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Souls of Distortion Awakening - A Convergence of Science & Spirituality

Souls of Distortion Awakening - A Convergence of Science & Spirituality


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Published by: oftaran on Oct 06, 2009
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Theomatics claims to prove that the numerical mathematical principle of Gematria
was applied consistently in the text of the New Testament. This is not where the
story of Gematria and the puzzling application of it in the Bible ends.

Researcher Daniel Gleason claims that we have missed the whole point about
Gematria in the New Testament. According to Daniel Gleason, Gematria is really
about sacred geometry that was secretly hidden in the Gospels!
The Gematria values that we find in the Gospels are actually the lengths,
diameters and circumferences of geometrical forms that can be derived from the
symbolic texts in the Gospels of the New Testament. Much of his work focuses in
on the Gospel of Mark and he comes up with a diagram for every verse in the
Gospel of Mark based on principles of sacred geometry.

All of his diagrams symbolize and focus on the importance of the resurrection of
Jesus. After Jesus’ crucifixion and burial, Jesus resurrected from his grave and the
sacred geometry of Daniel Gleason uses his resurrection, the raised Jesus, as a
central theme in all of his diagrams.

In the previous section we showed that the Gematria value for Jesus is 888. The
value for the risen Jesus however is 8880. All of Gleason’s diagrams show a circle
with a circumference of 8880 units, the value and symbol of the ‘risen Jesus’.
Enclosed within this circle, for every biblical verse he shows how sacred
geometrical patterns can be drawn inside the circle that correspond with the
Gematria values of the words and or phrases mentioned in the verse.

Since Daniel Gleason’s work is way too elaborate to be summarised in just a few
words just in this book, without doing him justice. we simply present one
example to illustrate his work. This example is fascinating since again it reveals
the importance of the ‘Star of David’ or the interlaced tetrahedron as the symbol
of the resurrection of Jesus:

This example is from John 20:31 where it says:

But these things have-been-written that you might-have-Faith that Jesus is the
Christ ... the Son of God ... and that having-Faith ... you may have Life ... in
the Name of him. (John 20:31)

And John 14:6

Jesus says to-him ... I am The Way and The Truth and The Life ... no-one comes
to the Father except through me. (John 14:6)

Souls of Distortion Awakening


Now consider the following Gematria values in Greek:

Life is 815. (ζωη = 7+800+8). (Side of the tetrahedron)
Christ or Christos (Χριστος) in Greek is 1480 (Circumference of a circle)
Jesus Christ with a Gematria value of 2368 (Circumference of a circle)
The Son of God (`ο `υιος του θεου) 2004. (Circumference of a circle)
The Risen Jesus has a value of 8880. (Circumference of the outer circle)

Now look how neatly all of these values are represented in Gleason’s sacred
geometry diagram symbolizing the Star of David.

Sacred geometry symbolism of the Risen Jesus in the Star of David.

Although the sceptical reader may call it a fabrication of numbers, in my opinion
these numbers and their geometrical representation are not a coincidence. The
fact is that the Star of David, the interlaced tetrahedron plays a significant role as
a symbol throughout history and it shows up in many forms. In all cases it is
related to the Merkaba, the vehicle for ascension. Also Jesus demonstrated his
ascension with his resurrection from the dead. So we now find the same symbol
of ascension, the Merkaba also in the New Testament hidden in the sacred
geometry of Gematria.

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Many people have always claimed that the Bible contained all the knowledge
there is to know. Well for a fact there is more knowledge hidden behind the plain
words and sentences that have been debated for centuries. While Biblical scholars
still fight about the meaning of the biblical words leading to ever more

Souls of Distortion Awakening


interpretations, science is revealing a significance that allows for only one

It is utterly impossible that ‘primitive’ ancients could have written the Bible. The
knowledge hidden within the Bible that we have just started to uncover is
stunning. It reveals that somehow the know-how of a highly developed civilisation
was preserved along with the Bible text. The Hebrew language, the original
language of the Old Testament must have been designed by a culture with a
profound understanding of vibrations in physics. Gematria adds another level of
knowledge to the words of the Bible. Although the discoverers of Theomatics are
absolutely convinced that God wrote the Bible himself, what can be taken as a
fact is that a mathematical principle was used that can not easily be explained.

Daniel Gleason’s work may prove that all of the Gematria mysticism really boils
down to sacred geometry. Now how do we explain all this?

Let’s for a moment assume that the Hebrew and Greek languages have been
designed on purpose by a superior civilisation that walked the face of the Earth
before we did to conceal sacred information about ether vibrations and how they
create reality. The designers of these alphabets and languages could be survivors
of Atlantis that founded new cultures after the destruction of Atlantis. Hermes
Trismegistus (Toth the Atlantean) the builder of the Great Pyramid according to
Edgar Cayce and other sources, supposedly is one of the founding fathers of
these cultures. It could explain why Theomatics works on the level of individual
words. However when it comes to phrases and whole sentences it becomes very
unlikely that all authors of the books that make up both the Old and the New
Testament new about and applied the Theomatics principle.

The only reasonable explanation would be that all authors of the Bible were
initiates to a higher wisdom and knowledge and these authors universally applied
mathematical principles of Gematria and or sacred geometry to encrypt this
wisdom in the Bible such that it could be conveyed to future generations.

Souls of Distortion Awakening


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