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Souls of Distortion Awakening - A Convergence of Science & Spirituality

Souls of Distortion Awakening - A Convergence of Science & Spirituality


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Published by: oftaran on Oct 06, 2009
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The pyramid encodes the mathematical constants for Pi and Phi and the natural
logarithm e! These three constants play a very significant role in mathematics
and physics. The origin of these constants has for centuries puzzled
mathematicians and scientist and it still remains a mystery, but the fact is that
these mystical constants show up everywhere in nature. All of the three constants
Pi, Phi and e have been incorporated into one and the same structure, the Great
Pyramid! This in itself is a very remarkable fact and proves the ingeniousness of
the builders of the Great Pyramid.

By no means is it possible that these constants show up accidentally by piling up
some rocks. Pi and Phi were found first; however it took until 2003 before Rick D.
Howard eventually discovered the natural logarithm constant. He developed a
theory called the Triple-Triangular-Theory (TTT) that mathematically underpins
the presence of all three constants in the Great Pyramid.

In the picture below are the dimensions of the Great Pyramid in royal cubits. The
royal cubit is an ancient length measure used by the Egyptians.

Dimensions of the Great Pyramid in royal cubits.

The mathematic value of Pi defines the ratio of the circumference to the diameter
of a circle and is found in the pyramid.

• Pi can be found taking twice the base length of the pyramid divided by its
height: Pi = 2 * 440/280 = 880/280 = 22/7 approximating Pi = 3.14159.

The Golden Ratio or Phi is found in the pyramid in the following way:

• Phi is found when the length of the slant length of the pyramid is divided
by half the base length of the pyramid, Phi = 356/220 = 1.618 (220 is the
half of the base of the pyramid).

I’ve left out the proof for the base of the natural logarithm e since the Triple-
Triangular Theory is rather complex.

The fact that the pyramid encodes Pi and Phi and e, the most profound constants
in nature shows that the builders of the pyramid must have had a mathematical
understanding of the importance of these constants.
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Souls of Distortion Awakening


Now the Great Pyramid is not the only structure in ancient Egypt that contains
these remarkable constants. Schwaller de Lubicz who studied the Temple at Luxor
from 1837 to 1952 had amassed evidence that the Egyptians had used the
Golden Mean ratio (Phi) ingeniously in many ways in the architecture of the
temple. Before de Lubicz’s research, the discovery of the Golden Mean was
credited to the Greeks. His findings were irrefutable proof that the Egyptians had
a mathematical understanding a thousand years before Pythagoras.

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