impressions -4iscuss as a class Active Student #artici$ation (C"eck %or &nderstanding! -/all on non-volunteers -(tudents must take notes of their first impressions during the clip"

-(tudents will take notes on 3rezi -5roups will be selected b the teacher 63ut 7)) students with non-7)) students"8

12 min"

*: min"

loom's: ( nthesis

.omework: 1" =inish !ournal 7ntr *" <ead '$ pages of 9he 4iar of Anne =rank &" 4ialectical !ournal on <eading 6' >uotes re>uired8 /aterials 0eeded: 1" *" &" '" *ideo Cli$: /oncentration /amp )iberation #re,i: (ensor 4etail .andout: 3ictures of Auschwitz-Birkenau /amp 1ubric: !ournal 7ntr

0otes on t"e Lesson • If there are students who are struggling with the material, I will review and?or go over it with those selected students at another time 6during lunch or after school8"