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Souls of Distortion Awakening - A Convergence of Science & Spirituality

Souls of Distortion Awakening - A Convergence of Science & Spirituality


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Published by: oftaran on Oct 06, 2009
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Smelyakov and Karpenko are not alone in their reasoning that evolution is
spiralling in towards the end time of the Maya calendar. Years before the end
date of the Maya calendar was finally established in the nineties by José
Argüelles, Terrence McKenna and his brother Denis developed a Time Wave Zero
theory. The Time Wave Zero theory was introduced in their book ‘The Invisible
Landscape’ and published in 1975. In this book they explained that the
evolutionary time is recursively imploding like a fractal to an end time that
according to the original theory ends on November 17th

2012. It mysteriously
missed the Mayan Long Count calendar end date by only 33 days! At the time the
theory was developed, the brothers McKenna were completely unaware of the
Maya Long Count calendar’s end date. It was only years later in 1987 that José
Argüelles published ‘The Mayan Factor’ after decoding the Mayan Long Count
calendar and he arrived at an end date independently and completely unaware of
the Time Wave Zero theory! When the brothers finally learned about the Mayan
Long Count calendar, they amended the end date of their Time Wave Zero theory
such that it would coincide with the end date of the calendar.

It’s amazing how the Time Wave Zero theory came to be. Terrence McKenna,
after eating enough hallucinating mushrooms got a vision in which he was told to
study the mathematical principles of the legendary and mysterious Chinese book
of the I Ching. The I Ching, or the book of changes, is a book used for many
centuries in China as an oracle to predict the flow of changes. It consists of 64

Souls of Distortion Awakening


hexagrams in a matrix of 8 by 8 that can be used to predict the change of Yin and
Yang energy manifesting in the world. The book is said to predict the flow of
changes in the universe. When there is too much Yin energy it will be eventually
compensated by Yang energy and visa versa, like a rhythmic change constantly
balancing between two extremes.

The brothers McKenna however believed that the I Ching worked because the Yin
and Yang energies are real and create a time wave in the universe that is
responsible for all changes in evolution. Terrence McKenna deduced a
mathematical fractal function from the I Ching’s logic. The fractal supposedly
represents the changes in our world that take place in terms of novelties and
habits. They matched their time wave function with the peaks and troughs of
history and found by applying a best-fit approach that the time wave ends at the

of December 2012.

The troughs on the vertical axis of the time wave function indicate a strong
increase in novelties (time of great evolutionary advancement) as evolution
proceeds along the horizontal axis. The frequency of novelty increases as
evolution proceeds.

The time wave zero function seems to support the idea that has been postulated
by Smelyakov and Y. Karpenko that the amount of knowledge obtained in our
evolution rapidly increases to a maximum as we near the Mayan end date since
the novelty rate of the time wave function converges to a singularity.

According to the time wave theory in the last 384 days there will be more
transformations than in all of history before. Eventually in December 2012 the
novelty wave implodes and novelty itself becomes infinite. What it could mean is
only open to speculation. Maybe it is a time of a great transformation, a time of

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