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Souls of Distortion Awakening - A Convergence of Science & Spirituality

Souls of Distortion Awakening - A Convergence of Science & Spirituality


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Published by: oftaran on Oct 06, 2009
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What is so special about the 21st

of December 2012? Does it have a cosmic


The Mayan Long Count calendar duration of 5125 years is a fifth of the so-called
precession cycle of roughly 26.000 years, also called a Platonic Great Year named
after Plato who assumed this cycle to be the perfect harmonic number of 25920

Precession is actually the wobbling of a spinning top on a flat surface. The
wobbling starts as the spin of the top slows down and the revolutions become
unstable causing the top to bend over from side to side until it finally drops. The
Earth’s rotation around its polar axis that gives us our day and night rhythms, is
also subject to precession just like a spinning top. Just think of the Earth as a
spinning top on a flat surface called the ecliptic. The ecliptic is the plane the
planets revolve in around the Sun. What’s causing precession is the Earth’s polar
axis makes an angle of approximately 23,5 degrees with an axis perpendicular to
the ecliptic. In 25.920 years the Earth axis completes one full circle of precession.
So the Earth is rather like a top spinning in slow motion.

Souls of Distortion Awakening


Precession of the Earth’s polar axis

Precession is the reason why stars in the heavens, for instance the pole star and
the big dipper, change their position in the skies over the centuries. The
Egyptians saw the Pole Star in a completely different area of the heavens than
where we see it today. Precession not only causes all of the signs of the zodiac to
shift through a complete circle in 25.920 years but also causes these signs to
move up and down with respect to the Earth’s horizon.

Precession can be monitored by determining the positions of the stars that make
up a sign of the zodiac at pre-defined moments of the year. These pre-defined
moments are the solstices and equinoxes that define the change of the seasons.
If for instance the rising Sun is watched on the vernal equinox (March 21st

) every

year for a period of 72 years, we would notice that the zodiacal sign that aligns
with the rising Sun has shifted 1 degree in position in the heavens. In order for
this zodiacal sign to make a full circle of 360 degrees and return to the same
place in the sky, 360 * 72 = 25920 years would be required for a complete
precession cycle. Since precession is tracking the changes of solstices and
equinoxes, precession is also referred to as the precession of the solstices or the
precession of the equinoxes.

In our current time, the vernal equinox aligns with the zodiacal sign Pisces but is
about to make its transition to Aquarius. That’s why the new age movement
speaks of the coming Age of Aquarius. The actual transition date to Aquarius is
open for debate but many have speculated that it coincides with the Maya Long
Count calendar’s end time.

But to answer our first question, what makes the Winter Solstice of 2012 so
special? Well, on December 21st

2012 a very rare alignment will occur in the
Earth’s long precession cycle of 25.920 years. Although the exact date is hard to
establish by scientists, somewhere around the ending of the Mayan calendar, the
Earth, the Winter Solstice Sun and what is called the Dark Rift in the Milky Way at
the centre of our galaxy will perfectly align. The Dark Rift is a widest part of the
Milky Way and corresponds with the Galactic Centre. As the alignment occurs the

Souls of Distortion Awakening


Earth will also pass through the Galactic Equator. So this alignment is absolutely
unique in the precession cycle. Since it occurs at the dawning of the solstice Sun
on the 21st

December 2012 it is also called the Winter Solstice Galactic Alignment.

As mentioned above, the exact date for this alignment is very hard to calculate
precisely since it is hard to determine what the exact location of the Galactic
Centre is. Scientist calculated that this alignment could already have occurred on
the 10th

of May 1998. In Chapter One we mentioned that Edgar Cayce predicted
that the time of the changes on Earth would take place between 1958 and 1998.
So maybe the alignment has already taken place?

According to John Major Jenkins author of the books ‘Maya Cosmogenesis 2012’
and ‘Galactic Alignment, The transformation of Consciousness according to
Mayan, Egyptian and Vedic Traditions’, the Mayas new about the precession of
the equinoxes and chose the end date of their Long Count calendar to coincide
with the winter solstice galactic alignment. As the title of his latest book suggests,
the Mayas believed that it would be a time a great transformation in
consciousness. John Major Jenkins says he has found proof that the phenomenon
of precession must have been known in the past by the Mayan sky watchers.
According to Jenkins, the alignments of the Mayan temple complex in Chitzen
Itza, the pyramid of Kukulcan and the Izapan complex were all built to aim at the
precession alignment with the Galactic Centre around the year 2012! Jenkins also
found proof that many other ancient cultures such as the Egyptian and the Vedic
traditions understood this phenomenon of precession.

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