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CURRICULUM DESIGN Project planning form 1. What do you want your students to learn/be able to do?

The learning goals: - They can write short reports about events that happened in the past - They can work together in a group, on a product (magazine) -They can read a text and analyse it. -They can show their knowledge through a presentation. -They can tell each other information, they just heard and explain it to their classmates.

2. How are they going to show you what they have learned? - Make a magazine - Make a written test -Give a presentation. (about the magazine)

3. How do you want them to go about the task. We have got 6 weeks, three lessons each week, so that is 18 lessons in total. We divided the lessons, each of us is going to design 6 lessons. Deborah’s topic is modern technology, Barthilde’s Cold War 1945-1960 and Iris’ topic is the Cold War 1960-1991. Week 1 and 2: Modern Technology Goal: They know after these lessons what kind of ‘modern technology’ came from this time. Things we still use now, are from and made in the past. Week 3 and 4: The Cold War 1945-1960 Goal: They know what the Cold War is, how it began, why it all happened. Week 4 and 5: The Cold War 1960-1991 Goal: They know more about the Cold War, how it ended, and why it was such a complex war.

4 - What do they need to be able to complete the task? The vocab they need to know: there is a lot of input of vocab in the lessons and we design assignments so they get used to the new words and know what they mean. Most of it will be ‘historic’ related vocab. f.e: they need to know what communism means, otherwise this whole course is no use for the students. Language structures: they need the past tense and the future forms. They focus is on the past tense. The skills they need: reading and listening strategies, writing and speaking skills, use of technology, social interaction, presentation skills. They need other language: Other language (no Dutch only English). They have to design their magazine in English and give their presentation in English. They need to be taught on how they have to write a letter, how they have to give their opinion on certain matters. Cultural information (History from England) Post war. This information is available for them on the website, weebly. Our task: they have to design a digital magazine. They can find all the information they need on weebly, on the magazine page. The input: -reading: they have to read texts, stories and assignments. In these texts there will be unfamiliar vocab, language structures they need to learn. Practice reading strategies and skills. Listening: Most of it will be authentic materials, from the internet (youtube). They have to practice all these input as well, with exercises. (intake). 5. Receptive and productive strategies Receptive strategies: we will design some assignments which will activate their pre-knowledge). How to read a text, first look at the titel, images etc. productive: if they don’t know what the meaning is of a word, they can guess it from the context, ask a teacher or a classmate. 6. Feedback How are you going to give your students feedback on their output They students will receive their feedback in the lessons. They will receive it from their classmates and the teacher. 7 - How will they be tested and graded? They have to design a magazine in groups, they get a mark for that. (includes the presentation, the grade is the same for the whole group). And they get a written test. 60% is sufficient. Focus of presentation is on fluency and accuracy of knowledge. 8 - What have they achieved? They have learned How to work in groups and this leads to a good mark How to make a good presentation, and how to gather all the knowledge to make a good test. Share this knowledge with their classmates.