PSYCH 095 –CREATIVITY, ART, & HAPPINESS Summer 2014 (Continuing Education


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How can we infuse our lives with more creative flair, fascination, and enjoyment? This highly collaborative course explores self-empowering psychological techniques for enhancing our creativity and quality of experience, with emphasis on treating all aspects of life as art forms. Schedule: June 30 July 2 Introductions (and start on list of key questions/interests)

Artistic “Meta-thinking” (do “Art/non-Art” exercise + Initiate “Life-as-Art” exercise; read handouts from 1st class + PP-Intro or TLIO-1) ------------------July 7 Playful Thinking (do “Creativity/Imagination/Awareness” Mission from “Principles of Playfulness”; use PP-I or TLIO-3 to help out + continue Life-as-Art) July 9 Appreciative Awareness (use PP-II, III, & IV or TLIO-4 & 5; link to Life-as-Art) ------------------July 14 Creativity Kickoff (use PP-V & VIII or TLIO-2) July 16 Creativity + Life-as-Art (special use of creative roles) ------------------July 21 Creativity Book Festival (read a book from List #1; continue Life-as-Art) July 23 Basic Enlightenment & Synergy (use PP-VI & VII or TLIO-6 & 7); relate Life-as-Art ------------------July 28 Awareness Plan Modulation (special “CIA” Mission) as an art form July 30 Enlightenment/Synergy Game Festival (read a book from List 2 & link Life-as-Art) ------------------August 4 Toward a Theory of Happiness and Implications for Practice August 6 Outreach Project Presentations + Celebration _____________ PRIMARY PRODUCTS: Weekly typed Self-Celebrations (what you did for the course) & Insight Lists (what you discovered), plus an Outreach Project presentation/report at the end of the course. GRADING CRITERIA: Your involvement with the course themes, ideas, and processes and the depth and sophistication of your insights and project. {Note on attendance: Participation in class is essential to the course. If you ever must miss a class, please leave a message in advance (phone or e-mail) and interview at least two class members to find out specifics of what you missed (to list and build on in your insight list for that period).}

READINGS FOR PSYCH 095: CREATIVITY, ART, & HAPPINESS Summer 2014 Guiding Texts: PLAYFUL PERCEPTION [“PP”] …Herbert Leff (library or loan) TURNING LEARNING INSIDE OUT [“TLIO”] …Herbert Leff & Ann Nevin (loan) {You can use either – or both – of these books.} List #1 (Creativity Books; choose one or nominate an alternative): THE CREATIVE JOURNAL– Lucia Capacchione FREE PLAY– Stephen Nachmanovitch HOW TO THINK LIKE LEONARDO DA VINCI--Michael Gelb DRAWING ON THE ARTIST WITHIN--Betty Edwards A WHACK ON THE SIDE OF THE HEAD—Roger von Oech A KICK IN THE SEAT OF THE PANTS—Roger von Oech THE PRACTICE OF CREATIVITY—George Prince (library) List #2 (“Enlightenment”/Synergy Books; choose one or nominate an alternative): THE HOW OF HAPPINESS—Sonja Lyubomirsky HOW WE CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY—Rick Foster & Greg Hicks THE ONLY DANCE THERE IS—Ram Dass THE BOOK OF est –Luke Rhinehart (library) THE POWER OF NOW—Eckhart Tolle HOW CAN I HELP?—Ram Dass & Paul Gorman THE BOOK—Alan Watts GETTING TO YES—Roger Fisher & William Ury HAPPIER—Tal Ben-Shahar EXPERIENCE, ENVIRONMENT, AND HUMAN POTENTIALS (chs.1,4,5,7) -yours truly (library) Recommended Additional Reading for Art Therapy Enthusiasts: ART THERAPY: AN INTRODUCTION -- Judith Rubin A LIFE IN THE ARTS – Eric Maisel

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