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Self-Evaluation Your teacher will grade your project when you give your practice presentation in class

. The Senior Service Learning Project Self-Evaluation is one of the most important aspects of the project process. You will write a reflective essay addressing the questions below. Make sure you put time and serious reflection into this step. Your teacher and evaluation board will examine this piece with other submissions in your e-portfolio. 1. Describe your project: I did my Senior project at the Evansville Soccer Club. I helped with parking, cleaning restrooms, i helped picked up trash after all the soccer games were over and did whatever else the Soccer Club needed me to do.

2. Explain how you used your time on this project describing: I completed all my hours. I started on my project in October and completed my project and got all my hours done by November. ●estimated total hours ●different phases/steps of project ●time involved with each phase/step ●project start and completion dates

3. Describe which materials, resources, and funds you used: I had to use gas money for this project

4. Write about which individuals and/or organizations you contacted who helped you successfully complete this project. Mrs. Weikert helped with this project and my mentor really helped by making sure i got all my hours completed by the time i needed to. 5. Explain whether or not you have ever completed a project like this before: No i have never completed a project like this before 6. Explain why or why not you would recommend this type of project for future seniors:

Yes i would recommend this project for future seniors. I think it was a pretty fun project and i really enjoyed doing this project. It was a really fun experience. 7. Describe two personal learning experiences you encountered while completing this project: While doing this project i learned many things about soccer some things i didn’t know. 8. Describe the most important skill you acquired during the process of the physical project: I helped the community as well as the Evansville Soccer Club. 9. Explain what advice you would give to future seniors completing their senior projects: My advice to future seniors when completing their senior projects is make sure you get everything done on time for your project. You should take this project seriously. Don’t mess around when it comes to your senior project and think that you can just get everything done at the last minute cause you can’t. 10. In specific detail, describe how the project has stretched you emotionally, intellectually, and/or physically: This project helped me socialize with other people.

11. Explain how you feel your project would compare to other similar projects: I know for a fact it’s helping the community by volunteering and it’s helping the Soccer Club with extra help. Not only is it helping the Soccer Club but it’s also helping the people that run the Soccer Club with extra help.

12. Describe what problems you encountered and how you handled them: I didn’t have any problems with this project.

13. Explain in what ways your project is original and creative: It’s creative and original due to the fact the i had to help people and direct people with parking and organize parking and i had to socialize with many people at the parks.

14. Explain what you would do differently if given the opportunity to redo the project: I wouldn’t do anything different about this project if i was given the chance to. I think i did everything the way i was suppose to and got all my hours done in the time i needed to get them done.

15. Explain and justify what grade you would give yourself on this project. I would probably give myself an A on this Project. I think i got everything done that needs to be done and i got all my hours that i needed for this project.