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Souls of Distortion Awakening - A Convergence of Science & Spirituality

Souls of Distortion Awakening - A Convergence of Science & Spirituality


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Published by: oftaran on Oct 06, 2009
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While the debate continues whether or not the Bible Code is authentic, a totally
different kind of Bible code has been discovered that according to the discoverers
is far more interesting and can be mathematically proven without a shadow of a
doubt. Theomatics is based on the ancient occult science of Gematria but takes it
a bit further!

The discoverers of Theomatics claim that it proves that God’s own watermark, His
own autograph was put into the Bible!

This is what they write about their own discovery, quote:

‘It is absolutely, completely and totally impossible to mathematically disprove
Theomatics. The overall validity of this discovery - the fact that God did it - is
unimpeachable. Theomatics will never be disproved. In fact no one will come
close to it’.

Wow, these people are either very arrogant or they are so very sure about
themselves that they have truly stumbled onto something very real! Let’s have a
closer look.

Theomatics is a combination of the words Theo, the Greek word for God, and
mathematics. The basis for Theomatics is the ancient Gematria.

Theomatics was discovered like the ‘Bible Code’ feeding the text of the most
original Greek version of the New Testament into a computer. Now in the Greek
New Testament the chapters are indicated with letters just like the Roman letters
represent numerals. This way they could derive the numerical value of the
corresponding Greek letter, the ASCII code (number representing a character
used in computers) so to speak of the Greek letter. They discovered that not only
the letters represent a value but also that all words within the text have a unique
number. It is calculated by adding up the values of the character that constitutes
the word.

Gematria values of the Greek alphabet

For instance the word Jesus in Greek has the value of 888.

Iesous (Ιησους) = I (10) + e (8) + s (200) + o (70) + u (400) + s (200) = 888

Likewise the value of phrases and sentences can be calculated. So far so good,
we’re still on the familiar terrain of Gematria.

Souls of Distortion Awakening


However they also discovered that numbers mentioned in the text are keys,
indicators to the words they refer to. Examples are: Adam lived 930 years (930 is
a key), Abraham had 318 servants, Jesus had healed a man of 38 years, etc, etc.
Now all of these numbers are key numbers in Theomatics, they bear a relation
with the very words that they refer to!

Now the impossible was proven:

All words within the Bible, each having a unique value, when referenced in a
sentence or phrase, the value of the phrase or sentence is a multiple of the value
of the word itself.

They found NO exceptions to this rule!

Here is an example:

The value for Jesus is 888. However the birth of Jesus has a value of 111 (‘Jesus’
is a multiple 8 of ‘the birth of Jesus’).

Now within the Bible every reference without exception to the ‘birth of Jesus’ will
be a multiple of 111:

(Now remember that the phrases hereafter are originally in Greek!)


: 111 x 8 (Mathew 1:16)


: 111 x 12 (Mathew 1:16)

And Jacob begat Joseph the Husband of Mary,
of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ : 111 x 66 (Mathew 1:16)
Her begotten

: 111 x 8 (Mathew 1:20)
Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son : 111 x 27 (Mathew 1:23)
And she will bear a son : 111 x 11 (Mathew 1:21)
The firstborn in the world

: 111 x 29 (Hebrews 1:6)
She bore a son and called his name : 111 x 24 (Mathew 1:25)
The babe in the womb : 111 x 13 (Luke 1:41)
She bore the son the firstborn : 111 x 25 (Luke 2:7)
This child : 111 x 26 (Luke 2:17)
He was conceived : 111 x 19 (Luke 2:21)
That whenever she bears the child of her : 111 x 20 (Revelation 12:4)

Now by no means can these occurrences in the Bible be labelled coincidental.
Theomatics shows that the Bible must have been written using a predetermined
mathematical design. The discoverers stress that it only works for the Bible and
for no other book and only with the exact values assigned to the Greek letters.

Tests were conducted to see if another random assignment of numbers to the
Greek alphabet could also give the same results, however all tests were negative.

Now the astonishing fact of the matter is that if Theomatics can be validated that
not only is it proven that the Bible is indeed constructed following a mathematical
design but also that the Greek language that existed before the New Testament
was written, must have been designed using the very same principles!

In addition, since the New Testament consists of a multiple of books written by
different authors who wrote their books over time in different eras, all of the
words and phrases chosen by these authors should have been orchestrated on
purpose following a unified and unique principle!

Souls of Distortion Awakening


This is why the adherers of Theomatics believe that only a Divine force could
have arranged for these circumstances to happen!

Unfortunately Theomatics is not getting the attention the ‘Bible Code’ has had, a
thorough investigation by scientific standards could prove or disprove these bold
and stout claims made by Theomatics.

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